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7 Great Front-End Plugins For Your New Woocommerce Store

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As a new business owner, you’re tasked with building a lean business that best markets your products or services. You’ll need an affordable shared hosting provider, a solid web design, and a beneficial ecommerce platform. For many, Woocommerce is the best way to go. According to BuiltWith, as of February 2018, 3.7% of world’s top million websites us the WordPress ecommerce plugin, Woocommerce–which means 0.6% of all websites are using Woocommerce today.

While that may not seem like a large number, when you consider the vast number of websites in the world, 0.6% suddenly feels a lot larger, at roughly 4 million websites. So many people are choosing Woocommerce as its business solution because of their versatility. Plugins, however, are able to extend WordPress and Woocommerce core features, taking commerce capabilities even further. If you’re one of the four million people who have a Woocommerce site, consider one of the five great plugins:

The WP Opt-In Wheel helps ecommerce owners grow their coveted email list by providing a fun incentive for users to subscribe. A customizable virtual wheel invites site visitors to “Try Their Luck” by spinning the wheel–but they’ll have to subscribe to spin. There are plenty of options to include on your wheel; free items, gift guides, discounts, and more. The possibilities here are endless.

According to Studio Wombat, the company behind WP Opt-In Wheel, users have reported sign-up increases of 200% after installing the plugin. As with the Woocommerce setup, the Opt-In Wheel’s pros are largely centered around the customization options. Choose from beautiful, predefined themes, control when the popup appears, create multiple wheels, and capture emails in Mailchimp. Most importantly, users are able to fully configure the chance of winning for each slice of the wheel. For example, an ebook might have a higher chance of winning than a 50% off discount.

Woocommerce Products Designer

The Woocommerce Products Designer is a premium plugin that makes it easy for ecommerce site owners to provide customization options to their customers. For example, let’s say you offer a range of products. You might want some products, regardless of your industry, to have some customization options. The Designer works for any type of product, from mugs and stickers to apparel and canvases.

The user is able to upload designs in several formats, and supports any font type, from custom fonts to Google fonts. They’re also able to order multiple products in site variations once they’ve uploaded their design.

YITH Woocommerce Magnifier

This plugin is self-explanatory, and its advantages are clear. The YITH Woocommerce Magnifier allows you to seamlessly magnify any type of product in your shop, in a variety of customized ways. With the magnifier, visitors can see all the detail your products have to offer. Plugin users will be able to customize zoom area width and height, enable or disable for mobile devices, and add a customized slider.

And if a magnifier doesn’t feel like a necessity–especially outside of the apparel industry–think again. A magnifier can be a powerful way to attract customers. Studies have shown that interactive imagery can have a powerful impact on the consumer. One study conducted at Texas Tech University analyzed consumers with an fMRI machine while they looked at product images. They found that image zooming and image rotation capabilities sparked reward perceptors during the decision-making process. This means they felt more inclined to be satisfied with their purchase than they would without those options.


Beeketing is a must-have Woocommerce plugin if you want to make the most out of every sale, especially if you have multiple products and products that complement one another. Where Beeketing really shines is their ability to upsell and cross-sell. Upsell involves promoting similar, higher-priced products, while cross-selling involves selling products that complement one another.

With Bekeeting, you can set up parameters to automatically suggest the most relevant upsell and cross-sell products. You’ll also be able to create email pop-ups and coupons, as well as unique discount codes. Lastly, you’ll be able to generate product sliders, including: Best-Selling Products, Related Products, Customers Who Bought This Also Bought, and Recently Viewed.

WooCommerce Wishlist

The Woocommerce Wishlist plugin is a unique way of capturing and maintaining loyal customers. The ability to create wishlists allows potential buyers to curate their decision-making, and allows you to capitalize on subscribers. Most ecommerce companies require that users sign up before they can begin their wish lists, which is a great strategy for boosting your email marketing list. Furthermore, you’re able to leverage wish list users who haven’t checked out, by providing them with deals, discounts, and offers based on their wish list history.

WooCommerce Products Slider

There’s no such thing as having too many options when it comes to showcasing your products in the best way possible. The WooCommerce Products Slider lets your customers peruse your products in an easily navigable carousel slider.

The WooCommerce Products Slider also gives you, the website owner, plenty of customization options. You can set custom speed, hide out of stock products, apply different filters, and display the price of the products in three different formats to signify full prices, regular prices, and sales prices. The plugin’s main value, however, comes from its mobile-ready design. Your customers can navigate it by dragging with a mouse, but they can also use their thumbs in an intuitive and familiar way. At a time when mobile users are the main targets for ecommerce businesses, it’s necessary to have plugins that are not only mobile friendly but also make navigation easier for mobile users.

YITH WooCommerce Quick View

The YITH WooCommerce Quick View is the plugin you want to have for your customers who want a quick look at one of your products. And they can get that with a simple click of a button. When you install the Quick View, it allows your customers to bring up a modal window containing all the relevant information about a product of their choosing. This plugin has the potential to reduce loading times, as it doesn’t prompt the user to load a different page for every product. You can never go wrong with plugins that offer your customers a speedier experience.

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