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Often, when you are developing a website in some unique business category, you require extra attention and effort than usual. For example, if you are selling software or application as a service, your website needs to have strong bones and an impactful appearance. The core WordPress process is always simple, but designing a compelling website is complex; there are many excellent resources available to make this process easier and better that offer you some great tools and plugins to divide the burden and make your website full of valuable features.

In this blog post, we have gathered some important WordPress plugins you must have if you plan to design a SaaS website in WordPress. These plugins and tools can help you a lot to remove unnecessary codes and deliver the desired website in minimum time. So let’s check out 12 essential plugins for SaaS websites:

1. Affiliate Management System:

WordPress Plugins for SaaS websites: Affiliate Management System Pin

The affiliate management system has all the essential features that you require to manage your affiliate section of the business. However, for eCommerce websites and SaaS websites managing their sales and statistics related to affiliates is a different level of hardship. So when you want to make this part a little easy, you require a strong tool that can handle everything and serve you the correct and useful data. This affiliate management system has different dashboards and a large number of features to suit your statistic requirements.

It can track clicks, sales, and so many other things to help you with affiliate’s commission. For SaaS websites, it has a SaaS module to track down the crucial data and provide you a perfect dashboard about your vendors and affiliates so that you can save your time and energy on that. Overall a very helpful plugin for SaaS WordPress themes.

2. Tandora:

WordPress Plugins for SaaS website: Tandora Pin

Tandora is a SaaS app which is specially designed for SaaS website to enable notifications and updates for their users. When you are providing a specific software service or application service, you need a medium to connect with your users for important updates and notifications apart from email and other ways. Tandora plugin can help you to pass on regular updates, regular deals, and offers to your users. It is best suitable for small and medium enterprises. To use this plugin, you do not require solid coding skills because it follows a very simple process to get started with.

3. WP Forms:

WordPress Plugins for SaaS websites: Tandora Pin

WordPress contact form builder plugin is a very popular plugin for creating various types of forms on the website. The majority of website developers widely use it. WP Forms allows you to create fantastic contact forms, feedback forms, or any necessary forms without any coding skills. It is a completely user-friendly plugin that is mobile responsive as well. You can create any customized contact form with the hello of this plugin to see the better interaction and conversion on your website. For a SaaS website, it is a must-have plugin to help the user for easy engagement and website owner for better communication to increase the leads and sales because WP Forms is a completely reliable tool for highly customizable forms.

4. Ultimate Membership Pro:

WordPress Plugins for SaaS websites: Ultimate Membership Pro Pin

This one plugin is packed with so many excellent features to help your SaaS website on so many levels. This plugin helps you to create and function multi-level exclusive access for your different kinds of members. It is designed to manage multiple subscriptions simultaneously so you would have all the different keys to your doors to keep the process smooth for your free and paid packages. It is completely easy to set up, and you get dozens of service integrations.

You can offer free service, one-time payment, or recurring payment service to your users. You can also restrict your content as per the payment policy on your website. At last, you get a dashboard to manage your members, their activity, current subscription plan, reports, and many more—overall, a perfect plugin for SaaS websites to manage their members and subscription details.

5. WooCommerce:

WordPress Plugins for SaaS websites: WooCommerce Pin

WooCommerce is a famous name in the eCommerce category. This plugin has helped end a number of websites that are into any kind of online selling. It is a powerful, easy and reliable plugin to turn any website into an eCommerce website. There can be any kind of software or application in the SaaS category that requires an add-to-cart and check-out process. So, in that case, you have to integrate your website to some solid eCommerce base. And WooCommerce is a leading player in that.

It is very easy to install and manageable plugin, and you can customize this as well. You get extended features and official extensions to run your store smoothly. So as a SaaS website developer, you just have to install it to your WordPress theme and follow some simple steps to start your service.

6. Ecomfit Insight Analytics:

WordPress Plugins for SaaS websites: Eccom Pin

Ecomfit has some fantastic plugins to offer you new and better ways to engage and turn more visitors into buyers. For your SaaS website, you need a robust tool that can help you to understand your visitors more since there could be no direct communication with your visitors. So Ecomfit Insight Analytics can be the best solution to get all the helpful information about your users. This plugin is easy to use and understand. It automatically tracks customer information and builds profiles to segment them into groups for marketing plans.

You get a dashboard full of information to understand your customer’s behavior and mindset. With this plugin, you also get smart suggestions and warnings based on collected data to help your decisions. Ecomfit Insight Analytics is a wholesome plugin to support your business in a more thoughtful way. And that is why it can be a great tool to have for your SaaS website.

