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20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates

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Feminine themes and templates are trending in the website segment right now. With the rise in female entrepreneurship, it is only natural that the demand or popularity of Feminine WordPress themes would increase. Many web designers have started realizing the importance of crafting and designing feminine themes for matching the needs of female entrepreneurs.

While you could always design your website, you could benefit from using WordPress themes that cater specifically to your needs. Here are 20 such Feminine WordPress Themes and Templates you could take advantage of:

1. CheerUp:

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Cheer Up

CheerUp is a tremendous feminine WordPress theme that acts as a creative solution for bloggers. You need not be an expert web designer to get your hands on this beautiful template. CheerUp allows you to create compelling, engaging and aesthetically customized blog website. The theme comes with professionally designed multiple demo options. There are endless customization options for the blog website with this theme. It comes with over 100 unique blog layouts, covering all elements of blog design you possibly could need. There are also many headers, footer and post styling options that give the user more control over how the website would look.

2. MagPlus:

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Mag Plus

Magplus is a feminine WordPress theme that is versatile and powerful. There are more than 30 unique, stylish demos. They are multi-purpose as each of them is built to cater to different topics. This makes MagPlus an excellent choice for those who haven’t decided on a niche yet. It has a responsive design which optimizes it on various devices. This increases the potential reach and traffic for the website. The theme also comes with tutorials to ease the process of using this theme. There are unlimited colors, sidebars, and premium typography and blog pages. It comes with 18 headers, 4 footers and 30 shortcodes. There is also support for wooCommerce plugin.

3. Laurie:

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Laurie

Laurie is an elegant, feminine WordPress theme that feels elite and elegant. The minimalistic and neat website design brings forth your content into the limelight. This makes Laurie an excellent theme for potential beauty-related content website. It is sure to give its user an edge over the competitors. The theme is highly responsive that optimizes it for various screens. There is no need to know coding in detail to make full use of Laurie as well. It comes with a visual editor, and four elegant demos to choose from. There is support for wooCommerce hence it can be a great blog and selling page.

4. Esben:

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Esben

Esben works as a great minimal feminine WordPress theme. It is ideal and catered to fashion photographers. The theme is, however, highly versatile and could be used for various purposes as well. The design ideology behind Esben is simplicity and straightforwardness. The theme comes with various sample layouts that you could use individually or mix certain elements of from various options, to build your final website. It has an easy to use drag and drop tool that saves time and eases the process. There is access to many premium plugins, all-inclusive of the price you pay for the theme.

5. Hongo:

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Hongo

Hongo is a highly adaptive feminine WordPress theme. It has support for wooCommerce, and the theme is built to be an online store. Many features come unlocked specifically to meet these requirements. The user can easily create the desired online presence for them without much tweaking. It is versatile enough to sell accessories, apparel or even beauty products.  The design is modern and contemporary as well as sophisticated at the same time. It comes with WPBakery drag and drop builder and visual editing. The theme is an ideal theme for setting up an online store in the most elegant and sophisticated manner possible.

6. UltraViolet:

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Ultraviolet

UltraViolet is an amazing Feminine WordPress portfolio theme. The design style is contemporary and creative that instantly appeals to the audience. It comes with many variations for various kind of blogs the user would want to select from. The theme is crafted well to be used directly as it is designed. However, you could still customize it to your need if you feel the need to. The theme comes with WPBakery page builder that makes customization easier. The theme has many shortcodes and predefined widgets, three headers and also a Slider Revolution. It is also responsive, which makes it readily optimized for all devices.

7. Lirena:

Lirena- Theme Forest- Cover Image

Lirena is a beautiful Feminine WordPress theme that is catered for beauty centres as well as spa and salons. There are three appealing home page samples to choose from. Designing using Lirena is also easy as you need no coding expertise to design on this theme. Lirena also comes with WordPress’ native Gutenberg block editor. There are automatic theme updates. It comes with wooCommerce integration, header and slider builder, also an online appointment form and testimonials. There is also a newsletter subscription widget and other helpful features that help capture the audience’s attention and data.

8. Marigold:

Marigold ThemeForest Preview Image

Marigold is a multipurpose Feminine WordPress theme. This theme is great for web designers to showcase their skills by utilizing its reliable tools and various ready to use demos. This theme is great for bloggers, companies and entrepreneurs looking to boost their online presence and attract more shoppers, customers and readers. The theme comes with multiple sliders and wide layout options. It comes with four predefined demos. There are also many widgets and added features like newsletters, categories to make use of.  It has support for wooCommerce as well.

9. Opinion:

Opinion ThemeForest Preview Image

Opinion is a great Feminine WordPress theme that has an amazing color choice. The structure and design are elegant and beautiful. It has a clean and modern approach to website design. There is no need to be to a coder for being able to make full use of this theme. Opinion allows you to showcase your impressive content by giving you a platform that is beautiful and easy to set up. There are four samples and flexible theme options. It comes with a step by step guide to assist the user setting up the website.

