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20 Luxury B&B And Hotel Web Designs

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I have taken the best bed and breakfast and hotel web designs, put them in a bowl, mixed them all up and put the result here on WebDesignDev. 

You will find plenty of hotel web designs, from popular hotel aggregator websites to famous hotels such as Trump, Novotel, Jumeirah, Waldorf Astoria, and more. These luxury hotel web designs have all the features a hotel website should have. Get inspired by their designs, see what they have in common and also what makes them unique, and apply what you’ve learned in your future website designs for your clients.

These 20 gorgeous B&B and hotel web designs are just perfect if you have a travel business or if you’re looking for design inspiration for your next project. They come in various styles, from modern and futuristic to elegant and rustic, different color palettes, from dark to light, various types of layouts, from horizontal, fullscreen, to boxed and grid layouts, and more! Check them out!


Trump Luxury Real Estate Hotel Web Designs

This beautiful hotel web design has a pretty simple full-screen layout. The amazing photos are what makes it so special and appealing to the visitors. There is a grid gallery with large thumbnails made of amazing photos that will definitely catch your eye.  Get inspired by it in case you’re looking to create a hotel website with a simple, elegant design.

Luxury Interactive Hotel Template

Luxury Interactive Hotel Template

This is an interactive HTML5 template, that has a minimal and elegant design. The template is responsive that makes it compatible for any device or screen size.  It is built with jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap, and CSS3 animation.


Travelodge Hotel Web Designs

Travelodge is a more complex website used for searching the best hotels in the UK. The search element is very well structured and user-friendly.  It comes with many useful features perfect for people looking to find great hotels to stay in. 

Novotel Hotels

Novotel Hotels Hotel Web Designs

Novotel’s website is clean and modern with a futuristic touch. Keep scrolling to find a grid gallery with offers. Have a look to see if this website can serve as good inspiration for your hotel project. 


Book Great Hotels in Central London and England

The next example is Thistle. It uses beautiful photography in the slider to catch the visitor’s attention. It also has a nice, simple designed, “Find a hotel” search element. This website design is cross browser compatible, mobile ready so it will look great on smart phones, tablets as well as laptops and desktop displays. 


Luxury Hotels Europe, Middle East & Far East

Jumeirah’s website has a clean design and a photo slider used to create a professional atmosphere. Equipped with a booking form, this web design has everything a hotel website should have.

Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts

Beautiful photos are a must for hotel web designs. This is one great example of a hotel website with a simple, modern slider on the homepage. You can use this design as inspiration for booking portals, travel agencies, hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, villas, etc. 

Room For Romance

Romantic Luxury Hotel Breaks Hotel Web Designs

This colour palette may not be the best for a hotel website, but considering the fact that this one is called “Romance” it is actually a good choice. The layout looks beautiful at any size, be it a laptop screen, iPad, iPhone, Android Mobile or tablets.

Alexander Hotels

Luxury Boutique Hotels Near London and Spa Hotels

This simple website has a cool, light grey background that makes all the photos stand out. Also, it has a nice, basic slider on the homepage, with a horizontal navigation system. The overall design is modern and simple.

Premier Inn

Premier Inn Hotels Hotel Web Designs

This website was created as a database of popular hotels and inns in the UK. It has a simple design and a user-friendly search box. This site comes packed with powerful features for managing, searching and booking tours, and more.

Preferred Hotels

Luxury Hotels and Resorts Hotel Web Designs

Browse the collection of beautiful hotels, right from the homepage of this nicely designed website. It has a fullscreen slider with a bullet-type navigation system. Also, the search form is clever, being fixed at the top of the slider, letting the user easily find and book the accommodation he/she needs. 

Sanderson London

West End Boutique Hotel

Sanderson London has another great hotel website with a simple layout and beautiful photography. The design is minimal and clean, which fits the hotel’s interior design perfectly. It uses large, beautiful images of how the rooms look, in order to catch the visitors’ attention and make them book their trip using the cleverly positioned booking form. 

Kiwi Collection

Luxury Hotels and Luxury Resorts Kiwi Collection

Kiwi Collection has a professional looking website with a nice and minimalist design. It has a horizontal slider that showcases amazing vacation destinations and hotels. It is an eye-catching website that can also be a great source of inspiration for both web design projects and vacation ideas. Have a look and see if you think the same. 

