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Clean CSS | 20 CSS Cleanup Tools You Should Start Using

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Having a well-organized and clean CSS code has multiple benefits such as faster loading time for your web page, improved SEO, and it can also serve as a portfolio that demonstrates your skills and clean way of designing. To this purpose, we’ve gathered here a collection of 20 CSS cleanup tools you should start using!

You begin a new project with a blank CSS sheet but, as your website grows in complexity, so do your CSS files. At this point, it is possible that you start making mistakes when writing the code lines. When this happens, you have a couple of options. You can start organizing the CSS file all over again, which is a time-consuming operation, tedious and frustrating, or, thankfully, you can apply various CSS cleanup tools that do this automatically so that you can focus on other, more important things.

These are amazing tools that help you save a lot of time and spare you from any difficulties. These will indicate your potential mistakes, help reorganize your structure, and more. Use these CSS cleanup tools to get more organized and, in the long run, try to identify what went wrong, so that you can avoid it in your future projects.

Use these CSS cleanup tools for an efficient, well-organized, clean CSS structure.

CSS Lint

CSS Lint has an explanation for every change that it makes to your CSS file. You can choose what exactly you want it to look for and improve: errors, performances, compatibility, duplication, and more.



CleanCSS allows you to check an URL or simply copy-paste your code snippet to get a large mixture of cleaning options. Have a look and see what it has to offer!



Use this neat cleanup tool to optimize your CSS code snippet. Spritemapper has a great feature that accepts multiple images from CSS stylesheet and joins them into one for a faster loading website.



CSSTidy is available on Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms. Use this cleanup tool to manage a great number of projects, all at the same time.


W3C Validator

The W3C validator is a very useful CSS tool, although it doesn’t offer tools to optimize your code. Use it to make sure your website works and that it is alright to publish it.


CSS Cleaner

Check out this online CSS cleaner and compressor that you can use for your websites. This can be used online, without having to install any program on your computer.


Dirty Markup

Dirty markup comes with amazing features that combine the methods of various code cleanup technologies (HTML Tidy, CSS Tidy, JS Beautify, Ace Editor), and ultimately gives you a full cleanup.


Code Beautifier

Use this great cleanup tool to ‘beautify’ your CSS code snippet. You have a large variety of options that you can choose from to make sure your file gets well organized.



Topcoat has a great accessibility and works from a variety of devices. Take a look and see what this wonderful CSS cleaning tool can do for your website.


CSS Type Set

Type Set is a typography tool that lets developers and designers test and learn how they want to design their web content, interactively.

CSS Typeset

CSS Comb – Tool for Sorting CSS Properties in a Specific Order

Use this neat CSS cleanup tool to get your code snippet organized again. This is an intelligent tool that sorts the CSS properties from your stylesheet and it puts them in a specific order.

CSScomb Makes your code beautiful

CSS Beautifier – Beautifies Your CSS Automatically

CSS Beautifier is a helpful cleanup tool which organizes a disordered code snippet and automatically produces well-organized website structures.

Main Page - E10Host Generator


Take a look at this complex tool that removes unused CSS code. PurifyCSS also works with single-page apps.

purifycss purifycss Remove unused CSS

csscss -A CSS Redundancy Analyze

This is an amazing cleanup tool that will help save a lot of time. Just add your CSS code snippet and let it work its magic. The result is an optimized CSS snippet.

csscss by zmoazeni

CSSO – Structural Optimization of CSS Files

Check out this very useful CSS clean-up tool and use it to improve your website’s performance by having a cleaner and more organized code.

CSSO – CSS optimizer

Helium CSS – JS Tool To Scan Your Site and Show Unused CSS

Helium is a wonderful tool that scans your code snippet and improves your stylesheets with a cleaner and well-designed code snippet.

GitHub - geuis helium css Helium - javascript tool to scan your site and show u

Online JavaScript/CSS Compression Using YUI Compressor

This is another useful CSS compression tool that will significantly improve your website’s code snippet, by keeping things well-organized.

Refresh-SF - Online JavaScript and CSS Compressor

Compressor – CSS Compression Tool

Here is a completely free CSS cleanup tool that will definitely produce a better CSS code snippet. This tool analyzes your file and it comes with 4 levels of compression to choose from.

CSS Compressor

CSS Validator from CSS Portal

This is another great CSS validation tool that you can use to automatically identify potential errors from your code snippet.

CSS Validator - CSS Portal


PrimerCSS gets all your classes and places them in an organized manner in a starter stylesheet. Just copy-paste your HTML to get things started.


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