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The online environment is constantly expanding and growing steadily every day. If you do not have a website, no matter what activity you have, then you might say that you do not exist because you cannot be found easily and people cannot access the services you offer. With new websites showing up every day, each more interesting, creative and appealing than the other, website design is extremely important and has to make the difference between a successful site and one that does not attract visitors at all. There are many things to discuss here but in today’s article, we will focus only on a small but important part of the functionality of a site, namely loading and preloading animations, as part of the use of CSS.

CSS is used to accurately control the appearance of elements on your site as well as for different media structures. Today, most sites are created so they can offer different types of interactions with visitors. Thus, CSS can create various interesting effects that will attract the users.

To further enhance some of the benefits of CSS, we have prepared a list of 20 free and interesting and loaders and preloaders effects. Waiting for certain pages to load can often be annoying, especially if it lasts too much. So these types of effects are the perfect solution for making the waiting ‘sweeter’ and… more interactive. Basically, it’s just a simple, dynamic and intelligent solution to keep the visitor’s interest in the moment of waiting.

And it’s vital to keep users on your site until certain pages are loaded. Today’s Internet is extremely fast and if a certain page from your website takes more than a few seconds to load, most users get bored and simply close the page or just exit the website. For this reason, many industry specialists focus on solving these small impediments and as a result, we have some of the most creative loading and preloading effects.

But what is exactly a loading or a preloading effect?
In short, preloaders and loaders are actually what the user can see on the screen while they are waiting for a page to load the content. Preloaders can be of simple or complex types and are usually creative animations designed to keep the user’s attention until the server loads the content of the page.
Each site design should contain such solutions precisely to prevent the inconvenience caused by the cumbersome loading of pages.

In recent years, most of the projects have been developed with simplified loaders as recommended best practices. Rich and complex loaders and preloaders have not been so popular for a while because they used to use a lot of resources to work, slowing the process of loading the page even more. However, with the increase in processing power, the era of simple chargers is nearing the end.

Today, smartly designed loader animation can provide a useful opportunity to animate your interface. This small but important detail can contribute to the individuality and branding of your company. So every time you wait for a web page to load, you’ll know what’s behind the animation and how long it has invested to treat this moment.
Today, when the attention span of some Internet users is extremely small, we need to be very careful how we approach the functionality of the site. You do not want to have people who get angry and leave the site because that means you can miss your business goals if you run a business, or you can stay with very little traffic in case you have a blog.
The functionality and success of a site depend on many interdependent elements that need to be approached with care. A good web-developer can integrate competent solutions to keep a perfectly functional site. A large number of websites are built to provide visitors with different types of interactions, and almost all of them are based on CSS3 effects.

Hoping that we caught your attention, we have compiled the following list of bright, fun and unique preloader and loader examples that can be of help and can inspire you. Once you will check these, you will always recognize them when you will have to wait for a page to load the content and you will surely appreciate the efforts invested to create them.

CSS Rainbow Loader

1 Rainbow Loader

Loading SVG loaders

2 Loading SVG loaders

Page Load Progress Bars

3 Page Load Progress Bars

Page Loading Effects

4 Page Loading Effects

2D and 3D Block Loaders

5 2D and 3D Block Loaders

Modern Google Loader

6 Modern Google Loader

SpinKit – CSS loaders

7 SpinKit – CSS loaders

Simple CSS loader

8 Simple CSS loader

Random Loader

9 Random Loader

CSS Loader 1

10 CSS Loader

Pushing pixels

11 Pushing pixels

Loading animation

12 Loading animation

Simple Loader

13 Simple Loader

Animated Loading Bar

14 Animated Loading Bar

CSS loader 2

15 CSS loader 2

Water filling Loader

16 Water filling Loader

Loaders collection

17 Loaders collection

Logo Loader

18 Logo Loader

Creative loading

19 creative loading

Kitkat loader

20 Kitkat loader

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