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Tips For Creating The Best Website Redesigns

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In our swiftly evolving digital age, websites act as our brand’s online facade. It’s not just about looking modern; it’s about conveying that we’re active and relevant. Imagine a shop that’s unchanging for years – outdated, right? Similarly, outdated websites can feel irrelevant.

Web design mirrors societal shifts. It moves from flat designs with ample white space to embracing dark modes and 3D innovations. 

Keeping pace isn’t just about aesthetics but ensuring visitors sense continuity and care in their experience. In this dynamic digital space, stagnation isn’t an option; adaptability is essential.

The Case for Website Redesign

Adapting to Users’ Shifts

Audiences today navigate the digital world differently. With mobile dominance, voice search popularity, and a preference for video, their online habits have transformed. 

Websites stuck in the past risk alienating a significant portion of visitors. In the ocean of online content, the modern user values clarity and simplicity. Enter the power of top-tier website redesigns.

Staying Aligned with Industry Trends

Staying updated isn’t about mimicking competitors, but recognizing and meeting industry benchmarks, including the growing popularity of minimalist websites. Ensuring our website reflects current trends is vital to present a brand that’s contemporary and in the know.”

Ensuring our website reflects current trends is vital to present a brand that’s contemporary and in the know.

Boosting Engagement & Experience

In today’s digital realm, engagement is king. Outdated, static sites are engagement dampeners. Modern users seek interactivity, responsiveness, and a memorable experience. 

A blend of aesthetics, functionality, and emotion characterizes the best website redesigns, often incorporating captivating animations. And achieving that mix? That’s where online magic unfolds.

Successful Website Redesign Examples

WordPress: Simplification and subtle organization


You know WordPress, right? Almost every blogger’s first love. They went for a sleeker look a while back, cutting the clutter and streamlining the whole vibe.  

And, if you ask me, it’s one of the best website redesigns out there. Because what’s cooler than finding everything you need, without squinting at a messy dashboard?


Yellow Pages

Man, YellowPages. I remember flipping through that fat book to find the nearest pizza place. But in the digital age? They had to reinvent. They chucked the old logo, got this fresh new one, and decluttered their menus. Just like cleaning up your room and realizing you’ve got so much space. Smart, huh?



Skype’s been around for a while. But have you noticed how they changed their look recently? Less blabbering with text and calming colors. 

They took out the shouty bits, making the whole thing feel like a chilled conversation with a friend. Exactly how calls should feel, right?


Apple Website Redesign

Apple, known for its sleek and innovative products, has always set high standards for design. They cut down the jibber-jabber, brought in some dope infographics, and let the visuals, including the iconic Apple logo, do the talking. Clean, sharp, and to the point. Classic Apple move, and we’re here for it.



LinkedIn, the corporate hangout. They turned up the whole community vibe recently. Think darker themes and spotlight on the content. 



You’d think sports sites need to be all flashy, right? NFL went the other way. Neutral backgrounds, putting the spotlight straight on the content. It’s like having a plain background when you’re showcasing a piece of art. Brilliant and one of the best redesigned websites for a reason.

Epic Reads

Epic Reads

Epic Reads, the book nerds’ paradise. They went full Marie Kondo, simplifying everything and moving those social buttons for better visibility. It’s like they decluttered the bookshelf, making our faves pop out more. Love it!

Iron Master

Iron Master

Iron Master? More like Master of Revamp! New logo, cleaner visuals, and just an overall polished feel. It’s like they went from garage gym to state-of-the-art fitness studio. A total glow-up!

Other notable mentions

  • Spotify: From purely music to podcasts and more. Their redesign makes it feel like a jukebox of cool content.
  • Netflix: They played around with how movie thumbnails look, making it dynamic based on your likes. So your Netflix might look different from mine. Personal touch? Nailed it.
  • Dropbox: They went from a file storage platform to a creative workspace hub. Colors, logos, fonts – the works. It’s like going from storing paint cans in a room to creating a mural. Super cool!

These redesigns? Pure genius. And they all understood one thing – adapt, evolve, and keep it snazzy. Because in the end, the best website redesigns aren’t just about looking cool. They’re about feeling right.

Key Elements to Consider in a Redesign

Clarity: Immediate understanding of website’s purpose

Here’s the scoop: Even if your website is decked out, if a user hops on and thinks, “What’s this site for?”, you’ve dropped the ball. Imagine entering a store unsure if they offer boots or blankets. 

Your visitors should immediately get the gist. Top-tier website redesigns nail this, offering an unmistakable “This is what we’re about!” vibe.

Readability: Ensuring easy scanning and reading

Ever land on a website and feel like you’re back in school, squinting at that super tiny text on the chalkboard? Yeah, that’s a no from me. 

Fonts, sizes, and spacing – they all gotta play nice together. Quick scan, get the gist, dive deeper if you want. That’s the rhythm.

