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10 World Class Athlete Websites

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I have always appreciated an athlete who has their own website. Especially nowadays when they could call it good with a Facebook fan page, or really go above and beyond with a Twitter account.

There are some certain trends that you can see present throughout the majority of these world class athlete sites, lots of color, emphasis on images, and basic content elements like bio, contact info, and links to social media platforms. These concepts can be applied to many other niches of web design and don’t have to be limited to athletes, the same concepts could work for artists, musicians, cooks, and many other professions.

Some athletes are active members of charity organizations or have their own product line, and they use their personal site as a platform to pitch and promote those organizations or products. In other words, they use it to generate revenue. Others aren’t trying to pitch anything and just want to give their fans a place to learn a little more about them. Let’s take a look at some of the better athlete websites out there.

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Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt athlete websites

Usain Bolt is not only quickly making his presence known as an athlete, but online as well. His website allows fans to learn more about him and his accomplishments as well as what he’s up to. His website has a full screen image slider with an arrow navigation and large, bold text overlay. The website has a dark color palette and a simple menu at the top of the page, with some social media icons.

Bjoern Dunkerbeck

BjörnDunkerbeck athlete websites

Bjoern Dunkerbeck is a world-class windsurfer with a world-class website. The Flash site features some stunning full screen background images, cool music, news, projects, and contact info, among other things. The slider has some smooth transitions and the menu matches the logo, having an angled design and the same, deep, red color.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova athlete websites

Maria Sharapova is not only stunning on and off the court, but on the web as well! Her personal website is packed full of content, including Facebook updates, photos, videos, news updates on her foundation, links to her various collections and products, as well as info on her sponsors. Her website has a grid design, with vibrant green and blue elements, combined on a white background. It’s interesting that only some of the squares in the grid have hover effects, while most others don’t. The menu is on the left side and it opens up when you click on the hamburger icon.

Andres Iniesta

Andrés Iniesta athlete websites

Hailed as one of the greatest modern day footballers, Andres Iniesta has a rather flashy site to stay in touch with his fans. The site is packed full of photos, videos, news, bio and background info on the World Champion goal scorer at both club and international level. The site can also be viewed in Spanish, Catalonian or English. The fullscreen slider on the homepage consists of only three images and has only a bullet navigation.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams athlete websites

Serena Williams took the time to develop a site packed full of information on her and her various accomplishments. Among the standard, bio, pics, media, sponsor info, and contact links there is a schedule of her upcoming events, as well as a page about her foundation. This is a simple, one-page websites. What is unique about the navigation of this site is that where you would normally expect to see the menu, you can see the social media links. Scrolling down the page will reveal the content.

Troy Polamalu

-Troy43 athlete websites

Troy Polamalu is an American football player and a man to be feared on the field. If anyone was wondering how intimidating it may be to come face-to-face with him, you may now do so on his homepage. Along with a very stoic and intimidating background pic, Polamalu also has a store on his site where fans can buy his merchandise. You can also learn about the foundations Troy supports from his website as well.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr

Floyd Mayweather athlete websites

Love him or hate him, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr is a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world. You can access Money’s Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel, as well as well as get info on the not-for-profit The Floyd Mayweather Jr, Foundation or shop his online store. This is a simple website design, with a bright, blue background, which features his instagram photos, in a grid layout.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong athlete websites

Seven time Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong has become a worldwide cancer awareness advocate since he gained worldwide fame as a cyclist. The site contains info on the Livestrong foundation, photos, news, pics, a bio, sponsors, and a whole lot more. It has a fullscreen design and a really basic navigation system.

 Danica Patrick

The Official Site of Danica Patrick athlete websites

Danica is an American professional stock car racing driver, model, and advertising spokeswoman with an extremely cool website, featuring a fullscreen background image slideshow and all of the standard, media, bio, and news content you’d expect. The slider has both bullet and arrows navigation. The color palette is neon blue and works perfectly with the dark background. The social media icons can be seen in the menu area.

LeBron James

The Official Website of LeBron James athlete websites

LeBron James has a site you must witness. A single page concept with a parallax scrolling effect that hovers over character drawings of the man himself, the site has your standard updates and links to his social media presence. But the content gold mine comes in the way of “The LeBrons” cartoons. As you scroll down the homepage, the layout gets a bit unexpected. You will see grid-style photos with hexagon shapes.

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