Small Luxury Hotels

Boutique Hotels & Resorts

Simplicity is what best defines this beautiful website. The photos are very well chosen and the background is very simple. The search form is the most basic one from this entire list. No need for selecting the number of persons, dates, or any other details, just write the destination or hotel name, and the search results will appear. This website aggregates a bunch of small luxury hotels, making it easier to find the perfect accommodation. 


Apartments in Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Chester &

Cool logo and nice layout! This hotel web design has a very well structured layout with a nice colour palette that gives a friendly vibe to anyone who sees it. This is another hotel aggregator website, with a membership program as well. The form is not as simple and rigid as the ones we previously saw in this list. This one uses bright, vibrant colors, large buttons, and even icons, making the search experience more fun and user-friendly! 

The Dorchester

The Dorchester Hotel Web Designs

The Dorchester is another full-screen hotel web design with beautiful photography and a simple, clean layout.  If you will keep scrolling you will find out through a grid gallery with medium thumbnails all the things they have to offer to their clients. The color palette is simple, using black for the menu and other website elements. However, the call to action buttons, such as the booking button, was colored in a bright red hue in order to instantly catch the visitors’ attention. 

Ms & Mrs Smith 

Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Web Designs

Ms & Mrs Smith is yet another example of a web design with beautiful photography and a simple clean layout. If you will continue scrolling you’ll notice that the website uses a grid gallery with medium large thumbnails to present destinations. The photos on the homepage slider have a subtle black color overlay, in order to make the text pop out and be easy to read. The layout is simple, similar to the other hotel website designs in this list, and has all the elements you need to find on a hotel website, making it very functional and user-friendly. Check it out and see if you get inspired in your next hotel web design.

Hand Picked Hotels

Hand Picked Hotels

Hand Picked Hotels’ website is yet another good example of a hotel web design layout that uses a horizontal slider to showcase amazing images. All the images chosen present the top notch quality of their ‘hand picked’ hotels. This is another simple layout design, with the Book Now button emphasized in the menu. In this example, the booking button does not only have a different color – purple – but also a different shape, making it even more easy to notice. Have a look and get inspired. 

41 Hotel

Hotel 41 Hotel Web Designs

If you liked the previous examples then you will definitely love this one. Black and white details, clean and simple website with impressive photos – 41 Hotel’s website looks nice and is very user-friendly. Unlike the previous examples, instead of displaying just one large photo at a time, in a horizontal slider, this example uses a grid-shaped layout to showcase multiple photos at once! 

The Benjamin

Luxury Hotel NYC

Last but not least, The Benjamin luxury hotel’s website is another great example of good quality hotel web design.This website has a very clean, minimalist design with a large slider on the homepage. It has an easy-to-use menu and presents special offers in a very effective way, in the bottom, right corner of the website. It also has a large TripAdvisor badge, which adds some credibility to the site.

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  1. What do you mean? Perfect design or perfect images? I can only see two perfect design and the rest are just perfect background images.

  2. Great collection. Interested in speaking to designers for the sites for Hand-picked Hotels & Alexander Hotels. Any suggestions as to how I can locate/contact them? Many thanks

  3. a superb collection of websites chosen for their simplicity, appeal, functonality etc. i have had the pleasure of staying at several of these places, Dubai (Jumeirah Beach Hotel & Burj Al Arab) London (Dorchester), Manchester Roomzzz.
    a good website is key to attracting guests – thank you for this collection.
    i now look forward to enjoying some more of them….!!

  4. Great list, great inspiration. Mauritius is a dream island and we do have a lot of hotels but not much is invested in websites for these. I would like to stress a usability point on most of these sites: reservation and choice/search tools are all over the fold maximising the conversion possibilities.

  5. Ummm has anyone ever stayed in a B&B those large establishments are Guesthouses. B&B’s are normally smaller less “Grand” establishments but still quaint, and homey.

  6. I love the Kiwi Collection website – great images of all kinds of hotels (not just B&Bs, although it looks like they do have quite a few Inns and small hotels).

  7. There’s a good collection here…but Premiere Inn? That’s not what I’d call a quality website compared to the others. Just my personal opinion!

  8. Great design inspiration. It’s nice to see all the variety in the layouts. And you can tell that overall the photos dominate the designs to give that relaxing getaway feeling. Definitely makes me want to take a vacation.


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