Appearance: Authentic imagery and visual hierarchy

Let’s talk pics and looks. We all know that stock image of folks in a meeting, looking like they’re on a caffeine overdose. Why not go authentic? Use real images, let your brand’s soul shine through. 

And while at it, structure stuff so the important things scream for attention, while the rest just… chill. It’s like setting up your room. You want that rad poster to be the centerpiece, but your laundry? Not so much.

Usability: Catering to all user skill levels and devices

Ever watched your grandma try to use a touchscreen? It’s hilarious but also a lesson. Whether it’s tech-savvy Tim or just-got-a-smartphone grandma, your website should be a breeze for all. 

Phones, tablets, PCs – the experience should be seamless. Best website redesigns? They’re all about that universal usability.

Intuitive Navigation: Minimal landing page navigation and flowing site navigation

Navigating a site should feel like cruising on a smooth highway, not getting stuck in a maze where you’re just turning in circles. 

Keep the main stuff upfront, and let the detailed stuff be just a click away. Straightforward, uncomplicated, no fuss. Why make folks scratch their heads, right? Those cool buttons for quick access to key features can make all the difference.

Beyond Redesign: Considering Rebranding

Evaluating brand memorability

Now, diving deeper. Redesign is cool, but what about a total makeover? Like, change the vibe completely. First things first, how memorable is your brand now? 

If folks can’t recall who you are or confuse you with someone else, maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a new avatar.

Timing of name changes

Changing your brand name? Phew, big move! But timing, my friend, is everything. Doing it when you’re launching a new product? Epic! Mid-crisis? Not so cool. 

It’s like getting a tattoo; the best website redesigns and rebrands consider the ‘when’ super seriously.

Testing ideas on the target audience

Got some killer rebrand ideas? Awesome! But before you jump in, how about a sneak-peek to your peeps? Get feedback, see the reactions. 

It’s like trying out a new hairstyle but asking your mates first. If they dig it, you rock it.

FAQ about best website redesigns

Why is a website redesign necessary?

Well, you know, the digital landscape is always evolving. We’re talking changing user behaviors, new tech, and updated web standards. 

If your site feels like it’s from the early 2000s, visitors might think twice about your business.

Keeping it fresh and in line with the times means better user experience and more trust from visitors.

What should I focus on during a redesign?

Prioritize user experience (UX) above all! Ask yourself, “Is the website user-friendly?” Look at navigation, site speed, mobile responsiveness – these are the biggies.

A clean design that resonates with your brand is essential, but if users can’t easily navigate, all that pretty design is wasted.

How often should I consider redesigning?

Good question! Typically, every 3-5 years is a safe bet. But it’s not just about time, it’s about changes in your business goals, audience, or the tech world. Always keep an ear to the ground, alright?

How do I know if my current design is outdated?

Look around, my friend. Compare your site to competitors or big players in your industry. But also, listen to feedback. Are users complaining?

Difficulty navigating or finding info is a dead giveaway. And don’t forget, Google Analytics can be your best mate in understanding user behavior.

Will redesigning affect my SEO?

Yes, it can. But if done right, it won’t tank your rankings. Keep all SEO best practices in mind, like 301 redirects for changed URLs. And always, always ensure your new design is mobile-friendly.

How long does a typical redesign process take?

Depends on the depth, but for a medium-sized business, think 2-4 months. More complex sites? You’re looking at 6 months or even more. 

What’s the cost of a website redesign?

Man, that’s like asking the cost of a car. There’s so many factors: features, complexity, the agency or freelancer you choose. 

How do I choose the right agency or freelancer?

Research and trust your gut. Check out their portfolio, ask for references, and have a chat. Do they get your vision? You want someone who aligns with your goals, has a solid track record, and obviously, doesn’t make your wallet cry too hard.

What about website content during a redesign?

Content is king, remember? Review and update it. Maybe hire a copywriter if words aren’t your jam. Ensure it aligns with your branding and goals. And always, always prioritize quality over quantity. No one likes fluff.


In the digital realm, change is relentless, especially for startup landing pages. Just when you think you’re on top, a new trend emerges. Like favorite spots from our youth, websites either adapt or fade into obscurity. The top website redesigns understand the need for evolution, ensuring they remain relevant and ahead of the curve. This isn’t merely about aesthetics; it’s digital survival.

Think redesigning is just a cosmetic touch-up? Think again. A revamped site is like breathing new life into your digital presence. With endless online options, your site needs to stand out and offer a captivating experience to keep users hooked. 

An engaging, intuitive website can skyrocket user interactions and, in turn, boost business. Think of it as an old café turned trendy; a revitalized site reinvigorates and attracts. In the vast digital ocean, this could be your lifebuoy.

Bogdan Sandu
Bogdan is a designer and editor at DesignYourWay. He's reading design books the same way a hamster eats carrots, and talks all the time about trends, best practices and design principles.

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