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30 Fantastic Free Behance Fonts for Designers

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When it comes to handling the texts on the website or graphics, a designer requires access to different types of fonts, which he can use with the graphics. Behance is an online platform where designers from the world can participate to showcase and discover creativity. Adobe started this project, and the designers can show the world their profiles, also called as projects. With free participation, you get unlimited access to the platform where you can upload numerous projects.

This blog focuses on the fonts that are available for free under the name of Behance. You can download free fonts with the links that we have provided here. Read on to explore more.

1. Barcelony:


Barcelony is a smooth and stylish typography script with a casual monoline definition. It is perfect for project branding, greeting cards, social media, label designing, and stationery. You can also use these fonts with photography, which tends to offer a personal touch and looks like a handwritten script.

2. Aguila:


Aguila are other Behance fonts that are available for free. These fonts look very formal and give a professional touch to whichever projects they are applied. With the Behance website, you can download the package without getting registration on the site. Aguila looks better when they are used in social media posts, editorial design, broadcasting, and more. This font has a strong character with an immaculate appearance.

3. Matao:


Matao fonts are Behance fonts that are feminine yet classy visually. They add an appeal to the projects like wedding invites, website logos, greeting cards, or other art projects. Along with being professional, it also adds a personal character to the text. It is useful when you want to add your touch of personality to the text.

4. Billy:


Billy fonts offer a handwritten style of the fonts. Although there is no cursive part to it, all the letters are disconnected. The fonts appear as if they are written with hands, and you can use it for personal design projects where you don’t have to be professional. Download the fonts here for free.

5. Metaphor:


Another Behance font is Metaphor. Metaphor is a serif display typeface, that is bold and fragmented fonts. These fonts look perfect on posters, logos, and apparel. The jagged edges of the fonts give it a distinct appearance that is hard to forget. You just have to provide your name, surname and your email address to download the fonts.

6. HerdRock:


HerdRock has inline striping style and is a paint brush font. If you pay a close attention, you can see that there are certain strokes that form inside of the character. Moreover, it gives you a feeling of a handwritten character. HerdRock is suitable for use on packaging design, branding, label design, advertisement, social media posts, invitation and more.

7. Azonix:


Azonix is a Sans-serif typeface that appears contemporary in its appearance. Along with geometric capital and small letters, it also includes numbers and punctuation symbols. These fonts are very unique and offer a professional yet stylish appearance to wherever it is used.

8. Allegory:


Allegory is a different type of font face in Behance, where the fonts are available in small as well as capital letters. It has an art deco style of appearance which can be used in inspirational projects and design works. You can use these fonts to highlight work that involves ancient projects and writing styles.

9. Croc:


Croc is a bold serif font that comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. They have an imposing appearance as the fonts almost look curved. You can use these fonts on labels of products, packaging, and even to design the text on the apparel to make it look unique and distinct.

10. Doppelganger:


Doppelganger is a display Serif typeface inspired by the retro style that you can download and use it in your graphic design projects. The fonts are designed to explore exciting and different possibilities of using them in various projects. It includes both uppercase and lower case letters.

11. Casta:


Casta is a modern and robust typeface that is accurate for reading and displaying the text. The sharp edges and distinctive shapes make the fonts stand out from a distance. It features an extended Latin character set of 429 glyphs. These many characters are enough to cover up to 28 languages. Casta can be used to decorate and make your project look contemporary and classy but very assertive too.

12. Villanelle:


Villanelle defines a font face that looks like a serial killer has formed it. It successfully captures the personality of a psychopath, a serial killer, yet a charismatic assassin. The fonts have sharp edges and curves with a confident flair that may make the text look intense.

13. Porcelain:


Porcelain is a typeface that looks like a handwritten script which is condensed sans-serif font style. It has a texture that resembles with the script that is written by dipping the pen in the ink. This type of typeface gives the fonts a personal touch and it appears as if it has been written by humans. Porcelain is perfect when you want to design brand logo, watermark, invitation, stationery and more.

14. AO Mono:

AO Mono

AO Mono is a monoline typeface that offers monospacing. It comes with four weights and 369 glyphs. It is a simple-looking yet impactful font style that looks contemporary yet very professional. AO Mono offers a straightforward appearance to the text that talks business.

15. Moon:


Moon is a round set of fonts that have creative design. The fonts come with both uppercase and lowercase letters and three weights for each of them. They are very impactful yet straightforward in their appearance.

16. Cyrene:


Cyrene is another Behance font that is free for use for commercial as well as personal use. These are the types of fonts that can be used for magazine covers and the text that requires highlighting. You can also use Cyrene to highlight the short line of text that usually appears in the magazine.

17. Coves:


Coves have simple and rounded borders that are soft yet contemporary. It offers complete support to all the glyphs and comes with two weights. You can use this font in numerous projects because it provides support for all the characters and glyphs. Coves is free for use in personal and commercial design projects.

