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20 Business Card Designs For Freelancer Designers

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Looking for some business card designs perfect for freelancer designers? Look no further! I this list we gathered a collection of hand-picked business card designs, with different shapes, sizes and styles, perfect for photographers, graphic and web designers, typography specialist and even other types of creatives, such as architects!

These beautiful business cards have either conventional, but very attractive designs, or less conventional styles suitable for non-conformists. You will find business cards with circle or square shapes, which are quite unusual, business cards made of wood, plastic or even metal, handmade business cards and more!


This is an eye-catching design created for Davide Gasperini. It has a pretty unusual shape for a business card.

1 stencil

Photographer 1

This is a rectangular-shaped business card with great visuals, idealf for a wedding photographer.

photographer card

Photographer 2

This is a business card perfect for a beauty or even wedding photographer. It can be easily customized with your own photos.


Photographer 3

This is another business card design, suitable for a wedding photographer. It has a dark design on one side, and a light one on the other.


Paul Hartsook’s Glossy Card

The glossy ripples  help create the impression of having a vinyl record for a business card.

Post image for Paul Hartsook’s Glossy Card

Natura Wood

This creative business card gets back to nature with this unique, laser-cut wood design.

5 natural

Photo Capture

If you’re a photographer, this design is absolutely perfect for you! It’s unique, smart and extremely creative.

6 Photo Genius

Nathan Jones Business Card

With this lens- shaped business card everybody will know, right from the start, that you are a photographer, and a really creative one as well!

Post image for Nathan Jones Cool Lens Shape Business Card

Clear business card

This transparent-style card is perfect for minimalist web and graphic designers.

7 Clear business card

Square cards

This is a unique square card with a neon blue color that pops. Perfect for typography, graphic, web designers or even illustrators.


Iris business card

Show your clients that you have an extremely creative personality, with this unique camera-shaped business card with an awesome mechanism.

iris business card

Unique shape

Why have a regular-shaped business card when you can choose from so many unique shapes? Cards with different shapes stand out amongst a pile, and this is one of them!

9 Beyond The Square

Mini Me

This is a very slim but effective business card. You can add your photo on one side and showcase your work on the other.

10 Mini Me

Architect business card

This is a thick eco-friendly Kraft paper business card created  for Preface Design Studio. It’s ideal for designers and architects.

Eco Paper Business Card


This is another anti-rectangle design. This looks great and can be easily adaptade for any type of creative.

11 Circle


This business card has a clean and simple design on the front, but showcases and explosion of colors on the back. It is truly a business card to remember.

12 Double-sided

Risha Kariwal Business Card 

This business card combines two concepts: a stained glass window and a linear geometric design. The result is truly unique.Risha Kariwal #Business Card

Handmade stamped

These handmade cards with hand-stamped ink will let your client know how original and dedicated you are.

13 handmade card

Colored business card

Here are some colorful & vivid business card design, created using hand-generated typography. Perfect for typography artists.

beautiful and inspiring business card

Steve Wozniak

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s card is sleek in a geeky kind of way.

14 steve wozniak

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  1. Some great examples. I particularly like the “Architect” cards. An environmentally friendly card matches the “design for a better world” vision statement. Integrity in action.


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