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Although Web  Forms are nothing new when it comes to web-based technology, they are the standard parameters to collect leads from website visitors. Speaking of which, WordPress Contact Form Plugins are abundantly available on the Internet.

There are several WP Contact Forms available for you to choose from, but the chosen ones are mentioned in this post. These 8 Plugins are highly productive and can help boost your performance by manifolds. You may try their features and functionalities here, before integrating them on your main website.

  1. Everest Forms

Everest is arguably the best WordPress Contact Form Plugin available till date. Many users said to have this Plugin as the best Contact Form for the building. This plugin really has it all to be claimed as the best form builder. It consists of a complete package of features that enables a user to create an unlimited amount of WordPress Forms.

Also, the user-friendly interface makes it simply superb and easy to use. It is a remarkable solution which you can make the most of. The Plugin enables you to build plain contact forms, the advanced ones and allows you to create various fields in a single form. The entire building form interface works with drag and dropping option.

Furthermore, the Plugin allows you to have an extensive setting for every contact form built. It comprises of two sections in the “Settings”; “General” and “Email”. When you click on the “General Setting” tab, it allows you to enable form submission message, reCaptcha and redirection page for layouts and design options. Redirection can be brought to the same page as well.

  1. WPForms

This is one of the powerful Plugins that WordPress has to offer in the shape of a contact form. It is designed in such as way, that even a novice website owner can operate it. It takes no more than a couple of minutes to build online forms using pre-built WordPress form templates.

This plugin has it all to create your desired form. Apart from that, its ability to get integrated with your email enables you to configure payments. The drag and drop form builder allows you to learn about your clients by utilizing agile geolocation data.

Also, the instant notification feature allows you to have quick responses by tracking leads on your users. If that’s not enough, there are several useful add-ons through which you can let others send their content right through your website.

  1. Contact Form 7

This is one of the most popular Plugins that WordPress can offer you. For now, this Contact Form is in use and running on countless websites, simply because of its customizable feature. It allows you to customize and organize multiple contact forms and enables you to place them on your web page in a couple of seconds.

The mail content can be modified however you want through this Plugin. In order to proceed with the process, you need to have simple markup in the market. The best thing about this contact form is, it is clean in nature. Therefore, it allows you to work with other Plugins almost effortlessly. Tools such as Captcha, Akismet Spam filtering, and Ajax can be worked out through this Contact Form.

In order to activate certain features in this Plugin, you must confirm your privacy and policy (which is recommended). Your IP address including your personal data will be sent to the provider for the confirmation.

  1. Formidable Forms

Although this contact form is available for free, it does come with a couple of pro versions. The creator of this Plugin promises you to get this Contact Form in work in less than 60 seconds. Just like the ones mentioned above, this Plugin is also easy to use. Even the one with the least knowledge can use the Contact Form by using drag and drop option.

Notifications that are concerned with email are smooth and clear. It helps you in creating more than seven field type. The XML enables you to have import and export portability and allows you to create the form exactly how you want it. The autoresponders and shortcodes do not let you deviate from creating forms.

The pro versions of this Contact Form delivers more power to your free forms. Other builder Plugins in WordPress only allows you to collect data. However, the upgraded version of this Contact Form enables you to display submissions on your web page, on the front-end.

  1. Jetpack Forms

This Plugin may be known to you as one of the most installed Plugins. This Contact form comes with features that make your website run smoothly. These bunch of tools that come with the Plugin add extra power and added performance to your web page. Its consistency with Akismet enables you to block the spam from building in your site.

This is the most admired Contact Form that designers adore. This free of cost Plugin includes; high-speed CDN, site stats, downtime monitoring and various other features through which you can keep a tab on your site.

  1. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms comprises the power of a superior Plugin. Although it is premium in nature it doesn’t let you spend even a single penny out of your pocket. The drag and drop interface in this Contact Form makes you design sensational forms, in just no time at all.

One does not need to touch even a single line of code to make this Plugin into work. The input mask which is custom in nature in this Contact Form restricts submissions such as; dates and currency. Through the Plugin, you can also save some of your created fields as your favorites.

The datepicker works as an added bonus and provides you the accessibility to messaging several individuals at once in your company. It also allows the customer to confirm and to submit forms.

  1.  Gravity Forms

Gravity Contact Form is readily available on WordPress and is one of the most popular Plugins to choose from. It is available in two pro versions for more advanced features. Their multi-page forms feature allows you to fill multiple forms at a time. It also provides you with the option to figure out, how much of it is left for the completion. In addition to that, it also allows you to limit the entries.

The advanced fields in this Contact Form bring in crucial information such as; street address, file uploads, and a couple of others. Apart from that, the standard fields include others items namely; drop down boxes, paragraph fields, and radio buttons.

  1. eForm

This is one of the most feature rich Plugins available on WordPress. This Contact Form is perfect for the e-commerce websites and the web pages that deals in money transaction in some shape or form. This Plugin plays well with WooCommerce, PayPal, and Stripe.

The eCommerce setup allows the smooth payment flow and other eCommerce actions to run smoothly. Although this Plugin does not come free, it suits the requirement of those who are expecting heavy traffic and loads of e-Commerce activity.


Before Contact Forms, spamming and other activities that disrupt your website to run efficiently were at the peak. Mentioning “Contact Us” on your website back then, was no less than a burden. Not to mention, you would need to deal with bazillions spam emails and fewer genuine ones.  The Contact Form has now made the life of a webmaster simpler than it was before. Hope the list of Contact Forms, helped you in understanding their basic functionality and importance.

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