18. Montreau:


Montreau is a classic serif typeface in condensed form. It supports both uppercase and lowercase along with basic symbols and all the numbers. Again, you can use these fonts to highlight the projects’ titles or put them in the large size on the cover face. As they are free to download, you can use them for commercial and personal projects. The think and thick curves make it look memorable and impactful.

19. Clattering:

Clattering is a type of font that is made on the base of brush strokes made by hand. The strokes vary from thin to thick and again to thin to represent confident and bold typeface. This typeface is perfect for logos, wedding designs, social media posts, watermarks, invites, and projects that need personalized touch for the text. It includes all the alphabets with uppercase and lowercase letters along with significant numbers and glyphs.

20. Glamour:


Glamour is a freely available Behance font that belongs to modern free typeface, and it comes with a set of 24 fonts that range from light to bold. It includes more than 200 unique characters per font. These fonts are perfect for personal and professional work like magazines, books, posters, banners, branding, and identity formation. With their impacting strength and boldface, they can be used to highlight the significant bits.

21. Cervantis:


Cervantis is a set of fonts that appear in cursives. The characters and fonts are so connected that you can use these fonts to signify a signature. With a freehand style font flow, you get a stylish font style that you can use in designing personal projects. These projects can include greeting cards, invitation design, photography, and more. You can also use these fonts for personal branding to signify your style of representation.

22. Xplor:


Xplor font style defines the kinds of fonts that are fashionable yet suitable for projects involving kids. You can use these fonts to develop the website for kids or their academic projects to make it look appealing while being readable. The font style is available only with uppercase fonts along with numbers and glyphs. Moreover, the fonts are perfect for use on the project titles and highlighting critical information.

23. Sophia Christie:

Sophia Christie

Sophia Christie is a cursive font face that is very elegant and stylish in its appearance. Its smooth curves and beautiful strokes make it perfect for use in the designs that need a personal touch with a unique style. It looks like human handwriting and can be used in posts, advertisements, product packages, label designs, photography, and more.

24. Olivia:


Olivia is a calligraphic font face that represents style and grace in its formation. The package comes with 351 glyphs, and these fonts are perfect, where you require calligraphy. For instance, it can be a wedding card, wall posters, wall pieces, and more projects. Olivia has a very stylish appearance where it has elegant curves and bold letters, which gives it a very sophisticated look. It looks as if it has been painted through a paintbrush.

25. Wild Youth:

Wild Youth

Wild Youth is another Behance font that is available for free. It is a brush script that is hand-drawn that defines the carefree attitude of the youth. And it is aptly named too. It shows the influence of youth and adventure along with a beautiful outdoor kind of appearance. You can use this font for designing stationery covers, apparel captions, books, magazines, and many more projects.

26. Glamora:


Glamora is a typeface that offers luxurious appearance to the projects. It is a serif letterform with lower case and upper case letters. Glamora also includes stencil fonts along with its natural form. You can download these fonts for free through the given link.

27. Salted Mocha:

Salted Mocha

Salted Mocha is another style-defining font face that talks about grace and sophistication with bold strokes that range from thin and thick strokes. It is a hand-drawn brush script that offers it a personal touch and useful when working with your own projects. It has loopy strokes, and bouncing baselines give it a playful appearance and carefree attitude.

28. Lovely Yollandy:

Lovely Yollandy


Lovely Yollandy is a calligraphic font style with thick and bold strokes and extended curves and strokes. It offers projects a stylish, graceful appearance and personal touch. The fonts appear as though they have written with hands using a paintbrush. You can use these fonts for photographic captions, wedding cards, birthday cards, magazine cover texts, and more.

29. Tahu:


Tahu represents a clean and professional appearance to the projects that use these fonts. They appear like they have been made with a paintbrush using handmade strokes. You can use these fonts in projects like branding, calligraphy, website logo, and travel blogs. It represents a carefree and blithe attitude in its appearance. The package includes lowercase and uppercase fonts. It also offers numerals, punctuation marks, and multilingual support.

30. Playlist:


Playlist is another hand-drawn typeface that appears as though made using a dry brush. The fonts are perfect to represent captions on apparel, coffee cups, and other merchandise. Playlist font package comes with three different font styles called Script, Caps, and Ornament. You can combine the three font styles to create beautiful combinations of the texts.


Fonts occupy a special place in any project that involves designing and textual content. The fonts should be selected in a way that they provide good aesthetics along with readability. With the right kind of fonts, you can win at the visual appeal of the project you are working on. The proper selection of the fonts can make your project and design stand out. Fonts create a significant impact on the onlooker of the mind and relate to how the onlooker responds to it. Hence, pay close attention to what kind of fonts you want and what type of reaction you want to invoke. You can use this blog to understand the nature of the font you require and download them for free in this blog.

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