SE Ranking | The Website Audit Tool Pros Use

The work on your website isn’t finished with the completion of a new page. You have to constantly “take its temperature,” so to speak. Is your site accessible to search bots and users? Does it have some critical errors that might be hurting its performance and rankings in Google? How could it be better optimized … Read more

Understanding Cumulative Layout Shift & Optimizing It

Understanding Cumulative Layout Shift & Optimizing Your Website For It

Optimizing websites for Search Engines is increasingly becoming an essential part of the marketing strategy of people. The importance of SEO has grown multifold, with more and more firms understanding its implications. Now every brand wants to appear on the first page of Google Search. With this rising push for SEO, the competition is also … Read more

20 Most Used Fonts for Brochure Design

Most Used Fonts for Brochure Designing

The selection of font style for any print design needs a different approach than digital design. Visual appearance, readability, and connectivity play significant roles when it comes to brochures, flyers, hoardings, and catalogs designs. We are here discussing some of the most used fonts for brochure designing. These are some of the widely used and … Read more

What is Domain Pending Delete?

Domain Pending Delete is a status you might see if you fail to renew your domain name. Registrars give you plenty of time to renew your domain name before it enters this status, but it’s important to know what your options are if you end up with a domain name pending delete. Read on to … Read more

20 Things To Know About WordPress

Things You Didn't Know About WordPress: Banner

It will even be an understatement to say that WordPress has revolutionized the website development sector, given the prominent dominance of this platform. The primary reason for its widespread popularity is that it is an open-source platform and started to provide people a robust platform to create their blogs and websites to communicate with the … Read more

10 Ways To Improve Your Website’s Core Web Vitals

Ways To Improve Your Website's Core Web Vitals

Improving your SEO score is a continuous process. With the ever-changing dynamics of websites, Google and other search engines keep changing their page rankings algorithms. Till now, no one has been able to completely decode how Google ranks the pages. Though there have been many confirmed parameters that Google uses to calculate the SEO score, … Read more

Features that a photography website should not miss

Do you run a photography studio? Are you considering starting a photography website? Even if you are not a web designer, you can build a wonderful platform for potential customers to view your greatest work. Many professional photographers have excellent websites that help them get notoriety and additional revenue. If you want your website to … Read more

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