10. Bridge:

Bridge ThemeForest Preview Image

Bridge is one of the bestselling WordPress creative themes in the market. It is a great Feminine WordPress theme. The theme is so well built that that material is ready to use as it is if you just replace your content with the dummy text. However, it also has capabilities for customization if you need to make any. The simplicity of customization makes this theme more approachable. There is no requirement of having prior knowledge about designing and coding. It is entirely mobile-ready and optimized for all major web browsers.

11. Juliet:

Juliet Pro Themeforest Preview Image

Juliet is a beautiful Feminine WordPress theme. It is specialized to meet blogging requirements. The theme is super easy to personalize and set up. The creators specifically made Juliet have those feminine traits and making it look appealing. There are many picture options in the form of banners and sliders. The theme comes with a look book template for storing all of the user’s ideas. Juliet was carefully chosen backgrounds and typography options with over 600 google fonts as well as integration for Google Analytics. The theme also comes with many blog layouts and special post designs. You can select a single page layout with scrolling format. The theme is compatible with wooCommerce and Bootstrap.

12. Parlour:

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Parlour

Parlour is a beautiful Feminine WordPress theme for women and their needs. The designers created the theme in a way to attract and appeal to more women to the site. It is a great website that gives the user flexibility, speed and efficiency. Parlour has all the support you need to be business ready and a great way of making money. It comes with integration for wooCommerce. There is a premium plugin for Slider Revolution that increases flexibility and versatility. You don’t need prior coding knowledge to design and build with this theme. It has a clean user interface. Parlour is also responsive and hence can be viewed on any device. It gives a booking plugin also called the Booked Plugin. Apart from this, many customer assistant plugins enhance the potential customers experience with the user’s brand.

13. Capri:

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Capri

Capri is a beautiful Feminine WordPress theme that is capable of fulfilling various website requirements. In addition, it comes with wooCommerce plugin and hence setting up your store with your website becomes seamless. Capri is a retina ready theme which is also responsive due to the implementation of the flexible Bootstrap framework. It also has dozen of page types, like corporate or personal blogs or even professional and content post portfolios. It is SEO ready and has support for enabling SEO practices on your website.

14. Shasta:

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Shasta

Shasta is a great Feminine WordPress theme. It is ideal for lifestyle bloggers. There are four4 prebuilt frontpage layouts and many templates to choose from. It has a very minimalistic and modern approach to web design. The developers have made this theme to support any kind of post formats. The user can make use of interactive posts, great subpages, and also people to subscribe. It uses parallax and other animation options to have customizable backgrounds. The theme also has many options for colors and typography. The theme works great for blog posts and displaying all kinds of images. It is retina ready and responsive. The theme is also SEO optimized.

15. Zarja:

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Zarja

Zarja is a great creative Feminine WordPress theme. It is ideal for web designers who want to make their website of any kind. The theme is accommodating and flexible. It makes the audience feel safe and at home with its comforting design. The design is clean and crisp and pays close attention to details. It comes with five different home page demos, and seven custom made post templates. It has SEO optimization capabilities, as well. Overall design follows material design philosophy.

16. Anemos:

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Anemos

Anemos is a Feminine WordPress theme best suited for multipurpose blogging. It can accommodate many blogging requirements, and it is easy to customize due to WPBakery Builder integration. The theme works great for photo journals, photoblogs, modern photography blog websites and anything closely similar. Also, it is readily responsive in its design. There are many nifty animations such as Parallax horizontal and vertical scrolling, slider selections and impressive gallery options.

17. Vixen:

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Vixen

Vixen is a great Feminine WordPress theme that is used for creating portfolios and blogs. The core principles of this theme’s design are feminity, intuitiveness and elegance. It is a crafty theme that has immense customizable options. This theme is also speed optimized and requires minimal coding efforts to improvise its speed even more.  It is a great feature as high speed would mean your customers won’t have to wait to experience your site, and not close your tab if it takes too long. This would result in effective and better traffic and conversions. There is also search engine optimization that enables you to index each aspect of blog or portfolio properly.

18. Frida:

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Frida

Frida is a sweet Feminine WordPress theme. It is designed to match the needs of creative personalities from all backgrounds. The theme is powerful and flexible at the same time. In addition, it is also light and not overwhelming at the same time. The potential of Frida is modern in terms of capacity, however, the design approach is still classical. It has gorgeous aesthetics throughout its layout. The theme also doesn’t require the user to know much coding, and yet provides high customization options.

19. Spa Lab:

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Spa Lab

Spa Lab, as the name suggests, is a Feminine WordPress theme made for salons, meditation and yoga lessons as well as wellness centres. In addition, it is also suitable for any business models surrounding these fields. The theme is highly flexible and easy to use. It has a modern approach in its design. The theme is flexible enough for the user to bend it according to their likings and needs.

20. The Voux:

Voux Themeforest Preview Image

The Voux is a clean Feminine WordPress theme suitable for magazine and news related websites. It uses sophisticated technology that makes the website run smooth and offers a great user interface and user experience. The website is highly responsive, that makes it optimized for any display size and screen. It integrates social media sharing in WordPress itself.

These are the 20 Feminine WordPress Themes and Templates you can make use of for your next project. Each theme has something unique to offer and caters to different needs. Depending on what your requirement is, carefully select a theme that best matches your interest.

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