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Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular latest trends to earn money for internet marketers. They create affiliate relationships with brands and market their products to help brands generate sales and leads and earn through their referrals. You need to convince your visitors of whatever products you are promoting so their responses and actions can help the respective brand. And for this, marketers use different methods, and some put affiliate products on their existing site. Having a specially dedicated affiliate marketing site can make a huge difference. It comes with unique features and benefits so that you can manage your affiliate business with ease.

You can choose what to present and how to present it, as well as so many other things, to get the maximum conversion rates. Here, to help all the affiliate marketers, we have created a list of 12 fantastic WordPress themes for affiliate marketing. These easy-to-use themes have unique designs and layout structures that have great user experience and are perfect for affiliate marketers. So let’s get into details:

1. Money Flow:

WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing: Money Flow

Money flow is a multipurpose theme for marketers and bloggers from the My theme shop website. It is beautifully designed for bloggers and affiliate marketers who are pursuing this as the primary income source then this WordPress theme is perfect for you. You get to see different demos as well to get more clarity for your specific requirement. This theme’s design is essential and flexible to make a suitable site for any kind of category. It has all the necessary sections and features to create a successful blogging and affiliate marketing site.

Some key features of this theme:

  • Everything is customizable, like background, color pallet, fonts, and typography.
  • This theme is SEO optimized and translation ready.
  • It is integrated with Google Adsense and WooCommerce.
  • You get free fonts, icons, and options to customize it better.
  • Fully responsive design for all kinds of screen sizes.

2. Coupon Hut:

WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing: Coupon Hut

Couponhut is a wonderfully unique design for coupons and affiliate marketing. It is available on the Envato market, where you can purchase this for $69. This theme is fully customizable and easy to manage for a sober affiliate marketing site. The design and animations are seamless, which makes the layout and attractive color pallet more exciting. This clean WordPress theme comes with a drag and drop page builder, custom widgets, rating system, a powerful options panel, and member registration.

Some key features of this theme:

  • You get pre-built pages to get done with the work faster.
  • You can create coupons for the products and market them to generate more sales.
  • It is an SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly theme.
  • Many custom widgets are present in this theme.
  • Couponhut uses the functions for user registration, payment gateway, and cart provided by WooCommerce.

3. AReview:

WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing: Areview

It is a brilliant review theme for any affiliate marketer from the Athemes website. It is a bold, colorful, dynamic, and professional-looking design with all the necessary features that you may require for your blogging and affiliate marketing site. The layout is very well organized to help users to enjoy the flow of each element. The fonts, theme, carousel, everything is customizable in this responsive theme. It allows you to include social media gallery for better engagement as well.

Some key features of this theme:

  • This theme is ideal for any product category for affiliate marketing.
  • Translation ready theme.
  • It comes with custom widgets to add your required customization.
  • You can add logos, fonts, and colors as per your choice with this theme.

4. Niche:

WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing: Niche

Niche is a great neutral and minimal design theme to make your affiliate marketing site classy and timeless. It has subtle colors and gentle fonts with minimal elements on the page so that you can highlight the products without unnecessary clutter. It can be a perfect choice for high-end brands and rich products related to fashion, jewelry, and decor. You get to choose from the theme options, and it allows you to customize colors, fonts, and content to check the preview of the changes.

Some key features of this theme:

  • This theme is built using the Genesis framework, which is powerful and loads quickly.
  • You get custom page templates and a custom header in this theme.
  • It is pre-styled for WooCommerce to support online shops for affiliate products.
  • You get several widget areas that you can customize for your brand.
  • It is a fully responsive theme.

5. Wrap:

WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing: Wrap

The wrap is a unique theme from the Teslathemes website, And It is specially designed for video blogs and video-related content. You can see the design part is very subtle and clean. Because the layout is the exciting part here, it has excellent video blogging features, which makes it perfect for affiliate video marketing, and for other categories, it is customizable. It is a flexible theme if you want to make a minimal and clean affiliate marketing theme for any kind of product category.

Some key features of this theme:

  • Fully customizable theme.
  • It allows your users to submit videos as well.
  • It has three unique homepage layouts and four header styles.
  • Retina-ready and mobile-friendly theme for developers.
  • This theme comes with a social icon and flicker widgets.
  • It is built with bootstrap 3, and it has HTML5 and CSS3 animations.

6. Kalon Pro:

WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing: Kalon Pro

Kalon Pro is a delicate and feminine WordPress theme from the Rara Themes website. It is a fully customizable and fully-featured theme for any blogging and affiliate marketing site. It has very calm color combinations and gentle typography, which makes it perfect for many feminine products. You get a number of color options with this theme so that you can customize it for any product category. It is designed with a clean and straightforward layout to focus on readability and user experience.

Some key features of this theme:

  • This theme offers you full customization with multiple layouts, navigations, headers, styles, and many other features.
  • You can integrate your social media platforms with this theme.
  • It is a search engine optimized and speed optimized theme.
  • Kalan pro is a translation-ready and WooCommerce ready WordPress theme.
  • You get 600+ google fonts, custom widgets, and many other fantastic customization features.

