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How To Monetize Your Website With Google AdSense

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If I had a euro for every time I heard one of those folklore stories of the guy who knew a person who talked to a guy whose roommate in college had a study group with someone’s cousin who made a website that earned him a million euros a month, I think I would be earning more than the guy in that story. Considering I don’t have a house in Monte Carlo or a fleet of Italian sports cars in the driveway, I think it’s time to look into how you monetize a website to help generate some more income.

Google AdSense is probably the most popular and the easiest source for webmasters to earn some advertising revenue. Google AdSense automatically delivers text, image, video and rich media adverts specifically targeted towards the content on your site. Meaning if you run a blog much like this site, Google will pull design-oriented adverts in to the spots. This allows the advertisers to target their specific audience, which in turn leads to the webmaster getting more clicks from the ads, and, ultimately, more revenue.

Google does all of the hard work for you, taking into consideration your geographical location, your market, the viewing audience, and other factors. This results in advertisements being more effective for everyone, the advertiser, the company whose site the ads appear on, and the viewers clicking on the ads. All the webmaster has to do is insert the AdSense JavaScript code into their page, then, each time the page is loaded, the code fetches content from the Google servers.

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There are a few different applications that Google offers for their AdSense program. AdSense for Feeds is a program that runs on RSS and Atom feeds that have over 100 people subscribed to them. Google simply places an image into the feed and Google writes the content based on what the content of the feed surrounding the image includes. If the viewer chooses to pursue the ad they simply click on it and are taken to the advertisers’ website.

Adsense for Search is a program where website owners can include a Google Custom Search box on their website for viewers to either search the web, or the content of the site. Google will then share 51% of the advertising revenue generated from those searches with the site owner.

AdSense for mobile content is identical to the regular AdSense program, only it’s targeted towards mobile websites. The ads generated by Google match the content of the mobile site. The difference between AdSense for mobile content and the regular AdSense program is how Google generates the ads, rather than using JavaScript they utilize PHP and ASP scripts.

AdSense for domains is a program allowing developers to populate undeveloped sites with ads in an effort to generate some revenue of their domain before publishing their site or reselling the domain.

You can also target people on video content with AdSense for video. This is a common practice on popular YouTube videos.

Whether you are a hobby webmaster who maintains a personal site for fun and you’re looking for some supplemental income to help with hosting costs or are looking to utilize your web presence to generate a decent amount of income, Google AdSense is a program certainly worth trying. The cost to the site owner is nothing, it only takes a few minutes to set up and Google does all of the accounting. Give it a shot and see how much extra income you’re able to generate.

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