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50 Amazing Fonts With Extras for Just $29 – 96% Off! 7 Days Left.

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A brand new and awesome font bundle was recently released by TheHungryJpeg called The Big 50 Font Bundle. This bundle contains a total of 50 amazing, professional fonts, plus a ton of extras such as vectors, icons, textures and many other design resources. All fonts can be used for commercial purposes and in multiple projects! The fonts are valued at $850, but for the next 1 week only you can grab them at an unbelievable 96% discount – for a total price of just $29 (or just $26.1 if you tweet about the bundle!). Check out a preview of what the fonts look like below:

Fonts overview

And here are all the fonts that you get in this incredible font bundle (head over to TheHungryJpeg.com to check out all the fonts and their extras in detail):

1. Rumpledrop Script by CreativeQube Design
2. Clearwater by Pixel Folks
3. Hollyhock Script by Angie Makes
4. Butller Typeface by Dirtyline Studios
5. Snowberry Script by Angie Makes
6. Pony by Rodrigo Type
7. Evelyn Script by Dirtyline Studios
8. Avocado Typeface by Justyna Soko?owska
9. Violet Night by Alien Valley
10. Bundt Cake by Up Up Creative
11. Hawk & Hunter by Design Surplus
12. Billow by Flycatcher Design
13. Grocery Rounded by Design Something
14. Picnic Caps by Design Something
15. Ruba Style Typeface by Rodrigo Type
16. Humblle Typeface by Dirtyline Studios
17. Steelmond by Dirtyline Studios
18. Grayling by Design Surplus
19. Blossom Script by On the Spot Studio
20. Yardsale by On The Spot Studio
21. La Provence by Design Something
22. Helenita Book by Rodrigo Type
23. Taco + Tequila Typeface by Design Surplus
24. Verone Script by Typopotamus
25. Praline by On the Spot Studio
26. Forest Puyehue by Rodrigo Type
27. Greget Script by Sehat Co.
28. Solecha Typeface by Sehat Co.
29. Bearhand Typeface by Typopotamus
30. Hayze Script by Typopotamus
31. Everly Script by On the Spot Studio
32. Eva Typeface by Design Something
33. Allice Script by Arkara
34. Fonjava by Locomotype
35. Toscana by Design Something
36. Hemingwar by Flycatcher Design
37. Ruba Family by Rodrigo Type
38. Swirlesque Script by Dirtyline Studios
39. Winchester by Design Something
40. Keke Script by On The Spot Studio
41. Stubborn Faith by Vera Holera
42. Melancolie Typeface by Design Something
43. Dirty Larry by Maroon Baboon
44. Caraka Script by Arkara
45. Stilt Typeface by On the Spot Studio
46. Wonderland by On the Spot Studio
47. Fonia Typeface by Locomotype
48. Gentleman’s Poison by Design Surplus
49. Happy Day Script by Vera Holera
50. Caprice Script by Vera Holera

As mentioned, these 50 awesome fonts are valued at $850, but can be purchased for just $29 in the next 7 days only. So don’t delay and head on over to TheHungryJpeg.com to grab this font bundle.

All of the fonts can be used commercially and in multiple projects. All fonts come with many extras – there are so many that it’s just too much to list.

Grab The Big 50 Font Bundle at $29


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