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20 Beautiful Photoshop Brushes

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Photoshop brushes are used frequently by designers and that is the reason why more and more appear each day! The great thing is that most of these high quality brushes are given for free! You can use them in post-processing photos or in other various projects. There are so many Photoshop brushes on the web, that we decided to share with you some of our favorites!

Here are 20 beautiful Photoshop brushes you should have in your collection right now!

Smoke Brushes

This is an awesome collection of 37 free smoke brushes.  It’s a perfect brush pack for various designs and the brushes range from cigarette streaks to vortexes. Download these free Photoshop brushes and start making cool smoke effects for your photographs or graphic design work. This is a great pack with lots of high-quality brushes!

Funny Emotional Face Brushes for Photoshop

This Photoshop brush set contains 101 free emotional faces graphics to make your photos look cuter. With these hand drawn cute faces, you can turn any object to life! You can also use them for food in order to achieve some funny images. These brushes work with Photoshop 7 and newer and can also be used for commercial projects.

Coffee Stain Brushes

This is a set high-resolution free coffee stain brushes for Photoshop. These coffee brushes look especially good when used on various old paper textures. You just need to download, install them and they’re ready to use for making cool grunge backgrounds with coffee cup marks. This pack is perfect for your Photoshop brush library.

Free Cross Hatch Photoshop Brush Set

This brush set features 10 different cross-hatch patterns. The brushes work well for adding a background texture or shading of hand drawn elements. These are very easy to download, install and use and can be used for both personal and commercial projects! You can achieve eye-catching results by using any of these brushes.

Free Cross Hatch Photoshop Brush Set

Paint Trails brushes

Here are some trails & smudges using paint! Paint Trails contains 7 HQ brushes (resolution about 2500px) brushes compatible with PS 7 and up! This brush set is absolutely perfect to use in your projects in order to give a bit of color or realistic texture to your designs.

Paint Trails brushes

Hand Drawn Flowers Free Brush Pack

These are some free hand drawn flower brushes for Photoshop. This set of flower doodles has a very elegant and detailed look. Feel free to download, install and then use them in your projects. Don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas on what to do with them right away, just save them for later!

Blood Marks Brushes

Blood Marks – for bloody marks of other paint/watercolor effects! Pack contains 20 HQ brushes (resolution about 2500px) brushes compatible with PS 7 and up! You can also use these to create grungy and creepy Halloween graphics or photo manipulations! They have a very realistic and high-quality look.

Blood Marks brushes


These are some fresh watercolor brushes named WaterColor EXTREMUM. This HUGE pack contains 41 (resolution about 2500px) brushes compatible with PS 7 and up! This pack is absolutely great to use on your day to day designs. They’re also perfect for web design and can be used even on product packaging.


Bows Brush Set

This is a PSD brush set of bows of various sizes and types. All are shown here. Use them however you see fit. We recommend using them for postcards, posters or even business cards and web design. They have a very realistic look to them and can be applied in various colors for a unique look!

Bows Brush Set

Frosty Edges Brush

If you need to add a nice frost effect to your work, this is the perfect brush set to do so! Feel free to download this and use it for any personal or even commercial project you might think of. This brush is actually made from pine needle images and it looks very realistic.

Frosty Edges Brush

Bird Photoshop Brushes

This is a free bird silhouette set of brushes for Photoshop. The download package contains 22 brushes that you can use for your projects and ideas. These bird silhouettes are actually real bird photos, so every brush is absolutely realistic. This set is perfect for fantasy and surreal photo manipulation. This brush set includes lots of bird types just like seagulls, geese, swallows, crows and other miscellaneous birds. You’ll also get brushes of bird flocks.

Freeze Texture – PS Brushes

This is a set of 20 free freeze texture brushes for Photoshop. This winter brush set includes is perfect for your design projects or even photo manipulations! These brushes come in 2500px high-resolution. They have a very realistic look to them.

Extreme Lashes

This is a set of 8 Extreme “Faux” eyelashes! They are flipped for easy usage, so they’re actually 16 in Set. Size: all about 1000px. Perfect for fashion photo editing or just playing around in Photoshop! If you don’t have any ideas on what to do to them right now, you can just download and keep them for later.

Extreme Lashes

Ink Splatter

Here are some free splash/splatter brushes for Photoshop. Use these paint/ink splats/blots/splatters to add cool splash effect to your images. Heck, you can even create realistic blood splatters! This is another great pack of 20 high-quality brushes that can be used in various modes.

5 Soap Bubble Brushes

If you need to add some realistic looking soap bubbles to your photos or illustrations, get these 5 free bubble brushes for Photoshop. They’re very easy to install and use and have a transparent and shiny look to them, just like the real bubbles! They work best used with multiple colors.

Real Smoke Photoshop Brushes

This is a cool set of free smoke brushes consisting of 108 Photoshop brushes of real/realistic smoke. Perfect for creating abstract art and sexy backgrounds, especially looks cool when mixed with vivid colors. If you download this package you’ll get a great pack of naturally shaped smoke brushes. We recommend using them on top of another for maximum effect!

Snowflake Brushes

Here are some free snowflake brushes for Photoshop. Ideal for your Christmas/Winter related designs where you need to add some snow. The set includes 20 different snowflake brushes and you can download them for free for either personal or commercial projects. This is a very cute set of snowflakes that will turn your designs into Winder Wonderlands!

PatrioticPack Part 1

PatrioticPack is SUPER easy to use, it comes as a Pre-Packaged Brush file with 10 individual brushes.  PatrioticPack contains 10 awesomely detailed firework explosion brushes that can be used in just about anything you can think of. This is a two-part download because of the size restrictions, so don’t forget about part 2! These brushes come as very high-quality files for magical results.

Jellyfish Brushes

This PSD brushes set contains 17 large photoshop Brushes. Size 1100px to 1900px. These are free to use in any personal or even commercial projects and don’t require any attribution. You can use them in countless ways but we recommend them for posters, web design or even print projects. They work best with vibrant colors.

 Jellyfish Brushes

Butterfly Wings Brush Set

This is an awesome butterfly PSD brush with cool details and very high resolutions. Perfect for photo manipulations projects or even web design. This brush pack has a very realistic look and can be used in many ways. Very easy to download, install and use!

Butter Wings Brush Set

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