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20 Beautiful Free Artistic Fonts

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Looking for some inspiration or resources to help you create a truly unique and artistic project? These beautiful free artistic fonts come in all shapes, styles and sizes, with lots of artistic details which make them one of a kind!

You’ll find lots of types of beautiful free artistic fonts in this list. Choose the fonts you like most and add them to your free fonts collection. You’ll definitely need them for your future projects!

Curely – Free Typeface

Curely is a handmade decorative typeface inspired from a girly stuff and cuteness overload. Feel free to use it on your any projects.

Curely - Free Typeface

Font Cool Free Script Graphic

This is a creative text font ready to be used! It’s attention-grabbing so it is best used in headlines or logos. Download in the link above!

Font Cool Free Script Graphic

Hipster Viral Blackletter Font

Hipster Viral Blackletter is a source that reinvents the European Gothic traditional script from the year 1150 until the 17th century.

Hipster Viral Blackletter Font

FF4a Kloe – Free font family

This is a new free font family fwith 12 styles, 317 glyphs. All are in 4 font formats including web fonts. Free for both personal and commercial use.

FF4a Kloe - Free font family


“Redpower” is a free font. This is a new fun and playful font for you to download for free! Get it now!


Free Smidswater Typeface Font

This is a free sans serif type family containing seven style. This font is clean and professional, but, above all, sympathetic and easy on the eye.

Free Smidswater Typeface Font

iNked-God font 

This is a grunge-looking, ink/tattoo inspired free font. It is available for personal use only, no commercial use.

iNked-God font by lastsoundtrack

BlackCasper font 

This font has interesting details and will look great in various types of design projects. Free to use wherever you want!

BlackCasper font by asianpride7625

Keeparty font 

This is an awesome illustration font. Its wide range of styles covers lots of possibilities of use, from headlines to prints and logos.

Keeparty font by fontsoup

Denne aliens font 

This is a children inspired free font with cute alien figures. Ask for the designer’s permission if you are going to use this font commercially.

Denne aliens font by Denise Bentulan

Ascent 2 Stardom

This is an all-caps grungy free font.  It is unique and special and you can use it for various projects.

Ascent 2 Stardom by The Original 19

Rough linen font

This is another grungy, harsh looking free font. It is available for personal use only, no commercial use.

Rough linen font by Last Soundtrack

Akareb font

The range of characters included with the dreamy style makes this a potentially useful font for a variety of projects. This is a great font to add to your artsy free fonts collection.

Akareb font by beraka

Font Clutchee 

This is a very interesting, bold free font. It looks best in logos and print projects, on headlines. It has great details and rounded edges.

Font Clutchee by Sinisa Komlenic

Back to school font 

This Back To School free font is made of crayons and it is artistic and unique. Can be used for many types of projects. Free for personal use.

Back to school font by jettlove

SIMPLIFICA Typeface Free

SIMPLIFICA Typeface is a slightly condensed sans-serif typeface featured by an uniform and thin line width. This is a fine, simple and clear font.

SIMPLIFICA Typeface Free

Paneuropa Neue – Free Typeface

This is a simple but very beautiful sans-serif font for any kind of use. For now this is a BETA version, free to download and test.

Paneuropa Neue - Free Typeface

Arca Majora Font

ARCA is a free simple, heavy weight, uppercase-only and geometric sans-serif font.

Arca Majora Font

Madariaga – Free Font

Madariaga was born as a student project at “Tipografía 2” in Longinotti’s cathedra, in Universidad de Buenos Aires in 2004.

Madariaga - Free Font

Srfm neon

This is a free typeface with some really awesome details. This is a great free artistic font to add to your artsy free fonts collection.

Srfm neon

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