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Today we are reviewing Free Icon Maker, a website that allows you to create your own awesome icons. Let’s take a look at why Free Icon Maker is the website for you:

As designers, icons are a weapon that is regularly used in our arsenal of design goodies. And who would ask for anything better than to be able to create and customize the icons you need to use for your project with the help of an online tool? Many of you have Photoshop and/or Illustrator, but not all of you are proficient enough to create awesome icons. Free Icon Maker allows you to save a lot of time creating icons without sacrificing any quality and without any Photoshop or Illustrator skills.

I’ve put together a list of 12 reason why Free Icon Maker is an amazing service:

1. You can upload your own vector icon then customize it in free icon maker editor
2. Create a free account and edit your icon sets as many times as you want
3. You can share your icon set as a template
4. You can change the background wallpaper to see how your icons look on different textures
5. Free Icon Maker has tutorials and icon templates to help you design without any Photoshop or illustrator skills
6. The visual editor is extremely easy to use! You really don’t need to have any special knowledge in order to use Free Icon Maker’s visual tool to create amazing icons.
7. You have the ability to add up to 50 icons and download them all at once.

8. You can use the icons you create for both personal and commercial projects.

9. Free Icon Maker’s color picker allows you to easily match icons to the background without having to waste time searching for the right colors.

10. Free Icon Maker allows you to add awesome effects to your icons such as shine, drop shadow or inner shadow, giving more polish and depth to the icons you create.

11. Do you need various icon sizes? No problem. Free Icon Maker’s icons are vector-based, which means that changing icon size is as easy as pie.

12. There are quite a few different icon styles, giving you a lot of flexibility in your icon design.


If you’re still on the fence about whether Free Icon Maker is right for you, just check out their icon samples to see the level of quality and customization you can give your icons using this free service.

So what are you waiting for?

Visit Free Icon Maker

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