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13 Best WordPress Themes for Food Bloggers

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Food blogging is a trending profession these days. People always check online for reviews and advises by other buyers or experts before purchasing or deciding to use any services. It helps them build confidence and trust in the brand they are planning to interact with. It works well for the business owners too, as it can help them boost their credibility if they genuinely are good. If they are not perceived well, then it can tarnish their image. However, with food blogging, customer always comes first. Your reader is an informed foodie that doesn’t want biased reviews, but only the truth that will help him/her get a preview of what to expect.

As such, your food blogging efforts need to be presented in the most decorative and aesthetic manner possible, as this will help attract and engage your readers to your posts and website. For this you need to develop a beautiful and functional website. You could either code your way out which comes with a lot of complications or make use of these 13 best WordPress themes for Food Bloggers! Have a look:

1. Gillion Foodie:

Gillion Foodie

For most people, visitors and owners alike, websites that are often filled with chunks of content are cumbersome and unnecessary. Most people these days like a minimalistic approach to their website browsing experience. Gillion Foodie is a minimalistic theme that focuses on harmony and simplicity. It has a clean and effortless web design. Gillion is a mobile responsive theme and can be viewed and used without any glitches, on any device.

It won’t take you much time to get your food blog up and ready with Gillion Foodie as they have well-made demo content ready that would take care of the basics. You can of course customize the theme further if needed, without having to rely on advanced coding knowledge. The blog post supports different content formats such as gallery, audio, quote/link, video, recipes and review. It has all the tools needed to showcase your expertise on the field.

2. PenNews:


PenNews is a multi-purpose AMP WordPress Theme that has many themes for different niches. They have one such theme for named ‘Food Blog’. Food Blog is ideal for any food blogger to start their own website as it has a beautiful layout and all the right tools needed to run a food blog. It has the premium WPBakery plugin that empowers users that don’t know coding as well to create unique layouts and pages. It also has the advanced WP Customizer settings that makes establishing a uniformed visual branding essence easy.

The premium sliders that come with this theme keeps the users engaged, and users always have your other premium or featured blogs to go to after reading the current one, which keeps them on your website for longer. There are more than 40 custom content widgets that enhance your website some or the other way.

3. Lilly:


If you appreciate and admire elegance with attention to detail, you would love Lilly for your food blogging experience. It can enhance your blog, and highlight your content in the most appealing manner. Content of course plays a part in performance of the blog website, however this theme would give you a better opportunity to hold the interest of possible readers. It features four appealing home page variants for you to choose from.

If you are truly a food blogger at heart who doesn’t want to waste time with technicalities that come with owning and running a website, this theme takes care of all those unpleasant technicalities with ease. This allows you to focus more on the content. You can choose from various blog options: left, right and full-width.  The Slider Revolution plugin is also a step in the right direction to ensure your food lovers love your website as well.

4. Paperio:


Paperio is also a multi-purpose WordPress blog theme. It has a list of various industries and interests that it is capable enough to do justice to. If your niche is food blogging, their ‘Ameera’ theme can cater to all your needs for creating an ideal food blogging website. The theme has effective SEO tools that helps you get recognition on the search engines that increase your visibility and traffic. The theme is also lightweight and not heavily dependent on coding which makes the performance and user experience flawless.

Any good blogging site requires powerful social media widgets that can bring your social media feeds to your blogs. This theme can easily integrate your Twitter and Instagram feed on to your website. There are also many interesting post layouts and styles that keeps the readers engaged.

5. Sitka:


Sitka is a great solution for any blogger looking to create a website. It has varied themes and demos based on varied niches. All of them rock a minimal and clean design. Their demos are so thorough that you almost need to put no extra work into them, and you’re ready to go as you import their demos. The dedicated food blog demo called ‘Homemade’ is also ready for crafting your food blogging website. It comes with over 900 fonts, has Gutenberg compatibility, custom widgets and efficient social media interactions.

The user can also tweak the entire look and feel of Sitka to match their own, down to the very minute details. The theme is 100 percent responsive and would look aesthetically pleasing on any device. It has more than 5 attractive blog post layouts like – Classic, 1 Post Full + Grid, Grid, 1 Post Full + List, List.

6. Redwood:


Redwood is one of the most helpful themes for food bloggers. It can prove to be their biggest ally. It has a clean, modern, simplistic aesthetic. All the features of this theme are implemented with the sole purpose of attracting more viewers to your website. Generally, online attention span of people in today’s time is a very narrow window to crack. This generally puts pressure on bloggers as they only have few seconds to create an impression. Redwood makes use of premium sliders like the Featured Slider that has a great ability to showcase your content in a reliably quick manner.