7. Fullstory:

WordPress Plugins for SaaS websites: Full Story Pin

If you want to take your marketing operations more seriously, then this plugin might help you a lot. Fullstory is a plugin that helps you track down your customer’s complete journey on the website. When you want to increase sales or increase the engagement, you have to understand what your customer is thinking about your website. This plugin basically captures every interaction of your visitor on your website or app.

It shows you which page they have visited, what they have clicked, how long they were on that page, which page they visited afterward, etc. This whole detailed journey can help you get an idea about your website’s performance, customer expectations, pitfalls, advantages, and many more aspects. As a result, you can make better decisions and achieve higher sales with the help of this plugin.

8. Layered Popups:

WordPress Plugins for SaaS websites: Layered Popups Pin

Layered Popups is an attractive solution for all websites that need to use popups for various purposes. For example, in your SaaS website, if you want to add a popup for something import, deals, offers, wishes, notification, signup form, or any other matter, you need an intelligent plugin that allows you to create some creative popups that fulfill the purpose successfully. Layered Popups has beautiful features that offer multi-layered and creative popups.

There is a visual popup editor so that you can see live changes while constructing your popups. It has multiple displaying modes as well to plan the popup display on different links. With this tool, you get access to a large number of popup libraries where you can get so many fantastic popup templates to choose from and use for your site.

9. ARMember:

WordPress Plugins for SaaS websites: AR member Pin

ARMember is a highly flexible membership and billing plugin for websites. This tool is very well designed to provide aesthetically beautiful pages and dashboards, and you get predefined samples to create a stylish login page and registration forms. This plugin has every feature that you require from any subscription billing tool. You can manage drip content, lock any page or section of your site, create multiple levels of membership and use profiles. In addition, this plugin has many other exciting features to support your memberships, subscriptions, payments, and profiles on your SaaS website. Overall, ARMember is a smart plugin packed with useful options and functions with attractive designs and aesthetics to make things better for you than any other plugin.

10. G2 Track- Optimized SaaS Spend:

WordPress Plugins for SaaS websites: G2 Track Pin

If you are running a SaaS website, you are maybe using other SaaS-based tools to support your website. G2 Track has many amazing solutions related to automation, management, and optimizations. The Optimized SaaS Spend plugin is for managing and optimizing other SaaS tools of your website. It helps you to control and analyze other SaaS programs you are using to make your SaaS performance better. You get an in-depth maintained dashboard of every application and software that your business is using.

It gives you important alerts, suggestions, and facts to streamline the whole backend process. So you can easily manage your vendors, contracts, and renewal without unnecessary spending. It eliminates unused services, duplicate accounts, mismanaged profiles, and delayed payments. So overall G2 track is a very helpful tool for SaaS websites who want to manage their other supportive SaaS tools.

11. Intercom:

WordPress Plugins for SaaS websites: Intercom Pin

Intercom is a simple and unique plugin that helps you to include an interactive widget on your website for your customers. You can use this for live chat, automated chatbots, or in-app support. It is a beneficial plugin if you want to interact with your customer on the next level. For example, live chats and automated bots can help you get better conversions and your customers to get better support.

Intercom is a pretty simple to use plugin, and it offers excellent customization as well. With the help of this plugin, you can implement some futuristic changes which can eventually help your business. Customer support, product marketing, website tour are some examples of the applicability of this plugin. For your software as a service website, if you need a helpful widget for your customers, then intercom can be a superb decision.

12. WordFence:

WordPress Plugins for SaaS websites: WordFence Pin

For any website, security is a crucial subject. When you provide a software service and deal with a number of users, you have to protect your website from many harmful threats. And this plugin can help you well in that subject. WordFence is a popular wordpress plugin used by many developers to get a basic check-up and keep their website protected. It is an open-source plugin that offers caching engine and monitoring of traffic in real-time.

With deep malware scanning and brute force protection, this plugin can surely keep your SaaS website safe and high speed. The malware scanner checks SEO spam, malicious redirects, bad URLs, and many more sensitive objects to provide you precise information for your website’s health. So it is one of the must-have plugins for any healthy and competitive website.

Keeping up with the product innovation trends is a highly important subject for developers and designers who are building websites and platforms for those products and services. Businesses are always focused on the maximum downloads, subscribers, appointments, or users when it comes to SaaS websites. To make sure the best user experience and leading presence on the search engine pages, you have to focus on the smart work and effective ways to build a futuristic website with a minimum investment of time and money.

These plugins, as mentioned above, are widely used by website creators for their daily profession, which is why they all have expert quality performance and reliability. As per your SaaS website, you can choose plugins that can help you to achieve desirable website performance and make your job a lot easier and manageable than before.

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