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Today we will be taking a look at Zoey, a leading eCommerce website builder for online businesses.  Zoey is a state-of-the-art eCommerce solution for those online stores who want to improve their presence online and for business that want to create a new, powerful online website.  Let’s look at some of Zoey’s features to see why this eCommerce website builder should be your go-to place for creating an online eCommerce store.

Amazing Online Store Design

Everybody wants their website to look great, but not everyone can afford to or wants to pay thousands of dollars for a premium design. That is why Zoey allows you to create an awesome design from within their easy to use, intuitive drag and drop interface.

Not only is the drag and drop builder interface optimized perfectly for those who know nothing about coding, but it also results in beautiful, mobile-friendly website designs. You can easily insert call to action buttons such as “add to cart” and others, change fonts, insert images, modify element sizes, colors and so much more.

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Free Responsive eCommerce Themes

Unlike some other eCommerce website builders, the team behind Zoey believes that you should get a free, responsive theme for your online store without having to pay any fees. As such, all of Zoey’s themes in their theme store are both free and fully responsive, which means they will render perfectly on desktop and mobile devices such as phones and tablets. In fact, there are a total of over 20 beautiful themes to choose from, such as the Lush theme for brands that want to accentuate high definition photos of their products, the Moderni theme that has a beautiful, large image slideshow on the home page, the Xplor theme – a bold and adventurous theme for business owners who want their website to be super edgy, and many other professional responsive themes.

Fast, Scalable & Secure Hosting For Your eCommerce Store

Slow hosting can hold your website back and result in greatly decreased conversion rates. Did you know that an average shopper will not wait any more than 4 seconds for your website to load? In fact, many may click the back button and go to a competitor’s store even before that. That’s why it is essential to have fast, reliable hosting for your eCommerce store. Zoey provides you with both fast and scalable hosting, all included with your Zoey subscription.  Zoey’s hosting features:

– Unlimited bandwidth – so that your business can scale in its traffic without being held back.

– Content Delivery Network – which means that when a visitor comes to your website from a country like France, they will be served all of your website’s images, javascript and CSS files from a location that is nearest to them, making your pages load quickly. Zoey’s Business and Premier plans both include CDN.

– In-region hosting. Zoey’s Premier Plan comes with in-region hosting, so that you can pick the data center you prefer to host your online store.

– 24/7 monitoring to ensure full compliance and best uptime.

Enterprise-Grade Shipping & Selling Tools

You don’t have to be Amazon to get access to enterprise-level shipping tools when you’re a Zoey customer. Zoey gives you access to:

– Shipping carriers such as UPS, Fedex and USPS using real-time, negotiated rates or previously calculated ones.

– 50+ payment getaway systems, such as PayPal, Amazon, bank transfer and many others.

– Manage Inventory tools. What used to be the Achilles’ heel of most online store is now another powerful tool in their arsenal. Zoey provides you with powerful inventory management options to ensure you can easily track your inventory and orders.

– Faceted Search. What this means is your store visitors can access products by applying multiple layers. For example, if I am an electronics store, and I have a visitor who is looking for a 65-inch LED TV under $1500, then that visitor can go to the TV’s section and apply multiple filters such as “LED” and “65 inch” and “$999 to $1499” – for example, all at once.

Zoey’s Pricing

Zoey has a total of 3 pricing plans:

– Professional plan: $89/month. It comes with most of Zoey’s features (hundreds in total), a fully responsive design, no transaction fees and much more.

– Business plan: $199/month. It comes with everything from the Professional plan, but also provides you the ability to build your own theme, CDN, sitewide HTTPS (very important for making customers feel secure in browsing and placing orders on your website, and equally important to improve your search engine rankings), Google Trusted Stores and more.

– Premier plan: $599/month. This is the most advanced plan that Zoey offers. It comes with everything from the Business plan and is ideal for bigger online stores with custom requirements. It includes things like custom design support, on-boarding and training, in-region hosting, your own account manager, priority support, custom app integration and feature development and more.

The verdict: Zoey is an amazing eCommerce website builder. If you are a business with an online store that wants to either improve your online presence, or you are a new business looking for online exposure. you should feel confident in knowing that Zoey is one of the best choices you can make as a website builder. Check out Zoey today and see why it is the leader in eCommerce website builders.

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