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Looking for cool, fresh backgrounds for you app, web and graphic design projects? Check out this massive list with over 200 backgrounds freebies from Dribbble! These awesome backgrounds freebies were created by some very talented Dribbble designers.

In this list of over 200 backgrounds freebies from Dribbble, you’ll find polygon backgrounds, blurred backgrounds, image backgrounds, geometric backgrounds and more!

Free Set of 10 polygonal images

This set contains 10 high resolution polygonized background images. These are free to download and use in any way you want.

Free Set of 10 polygonal imagesPin

10 low-poly polygonal textures

Here are 10 low-poly backgrounds for free! Use them in any way you wish. These are perfect for app showcase!

FREE 10 low-poly polygonal texturesPin

Freebie Hero Image

Here’s a free hero image you can use in your work. These work great for big header images. But your imaginations the limit.

Freebie Hero ImagePin

10 Free Geometric Backgrounds

Here are 10 free polygon backgrounds by graphicon are designed with 3000×2500 at 300 dpi. Whether you want to make unique business cards or just want polygon backgrounds for your different apps, they can come in use for all your needs.

10 Free Geometric BackgroundsPin

16 Free Blurry Backgrounds

Here’s a sample of this designer’s huge blurry background collection he made. Sizes: 2560×1920, 800×600, and 400×300.

16 Free Blurry BackgroundsPin

Set of 5 HD Polygon Backgrounds

Here’s a pack of 5 HD high quality Polygon Backgrounds for whatever project you are working on. You can add a stunning background to it from this collection.

Set of 5 HD Polygon BackgroundsPin

15 Garden Blurry Backgrounds 

Here are 15 free garden blurry backgrounds. This is free to use on any of your designs and the dimensions are in pixels: 2880×1800 retina resolution 300 DPI. Enjoy!

15 Garden Blurry Backgrounds FreePin

Plume Free Background 

This is a great geometric background that you can use for website backgrounds, illustrations, and posters.

Plume Free Background @2xPin

20 Blurred Backgrounds Pack

Here’s a 20 Blurred Backgrounds Pack. These have a very subtle blur and can be used for various purposes. They’re free to download and use in your own projects.

20 Blurred Backgrounds PackPin

10 Blurred Backgrounds

Here are 10 Blurred Backgrounds to use for your website or app. Download these backgrounds for your personal or commercial projects. Great for sites, devices, product presentations, tablets or Facebook covers.

10 Blurred BackgroundsPin

20 Free Hi-Res Backgrounds

Here’s a pack of 20 Hi-Res Blurred Backgrounds. 4500 x 3000! You’ll never have to worry about dimensions with these backgrounds, just scale it down to what you need.

20 Free Hi-Res BackgroundsPin

Free Polygon Backgrounds 

Here are some free polygon backgrounds, great for web design or graphic design. The set comes with 12 Different Backgrounds @ 150 dpi RGB Format. Includes: 12 JPGs Hi Res (300 dpi) 4000×2500.

Free Polygon Backgrounds V2Pin

Blurred Backgrounds

Here’s a collection of 20 best blurred backgrounds in high resolution for all your design needs. Use these as you please in your own work.

Blurred BackgroundsPin

Grainy Background 

The grainy backgrounds can be used for your icons shots. You can even use them as your desktop, laptop or mobile phone wallpapers.


13 Blurred Background Freebie

Here’s a set of 12 free blur backgrounds that I created, which may be helpful to you to showcase your designs, UI elements, apps, etc. You can even use them as wallpapers!

13 Blurred Background FreebiePin

12 Blurred Backgrounds

Here are 12 more Blurred Backgrounds to use for your website or app.  This includes a Photoshop PSD and each layer is a vector smart object and can be scaled to any size if needed.

12 Blurred BackgroundsPin

25 Free High Resolution Blurred Backgrounds

Download these images for free and use them for any purpose, without restrictions. You can even use them as your desktop, laptop or mobile phone wallpapers.

25 Free High Resolution Blurred BackgroundsPin

Free Retina Web Backgrounds

Here’s a set with 10 Free Blurred Backgrounds. Free to use on whatever design you please. Dimensions in pixels: 2000×1200.

10 (free) Blurred Backgrounds!Pin

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