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20 Awesome Sketch Freebies for Designers

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The sketch gives you the power, flexibility, and speed you always wanted in a lightweight and easy-to-use package. Sketch is relatively new but it is getting more and more popular in the graphic and web designers’ community.

In this post, we selected 20 awesome Sketch freebies for designers. These Sketch freebies can be used for various purposes, such as mockups (phone, books, browsers), app designs, icons, logos, forms and more!

Safari for Sketch 

Safari for Sketch is a free Sketch design resource that you can use to achieve awesome results in only a few minutes. This can be used especially by web designers who want a nice online environment where they can showcase their web designs on.Safari for Sketch freebie

Flat Profile Screen

This is a flat profile screen with a lovely pastel pink color palette. It has an elegant design and uses a nice typeface. The white typography blends in perfectly and gives an elegant touch to the design concept. This flat profile screen was created using Sketch and it can be a great source of inspiration, especially if you’re working on a similar project.

Flat Profile Screen Sketch Freebies

The Original Macintosh Pro

The Original Macintosh Pro is a sketch design resource made by Dribbble user Onur. It uses flat design to create this awesome Macintosh that says “hello”. This freebie would look great in your collection. It’s an item that you should keep close because you never know when you’ll want to integrate it into your creative projects!

Desktop Calendar App UI Sketch Resource

This is a complete desktop calendar app interface resource created in Sketch. It is exceptionally easy to use and carefully assembled. This mockup can be used to showcase both apps and web design projects in a realistic way. This resource can come in really handy and it can’t miss from your collection.

Desktop Calendar App UI Sketch Resource

Sketch Social Logos 

A designer can never have enough logos, especially social media ones. This Sketch Social Logos (Vector) is a free Sketch design resource crafted by the Dribbble user Erica Jaclyn Stein. They were created using flat design. They’re simple and clean and would look great in your projects. This pack contains multiple famous social logos which you can choose from.Sketch Social Logos Vector

Sketch Mobile Wireframe Checkout TemplateSketch Mobile Wireframe Checkout Template

Sketch Mobile Wireframe Checkout Template is a free Sketch design resource. It was created by Dribbble user Seth Coelen and it looks great. This checkout template is probably the most useful for e-commerce websites. The design concept keeps it simple and clean. It is presented on a gradient background and the Checkout uses different tones of grey.

Sketch Freebie – Clock Numbers

Sketch Freebie – Clock Numbers

This is a really nice Sketch Freebie that can be used as a clock or maybe even a countdown! Clock Numbers is a free Sketch design resource created by Dribbble user Alice Chuang and it can be integrated into all sorts of designs. The numbers look great, half of them use a white background while the upper half uses a light grey tone. The background color is a dark blue and the background on which the clock is presented is a nice detail. This awesome freebie can be used on landing pages and coming soon website pages.

Wireframe Template Sketch Resource

Creating an app without using a pre-made mobile wireframe kit can be a tedious, never-ending task full of obstacles and constant tweaking and tinkering. Building a mobile wireframe is not exactly fun, easy or enjoyable, and it requires a certain amount of talent and skill. The good news is that there are shortcuts when it comes to wireframe creation in the form of free mobile wireframe kits, and you can use them to your advantage. This wireframe template is meticulously created and designed to be simple yet striking and a breeze to use. You can use it to create product pages, landings for apps and services or personal portfolio pages.

Wireframe Template Sketch Resource


One Page Website Template Sketch Resource

They is a highly customizable template which allows you to include anything and everything so that you can have full creative freedom without actually planning and designing anything from scratch. This one-page website template looks great, has a minimalist design, and is based on a modular grid layout.

One Page Website Template Sketch Resource

Swiss Clock (.sketch included)

Swiss Clock (.sketch included)

Swiss Clock (.sketch included) is a free Sketch design resource created by Dribbble user Julien Perriere and it looks great. This cool 3D clock with subtle shadows also keeps things simple and clean. It has a simple design – it is round, there were no numbers used only black dots. It was created using Sketch and can be used for various purposes.

Surf UI Kit

Surf UI Kit Sketch Freebies

This is a simple and modern Surf Report cards that can be used to create awesome similar designs. You can save yourself some time and download this Sketch resource. Study it and see what parts you can integrate into your creative projects. You should also make sure to check out the real pixels. This UI kit is very useful for web designers.

iBook Author Icon

iBook Author Icon Sketch Freebies

This is a cool 3D iBook Author icon that would look great in your freebies arsenal. The icon has been resized for preview purpose but you can check the attachment to see the full size.

Music Player

Music Player Sketch Freebies

This is a cool music player design concept that was created by a talented designer. It uses a dark blue color palette and a modern and functional design. The slider is very interesting. You have the Sketch source attached so make sure to try it out and see what can be implemented in your project.

Dishes App

Dishes App Sketch Freebies

This cool app freebie was made with Sketch. It has a great color scheme that makes the interface look elegant and lovely. The purple tones make the pink icons look even better! The icons look nice and clean too.

4 Workspace Illustrations  Sketch Resource

4 Workspace Illustrations Sketch freebie - Download free resource for Sketch - S

In this set, you will find 4 wonderful workplace illustrations that can be integrated into all sorts of work-related creative projects. The vectors are free to use for both commercial and personal projects.


WunderUI Sketch Freebies

This is an awesome UI kit which you will definitely want to use in your next project. The design is fully customised for Sketch 3. All you have to do is download now this UI and enjoy using it!

Travellist Wireframe Mocks Sketch Resource

If you are on a deadline and cannot afford to waste too much time on a project, you can easily choose from a huge variety of free wireframe templates and conveniently download the one wireframe that works best for your project. Check this one, for example! It will help you build an app in no time! It’s as simple as copy & paste, and makes creating an app fun and engaging.


Dark Homescreen UI

Dark Homescreen UI Sketch Freebies

This is a beautiful dark home screen UI design concept for app designers. They can use this example as a source of inspiration thanks to its modern and functional design layout. Download this cool app design template and customize it as you please.

Flat Material App

Flat Material App Sketch Freebies

Here is an app that was specially designed to ease apartments search. It was made in Material design style and Sketch. This is a very cool app design that you can download and get inspired from.

Flight Card

Flight Card Sketch Freebies

Last but not least, this freebie will come in really handy. This is a very beautiful flight card design that will definitely grab people’s attention. This design was created using Sketch and can be downloaded for free.

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  1. Another useful Sketch resource to quickly mockup your app’s flow through common iOS 8 screens: designhooks.com/freebies/snap-ui-kit-ios-8-wireframes-built-for-sketch/


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