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Top 30 Agriculture Background Images

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Using a good agricultural image for a background can elevate the overall visual feel of your farming, ranching, food, and outdoor designs. Gone are the days of simple graphics and illustrations. Today’s trend is to use high-resolution HD images as backgrounds for websites, posters, magazines, advertisements, and even educational content.

The good news is that many high-quality farming, agricultural, and outdoor-related images are available on the internet today. But this also causes a challenge because some image sources may not be reputable. To help you choose the right background image related to agriculture, we have collated a list of the best 30 background images provided by reputable sources.

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Whenever you are choosing a background image, keep in mind how its to be used. Go for images with good color contrast, and some dead space to convey a message. This will allow you greater creative bandwidth and make your design stand out.

Okay, let’s run through our handpicked list of the top 30 agriculture background Images for you to use.

1. Agriculture – People in Wheat Field

Agriculture - Grown-ups and kids

Looking for an agriculture image with humans is slightly challenging, so we have included this image. It shows a father and his son enjoying a wheat field. The human figures stand out nicely against the golden and blue background.

2. Agriculture Research

Agriculture Research Work

Another image to add to your collection of agriculture research, this photograph shows a person collecting data from plants. Again, there is a good amount of dead space on the right side, which you can use to apply your text, messaging, or branding.

3. Soil Fertility Analysis

Soil fertility analysis

This photograph can be handy if you want a good image representing soil. It shows two hands holding onto the soil. You can use this image to visually represent soil analysis, tests, research, and soil’s importance. Because you will get the high-resolution image on download, you can crop and edit as per need.

4. Agricultural Research

Agriculture Research

One of the most common demands for agriculture background images is for science and research. This image shows a hand holding a magnifying lens superimposed on an agricultural field which denotes the message of research.

5. Love of Nature

Love of nature

Want an image that visually depicts love for farming or agriculture? Check out this high-resolution image from Envato. It shows two small hands coming together to make a heart with a wheat crop inside. A very well-taken shot, this image can be used for multiple purposes without any editing needed.

6. Agriculture – Farming Patterns

Agriculture Patterns

This is a good option if you are looking for an agriculture image with patterns. The photograph captures from a height and showcases different strips of vegetation. Starting from dark green, it moves to green and then brown color.

7. Greenhouse Setup

Greenhouse Setup

This long shot of a greenhouse captures the base concept very well. It shows a variety of plants and adds shades of different colors to the image. You can easily use this for website headers or promotional designs regarding landscaping, greenhouses, and more.

8. Fresh Organic Vegetables on Wooden Table

Organic various vegetables on a wooden table

Not all agriculture background images need to be about farms. Some can also be about the produce. This top show shows a variety of farm products spread across the table. The variety of products helps in depicting a variety of colors as well. You can use this image for farming projects, farmers’ markets, food, picnics, and other event-related designs.

9. Child on The Farm

Boy in the Farm

Kids always enjoy working on the farm; this photo proves that. It shows a kid in farm attire carrying a batch of plantations. You can use this image for workshops, events, and other designs related to children, school, agriculture, or farming.

10. Agriculture Technology

Agriculture Technology

Combining agriculture and technology, this image depicts a person in a wheat field with a handheld device in his hand. You can use this image for projects related to data science, agriculture research, or farming-related startups.

11. Concept of Automated Machines Based on Ai

Agriculture Field technology

Vector overlay on farm images is an in-demand design asset. This one is particularly detailed and gives you various options for showcasing aspects of agriculture technology. For example, the image has a tractor working in a green field and blue sky. In addition, a wide variety of vector designs is created on top of it, which are editable.

12. Agricultural Image With Dead Space

Agriculture Image with dead space

Dead space is important in any background image as it allows you the space to add your message or branding. For example, this image shows a farmer standing in a wheat field. The sky is almost white, while the field is golden, making the image look beautiful.

13. Smart Farms Concept

Smart Farms Concept

As the name suggests, this design resource is perfect if you want to showcase a lot of farm information. From a wide aerial shot, it captures various fields, most of them in lush green color. On the field, vector designs are superimposed, which can be used to showcase a variety of details. This includes surface area, soil analysis, and more.

14. Agriculture Engineer Working

Agriculture Engineer at work

Working on a project related to an agriculture startup? Then get hold of this image, as it can be very useful. It shows a researcher analyzing vegetation that is being grown in a controlled environment. You can use this image for website banners, sliders, social media posts, and promotional designs like brochures, presentations, and posters.

15. Drones Spraying Fertilizers

Drones Spraying Fertilizers

Drones are nowadays extensively used in farming, so there may be times when you will need to add such images to your design. However, worry not, as we have included this amazing photograph showing a drone flying over a farm in action. The trees and mountains form a very stunning background.

16. Aerial View of Combine Harvester

Aerial view of the combine harvester

Harvest equipment in fields, captured in a wide photograph, can be a stunning background image. This photograph shows a combine harvester working on a wheat field. Here the field is ready for harvest and; accordingly, the entire image has a strong golden tint.

