14 Best Multi-Vendor Marketplace WordPress Themes

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E-Commerce is on the rise and has seen tremendous growth over the past decades. The trend is moving towards providing fast-paced shopping experiences to the buyers. No buyer wants to waste time searching through 10-15 websites for finding one item. If you think about traditional shops, the same concept applies. Ever since people started having … Read more

9 Best Comic Themes for WordPress

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Everyone who has a website wants their website to stand out from the crowd. Specific website designs are responsible for more significant website traffic and user engagement. And such, websites rank better in the Google search engine results page. WordPress powers so many websites around the Internet. With WordPress, you can access a lot of … Read more

11 Best WordPress Themes for Financial Consultants

11 Best WordPress Themes for Financial Consultants

We all have consulted financial consultants and advisors at some point of time in our professional tenures. They cover all the diverse range of services that can benefit us and our business in numerous ways. And all the consultants have websites that they use for their promotional campaigns and events. Years back, these websites were … Read more

10 Best WordPress Child Themes

10 Best Wordpress Child Theme

WordPress child themes are themes that take the functionality from another theme which is known as the parent theme. WordPress child themes are used to customize or tweak the existing WordPress theme without having to let go of the ability to upgrade the theme and lose the custom changes. Before child WordPress child themes became … Read more

Top 15 Gardening and Landscaping WordPress Themes

With the ever-growing need of practicality along with aesthetic, there is a rising awareness amongst people about landscaping and gardening. As houses are getting bigger, so are the gardens – and eventually, the need for landscaping. This, in return, has increased the consciousness about techniques as well as services provided by businesses that are into … Read more

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates

20 Feminine WordPress Themes & Templates- Frida

Feminine themes and templates are trending in the website segment right now. With the rise in female entrepreneurship, it is only natural that the demand or popularity of Feminine WordPress themes would increase. Many web designers have started realizing the importance of crafting and designing feminine themes for matching the needs of female entrepreneurs. While … Read more

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