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Nowadays, there’s nothing you can’t learn online! With a simple online search, you can stumble on thousands of resources to improve your knowledge of any subject.

In this article, we’ve included a hand-picked collection of the 20 best UX courses you can learn a lot from. This selection includes both free and paid UX online courses, so pay attention to each one.

Browse through this article, see which UX course inspires you, and enroll in the ones that spark your interest. All of them tackle important topics that will improve your overall UX knowledge.

These best UX courses are perfect for any designer, whether a beginner or with more experience. You can always find something new to learn and to apply to your technique, in order to improve your work.

These courses include valuable information which is perfect if you are looking to start a career in UX design.

Get started and become an accomplished UX professional!

Interaction Design Foundation – IxDF

IxDF Interaction Design Foundation UX Courses Online Pin

I’m excited to announce that we have arranged the special discounts above from IxDF (Interaction Design Foundation), the world’s largest online UX Design School, for our loyal readers like yourself!

John Culotta, Chief Editor – WebDesignDev

IxDF is considered the world’s largest online UX Design School and offers incredible UI & UX design courses online taught by industry experts. Interaction Design Foundation – IxDF certificate programs are trusted by fortune 100 and 500 companies like IBM, Adobe, HP, and many more. You can start for as little as $16/mo.

School of UX Design – User Experience Design Courses

This is an excellent website where you’ll find lots of paid UX courses. These are perfect for students, designers, developers, start-ups, etc. The courses are held by professionals with many years of experience.

School of UX Design - User Experience Design Courses Pin

Udemy Online Courses

Udemy is a very popular online platform where you can find various online courses. Follow the link and see what courses you can discover about UX design.

Udemy Online Courses Best UX Courses Pin


This is another great site where you can find lots of valuable courses. These courses require payments and a subscription but, you can test to see if you like them for a 10-day trial.

TutsPlus Best UX Courses Pin


Treehouse is another online platform that offers paid online courses. Here you’ll discover useful interactive UX courses which include comprehensive info.

Treehouse Best UX Courses Pin

Pluralsight.com – Unlimited Online Developer, IT and Creative Training

On Pluralsight you can find more than 4500 online courses. There are a lot of them about UX design. You’ll learn more about design principles, the fundamentals of UX, and more.

Pluralsight.com - Unlimited Online Developer Best UX Courses Pin


This is another wonderful online platform where you’ll discover lots of useful courses about UX design. These online courses are easy to follow and you can do everything at your own pace, without stressful deadlines.

Coursera Best UX Courses Pin

Government Service Design Manual

Follow this link and you’ll discover many free online UX courses to improve your knowledge. This website includes plenty of reading material that will benefit you in the future.

Government Service Design Manual Pin


This is an amazing education platform where you can find many useful online courses. Follow them, learn more about UX design, and get certified.

42courses.com Best UX Courses Pin


Springboard includes multiple free online courses that anybody can follow. These have easy-to-follow information and tackle various UX design topics.

Springboard Best UX Courses Pin


On Lynda.com you’ll discover lots of valuable online courses that you can follow from the comfort of your home. Follow the link below and see what it has to offer.

Lynda.com Best UX Courses Pin


This is another wonderful paid online course platform where you can find various information about many important topics.

Skillshare Best UX Courses Pin

Interaction Design Foundation –  UX Courses and Global UX Community

Here is a great online platform where you can discover lots of interesting UX courses. Enroll and improve your overall knowledge in UX design.

Interaction Design Foundation - UX Courses and Global UX Community Pin

Career Foundry

Career Foundry challenges UX beginners to get enough knowledge within 3 months so that they can start working as certified professionals.

Career Foundry Best UX Courses Pin

Designlab – Learn UI & UX

Here you’ll discover all there is to know about UX and UI design. You can follow various courses which are held by experienced designers.

Designlab - Learn UI & UX Pin


HackDesign is a neat online platform where you can find lots of free UX courses. Follow the link below and see what inspires you.

HackDesign Best UX Courses Pin

52 Weeks of UX — by Joshua Porter and Joshua Brewer

This is an excellent course which teaches you more about UX design. Follow this link and see what new things you can learn.

52 Weeks of UX — by Joshua Porter and Joshua BrewerPin

User Experience Design — by Springboard

Here you have another amazing user experience design course which is brought to your by Springboard.

User Experience Design — by SpringboardPin

Become a UX Designer

This is a great course which teaches you how to become a UX professional. You’ll need only 15 hrs/week and you’ll learn many useful things.

Become a UX Designer Pin

Creating Great Omnichannel Experiences — by Stef Miller

Learn about  UX usability, and much more by following this course. Follow this link and you can enroll in a few easy steps.

Creating Great Omnichannel Experiences — by Stef Miller Best UX Courses Pin

UX & UI Fundamentals — by Bloc

There’s much to learn about UX and UI and this course helps you achieve that. Here you’ll learn about how to develop wireframes, design mockups, and more.

UX & UI Fundamentals — by BlocPin

There are many courses that designers can take to learn UX and UI design. The most important thing is to invest in your education and learn everything you need to learn about user interface and user experience design.

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