17. Agricultural Plants

Agricultural Plants

This photograph captures tomatoes in various ripening states in a very good closeup shot. The image’s overall color shade is green, allowing the orange tomatoes to stand out nicely. In addition, the photographer has made good use of focus to accentuate the vegetable. You can use this image for agriculture and other projects related to food, vegetation, nutrition, and more.

18. Aerial View of Rice Terraces

Aerial view of rice terraces

Green will always be the dominant color in agriculture background images. This stunning photography captures the rice terraces of South East Asia. In the aerial view, we see rice being cultivated smartly on mountain slopes. The slope cuts through the rice fields making the image visually appealing.

19. Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture

Sometimes your design will demand a close capture and not a wide shot. This image can be handy as it captures lettuce grown in batches from a close and low angle. In addition, you can easily add text or overlay on this image for your design.

20. People Working Together

People working together

Another good image capturing people and farming, this photograph shows two adults – one male and one female working in a greenhouse. Again, there is good diversity in the human figures, which along with the fine editing, makes the image interesting.

21. Smart Agriculture & Modern Tech

Concept of smart agriculture and modern technology

This is a good resource if you are looking for a design asset with a vector overlay on the agricultural background. For example, it showcases a wheat field, but on the field, it has created a hexagonal design with various icons depicting technology and other elements. You can quickly deploy this image for website headers or brochures.

22. Plantation Rows

Row Plantation

For designers who love patterns, we have added another photograph that shows rows of plantations. The good part is that there is variation in the plantation, which results in a good change of colors in the image. In addition, the image is available for download in high resolution; hence, you can crop it as needed.

23. Agricultural Harvester Removing Wheat

Agricultural harvester removes wheat

A nice wide photograph of a harvester working on a wheat farm; this image is raw and perfect for the background. As you can observe, the photograph is not heavily edited; hence, you can mold it to your project needs. The light blue sky and golden field make for a good background.

24. Agriculture Farmland

Agriculture farmland

Candid wide shots sometimes make up for amazing captures. That is the case with this photograph, as it showcases many farmers returning from their fields. There are yellow flowers in the foreground and green fields in the center, and the background shows the village from a distance – making the overall photography a good story photo.

25. Person Standing In Field

Agriculture Stock Photo with Person

A perfect banner image, this photograph shows one farmer happily standing amidst his field. The photograph has been edited in detail to bring out the lights and shadows and, more importantly, the color contrast of the setting sun against the golden field.

26. Mongolian Farmers Working

Mongolian Farmers Working

When you apply a black-and-white filter to any image, they look classy. The same is the case with this photograph of Mongolian farmers tending to their fields. The wide sky in the background balances out the field and thereby helps the human figures stand out.

27. Hand Holding Seeds

Soil Stock Image

While most of the images in the list have covered harvests and green fields, this image takes us a step back by showing sowing. There is a harvest tray with soil in it, and we see two hands that are planting seeds in them – a perfect image for storytelling. Of course, you can always create dead space in images like this to add personalized content.

28. Tractor Spraying Soybean Field

Tractor spraying soybean field

An action-based photograph, this image captures a tractor spraying pesticides in a soybean field. The image focuses on the spray, which has been superbly captured through a high shutter effect. In terms of composition, the image is largely made up of the blue sky and the lush green fields.

29. Aerial View of Bright Green Agricultural Farm

Aerial View of Bright Green Agricultural Farm

A wallpaper-perfect image, this aerial view of a green farm has three prominent elements – the green field, the sunlit sky with clouds, and a mountain range that separates both. You can easily deploy this image for backgrounds.

30. Vector illustration of landscape

Vector illustration of landscape with agricultural fields

This design asset is the perfect website hero image you can get on the internet. The design asset depicts fields in various shades of green. The sky is light blue and out of focus. But more important is the patch, which allows you to set the logo on the top and text below it. This patch also has a good scope for adding a call to action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find good agriculture-related images?

Agriculture images are easy to find on the internet. A simple search engine search will throw up a variety of images. However, many of them will not be high resolution or not as well edited as you would want. Hence you can go for premium image websites like Envato, Adobe Stock, DesignCuts, and more for agriculture-related images, as they offer high-quality and high-resolution images. Plus, they provide a license for commercial use.

What is the meaning of an agriculture background image?

Agriculture background images are essentially high-resolution images related to agriculture and farming. Generally, they are high-quality photographs that are well-edited to bring out visual beauty. These images will cover farms, equipment, farmers, researchers, landscaping, and technology. They will also have prominent green, golden shade, and blue sky backgrounds.

How to use agriculture background images in design?

You can deploy an agriculture-based background image depending on the project you are working on. The most basic way would be to use the image as a background for both print and digital designs like a hero image for a website. Smart designers will pick images with dead spaces so that they can add their custom message in that space. Also, you can tweak the color balance to suit your existing design style.


Agriculture background images are easy to find, but if you are looking for high-resolution images, especially for print projects, then you will find this blog extremely useful. The list of 30 images consists of various images, including farms, people in farms, science, research, and even vector overlays. You can browse through them and collect the ones you feel will work best for your projects.

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