7. Iffiliate:

WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing: Iffiliate

Iffiliate is a fully-featured affiliate marketing theme that helps you to promote the products via WooCommerce. You can also use this in a theme of amazon, eBay, and Ali express from the options of the demo. This theme has complex features in a basic layout style. It offers you various choices for the presentation of your products, a single product page, a mega menu, and a pop-up login box. These unique features make iffiliate an attractive choice for any kind of product category and any light to a heavy affiliate website.

Some key features of this theme:

  • You get a number of pre-designed inner pages.
  • It has a live search option and mega menu to provide a better user experience.
  • Colors, themes, and footers are entirely customizable.
  • There is custom typography and custom CSS box as well for coding experts to customize this however they like.
  • This theme is a mobile-friendly theme which makes it work correctly on any screen size.

8. Juliet:

WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing: Juliet

Juliet is a great feminine and elegant WordPress theme from the Lyra Themes website. Because of the soft design and delicate layout, it is perfect for some particular niches, but you can use it for any industry since it is fully customizable. Suppose you are looking for a blogging and affiliate marketing theme for categories like fashion, lifestyle, skincare, and philosophy. In that case, Juliet is a great, aesthetically beautiful, not so overwhelming theme for you. You get all the necessary features and space for customization with this theme.

Some key features of this theme:

  • You get a built-in ads module for easy monetization of your site.
  • It is a translation-ready and SEO-ready theme.
  • There are multiple slider options, navigation menus, and sticky header options in this theme.
  • Fully responsive design for all kinds of screen sizes.
  • Pre-built and handpicked color schemes are available to customize this beautifully without much effort.

9.  Clipper:

WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing: Clipper

This easy install and build WordPress theme is a tremendous coupon-based theme. The design is familiar and straightforward, and it is built with every element required for a coupon promoting site. But since it is fully customizable, you can use it for any promotional method you like to create your affiliate site. The slider option and detailed header and footer allow you to design this appealingly as a high-quality blogging and affiliate site.

Some key features of this theme:

  • It is integrated with all the popular payment methods to provide you easy monetization.
  • This theme comes with advanced link cloaking and tracking.
  • You get a separate blog and coupon store section in this theme.
  • Clipper allows you to customize the writing panel, color scheme, and layout comfortably through custom features.

10. Entrepreneurship:

WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful magazine theme with multiple layouts and multiple page options. It comes with integrated monetization and a balanced layout structure to qualify as an excellent option for any blogging and affiliate marketing WordPress theme. This theme’s design is not very colorful and overwhelming; therefore, you can customize this for any industry as per your requirement. The aesthetics and number of layout options give you extra features along with the best use of images and a mega menu.

Some key features of this theme:

  • It is a retina-ready and fully responsive theme.
  • Pre-optimization of SEO and Ad-sense is present with this theme.
  • This theme has a dedicated featured panel and social media icon section.
  • It is compatible with almost every WordPress plugins.
  • You get unlimited color options and advanced typography options.
  • Child theme support is included with this theme.

11. Anri:

WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing: Avri

The Envato market provides this classic and adaptable WordPress theme. You can use it for any category that requires a pleasant aesthetic and minimal design. It is a blogging and affiliate marketing theme integrated with WooCommerce. You get all the required elements and space to promote your products with great images and supportive blogs. This fully customizable theme is lightweight and fast loading. Also, this theme supports all kinds of posts, audio and video files for better performance.

Some key features of this theme:

  • This theme is a fully customizable theme based on the Bootstrap grid.
  • Lightweight and easy to load.
  • SEO ready and Widget ready theme.
  • You get custom about me and the sidebar widget with this theme.
  • It offers all the google fonts and customizable color options.
  • You can integrate social media links as well in this theme.

12. Price Compare:

WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing: Price Compare

This amazingly crafted WordPress theme is an excellent theme for the price comparison category of a website. Some marketers do want to create a price compare-oriented site in affiliate marketing to generate sales and leads with a unique method. You can add several products and pages with images, and an attractive layout with all this theme’s customizing features. It is a heavy but light-speed fast theme to hold large files and multiple pages. And this theme has adaptable color schemes and layout to fit any industry.

Some key features of this theme:

  • It comes with a mega menu and advanced ajax search for a better user experience.
  • It is integrated with five primary payment methods.
  • This theme comes with a grid and list display option for products.
  • A child theme is included with this theme.
  • Fully responsive and SEO-friendly theme.
  • Multiple color options and font options available.

Marketers have to focus on each detail that is visible for their visitors to make sure they see the products the way they are showing them. Affiliate marketing websites can make this task easier for you because they are solely designed for this purpose only. You can showcase the customer review, latest reviews, images, and videos, other external links, and descriptions in many unique ways if you are choosing the right affiliate marketing theme for your site. Here we have included well-designed and latest themes related to many different categories and requirements so that you can select as per your preference and utilize the benefits of your affiliate marketing theme.

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