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20 Best AngularJS Tools for Web Developers

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This article introduces you to 20 of the best AngularJS tools for web developers. Angular JavaScript allows you to extend HTML syntaxes. It’s a structural framework which you can use to create one-page web apps. The purpose of AngularJS is to make a successful connection between the HTML and the JavaScript.

Despite the application’s size, the browser will still load it as a single page. This significantly minimizes the loading time and keeps your users interested.

Take a look at these useful AngularJS resources that will ease the job of any web developer. These AngularJS tools will definitely help you build professional templates that are very easy to manage.

Browse through these excellent AngularJS tools, select your favorites and use them to improve your workflow.


This is an excellent AngularJS tool that will significantly ease the work of any designer. Take a closer look and see if this is useful to your projects.

Commangular Angular JS Tool for Web Developers

Mobile Angular UI

This is a neat HTML5 mobile UI framework which you can use for mobile app development. It includes many useful components such as sidebars, switches, overlays, scrollable areas, and more.

Mobile Angular UI AngularJS Tools


Here is an angular admin panel with a great structure that is very useful for large apps. This front-end framework has an amazing fully customizable design, which you can use as you please.

BlurAdmin AngularJS Tools Web Developers


Here is an amazing Angular JS framework which includes multiple useful modules. Discover them all and see which one you can use in your upcoming projects.

AngularUI AngularJS Tools


NativeScript is an amazing framework that you can use to create iOS and Android applications by using a combination of JavaScript and CSS.

NativeScript Angular JS Tool for Web Developers


NgForce is a collection of Angular.js modules which will ease the development. Have a closer look and see what it has to offer.

Ngforce Angular JS Tool for Web Developers

Onsen UI

Hybrid Mobile App UI Framework for iOS and Material Design with Angular and React Components. You’ll be working with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Onsen UI AngularJS Tools

Foundation for Apps

Use this front-end framework to build flexible and compelling web applications. These have fully responsive designs that will automatically adapt to any screen size.

 AngularJS Tools for Web Developers


Supersonic includes all that you need to create stunning hybrid mobile applications. This UI framework will definitely help you save some time and quickly get to the final result.

Supersonic Angular JS Tool for Web Developers

Semantic UI

Quickly design outstanding websites in a few easy steps. With Semantic, you can develop and manage amazing frameworks and build fully responsive sites. These will automatically adapt to perfectly fit any screen size.

Semantic UI Angular JS Tool for Web Developers


Take a look at what this is a neat tool that will definitely come in handy for any web developer. This framework is compatible with Bootstrap, AngularJS, SQLite, Electron.

Basel Angular JS Tool for Web Developers

UI Grid

This angular UI grid is highly customizable, you can easily edit the templates with CSS and the drop-in plugin. These templates include basic features: UI, filtering, etc., as well as other more advanced features.

UI Grid Angular JS Tool for Web Developers


TodoMVC offers neat features that use MV* concepts for Angular JS, Backbone.js, Ember.js, and more. Use it to build and to manage them.

TodoMVC Angular JS Tool for Web Developers

Angular Meteor

Angular-Meteor includes real-time data sync & store, you can use it to write Angular directly on the server, etc. Use it to build websites and mobile applications with the help of Angular and Meteor.

Angular Meteor Tool for Web Developers


Ionic is a complex HTML5 mobile framework and SDK which includes a large library of HTML, CSS and JS components and tools. These are, optimized for mobile devices and have interactive designs. You can use them to quickly build your desires web apps.

Ionic Angular JS Tool for Web Developers


AngularStrap integrates Bootstrap3 into Angular JS 1.2 apps. It includes a great collection of native directives which can be used for seamless integration of Bootstrap into your applications.

Angular Material Tool for Web Developers


This is an excellent framework that eases the web app development process. MEAN comes with a bundle of features that will help you build one page or multi-page web applications.

MEAN.IO Angular JS Tool for Web Developers


Discover its features and use them to create and edit themes them as you please. Check out the demo below and see what it has to offer.

Videogular Angular JS Tool for Web Developers


This is another AngularJS tool that helps you develop any web app really fast and easy. You can quickly customize its features until you are happy with the results.

QuantumUI Angular JS Tool for Web Developers


You can easily create web applications by using this powerful web development tool. Discover its features and use it in your future projects.

Aptana Angular JS Tool for Web Developers

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