There are many different post layouts to choose from – Full Post, Grid Layout, List Layout and Classic Layout. There are also many personalized widgets to choose from that enhances customization options for the site. Then of course, this theme also has social media widgets for social networks like Facebook. You can post 4 content variations using this theme – Video, Music, Standard and Gallery.

7. Rosemary:


Rosemary is a beautiful WordPress blog theme. It follows a standard design that feels timeless and works towards pushing forth your content and make it look the best it can. Each footer of this theme has a full-width Instagram area. It also has a visually appealing featured area slider and has many post and layout options to choose from. This theme makes sure that your website is capable enough to captivate your audience’s attention and turn casual readers to serious followers.

It is an entirely responsive theme that can display your content on all screen sizes. There is barely any resizing or compatibility errors hence you don’t need to worry about your audience not getting the best user experience, irrespective of what device they are using. Blog layout options presented by this theme are: Grid, Classic and List. You can change the style depending on the situation. Each post is allowed to have a gallery, standard, music and video format if needed.

8. Piemont:


Piemont is a clean and fast WordPress theme that is very aesthetically pleasing. It can enhance the look and feel of your blog website. It can easily adapt to your personal website needs and even corporate website needs.  It enables the user to create amazing blog in just 2 minutes from scratch to the final draft. There are limitless number of blog style and layout combinations. You get 5 blog listing latyouts, 650 amazing fonts, 20 header variation and 4 featured post slider layouts. The color options are also rather generous with this theme.

You can choose from 11 pre designed palettes or also imagine and work up your own unique color schemes. The theme is very user-friendly and they provide you with a detailed documentation source, which can help you with any difficulty (if any) that you might face.

9. Betsy: 


Betsy is one such theme that isn’t great for providing too many options. It likes to keep things simple. There are two main styles – Main and Magazine. However, each style has various additional looks that help you set up your blog almost in no time. It isn’t a food blogging dedicated theme, however it can very well be deployed as one. The clean structure and minimalist approach of the theme offers distraction-free, appealing reading and browsing experience for the users.

It is a fully responsive theme, has cross-browser compatibility and is also retina-friendly. Important widgets like Instagram feed, six post formats, WooCommerce, King Composer page builder and many preset headers are all present for the user to make most out of their experience with Betsy.

10. Innovation:


Innovation is another responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme. It is the best for creating most unique and fresh blogs one can think of. You get access to some of the latest and greatest web development technology that is integrated into an intuitive and attractive presentation. This theme has over 230 uniquely designed, professional home page demo websites.

Of those demos, there are many impressive and appealing food blog themes as well. The themes are so well designed and structured, that you could use them as they are by simply importing your content on them. You can however, work everything up to your imagination and vision if you feel the need to.

11. TinySalt:


TinySalt is for people who like elegance and fresh experiences, even when browsing through a food blogging website. It is a theme for food lovers, cooking lovers, food bloggers and also small food businesses. You can use this theme for a pre-existing blog or even if you are building one from the scratch. This theme has various blog post layouts.

You get to choose from 4 blog styles – one normal and 3 overlay styles. Then there are 32+ blog variations – 4 post styles in 8 unique layouts. Masonry, Grid, Classic, List, Mix and endless possibilities. The theme also has a WP Recipe Maker plugin that allows the user to provide step by step recipes with images and all recipe meta.

12. Lahanna:


Lahanna is a great theme for food bloggers that are passionate about recipes. If you have a lot of recipes to share with your audience and need a website to cater to that need, Lahanna is your ideal WordPress theme to go about it. There are three ready-made demos that you can choose from. Once you select which style suits your aesthetic value the best, moving forward barely requires any work.

This theme is both mobile-friendly and retina ready and loads with impressive speed and comes with deep documentation. The MailChimp newsletter form would help you collect emails, localize your blogs and also make attention-grabbing galleries.

13. Kale:


Kale is ideal for anyone who is in the culinary-type business or for anyone who wants a website about anything remotely close to food. It is ideal for people who don’t want to waste much time and put much efforts into getting their website ready. It has full compatibility across all platforms – devices, browsers and more. The theme also has many custom plugins and extensions such as full-width sliders, various home page layouts, multiple other layouts and more.

It is a clean and minimalistic theme which has abundance of customization options. It would easily attract customers and keep them engaged with your food content as well. It is ideal for anyone who wants to share their views and opinions about the food industry.

These were the 13 Best WordPress Themes for Food Bloggers that you need to try out today. If you are a food blogger, professional or as a hobby, all of themes are capable enough to handle all your requirements. They would help you achieve your ideal website with lesser efforts and all required tools to attract more readers.

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