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Everybody wants to be beautiful. People are ready to spend money on fashionable clothes, cosmetics, accessories, etc. Why not make money catering to their needs?

Nowadays, most users prefer to shop on the Internet, so you need an eCommerce website to raise your business profile to the next level.

It’s a well-known fact that the easiest and the most cost-efficient way to start a website is building it on the foundation of a quality ready-made design from a credible web developer, if you are the owner of a retail fashion business in need of free templates for your online shop, or are you just a designer looking for some inspiration for your next retail fashion website project, these beautiful free retail fashion website templates will come in handy!

If you’re in the fashion retail business and need a great e-commerce website, or you’re a designer who’s looking for a great theme to customize for a client, then this list will be just perfect for you! These perfect free fashion website templates have premium features, great designs, and are a quick and convenient way to start your online shop in just minutes! These fashion eCommerce themes look great, have all the features you need for a successful and completely functional online shop, and they are super-easy to setup!

We selected the best free fashion website templates for this showcase. They all have amazing features, cool graphics, are fully responsive and have user-friendly designs. Check out the list below.

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Bellini Demo

This is yet another good example of a retail fashion shop template which can come in really handy for future projects. It has an elegant and eye-catching design.


Sshop Demo

This is a free WordPress e-commerce theme that might be exactly what you were looking for. It has a clean and functional web design layout that will definitely grab your visitors’ attention.

Jewellery Shop

Jewelry Designer Website

The Jewellery Shop template has an elegant design perfect for an e-commerce website designed for jewelry. It uses a large horizontal picture on which the user can add something that represents their fashion store.

Sunglasses Shop

Sunglasses Shop Website

The Sunglasses Shop continues the series of elegantly designed templates. This theme has a minimalist design that uses a white background and large thumbnails.  It has a neat and elegant design which is perfect for a fashion retail website. It is definitely worth checking it out!

Shoe Shop

Shoes Website Template

The Shoe Shop uses a pastel colour palette and a minimalist design with large and medium thumbnails. This template’s web design layout can definitely grab your visitors’ attention.

Little Layette

Little Layette Website

Little Layette is a fashion retail website theme for baby clothing. It has a minimalist design with a light grey background, a slideshow on which the user can add representative images for their business. It is a nicely designed free theme and even its logo looks nice. It is definitely an example worth following for future projects.

Kids Costume Shop

Kids Costume Store

This theme has a friendly interface design which uses a large and representative photo with huge typography as the first thing a visitor sees.  It is definitely an example worth following thanks to its modern and functional web design that works perfectly for a clothes shop. It can also be a great source of inspiration for future projects.

T-Shirt Market

T-shirt Market Website

This website template has a simple design that focuses on presenting a T-shirt shop through large thumbnails and cut-out t-shirts on a white background. This example can be a great way to present your product to your website’s visitors.

Scarf Shop

Scarf Shop Website

Scarf shop uses pastel colours and an elegant design to present scarfs. It also has a responsive design, so you do not have to worry about how your website will look on different browsers and devices.

Women’s Fashion

Womens Fashion

Women’s Fashion theme is yet another good example of a template that can be used for a fashion e-commerce website. The clean and modern layout is well-suited for both business and fashion websites. It is definitely worth having a closer look at this example.

Sneakers Shop

Sneakers Shop Website

This theme is yet another good example worth following. It can be a great source of inspiration thanks to its creative web design layout. It uses some really nice visuals and graphic effects. It is perfect for promoting a fashion business.

Boutique Collection 

Boutique Collection

Boutique Collection is yet another theme which is perfect for a fashion e-commerce shop. It uses a minimalist and modern design with medium thumbnail photos and some pink details. It is definitely an example worth checking out. It might be just the theme you have been looking for all this time!

Fashion Boutique

Fashion Boutique

This theme looks glamorous and so will your e-commerce fashion shop if you use it. It has a nice black and white menu bar with a minimalist design. All in all, the Fashion Boutique theme combines a good choice in typography, pale colours and minimalism in an elegant way that can definitely grab your visitors’ attention. This is also a good example for you to get your inspiration from.

Accessories Shop

Accessories Shop

This example has an elegant and modern design, which is perfect for an accessories shop. You can add products and any other content you wish to share with your website’s visitors in a creative way. Check out this theme and see if this is the one you have been searching for all this time.

Bow Tie Store

Bow Tie Store Website

The Bow Tie Store has an elegant design which can be a great source of inspiration for future projects or it might be just the template you have been looking for. Check out the way this website promotes a bow tie company.


OnlineMag Demo

OnlineMag is a perfect template for a retail fashion magazine but not only! It is responsive and can save you a great deal of time. It has such a neat and clean layout to emphasize massive product details. It also has a modern design plus eye-catchy visual effects. It can also be customised to work well as a fashion e-commerce website.

Kids Apparel

Kids Apparel Website

This example has a minimalist and friendly interface design. It uses a white background, a large horizontal image as the first thing your website’s visitors see and cutout images of the background. It is definitely an example worth following and a great source of inspiration.

Fashion Designer Boutique

Fashion Designer

This is yet another good example of an eye-catching fashion e-commerce website template. It has a modern and minimalist design which will definitely catch your website’s visitors’ attention. Have a look at the Fashion Designer Boutique template and see if this is the one you were looking for.

Children’s Boutique

Children's Boutique

This theme has a friendly and joyful web design layout, perfect for a children’s boutique. It is definitely an example worth following for future projects. This theme can be a great asset to your freebies arsenal.

 Online Tees Shop

Online Tees Website

This is yet another cool example of a t-shirt shop that you might want to have a closer look at. It uses light grey background and large image thumbnails. This fashion template can be used to build a great and eye-catching fashion shop.

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