10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins of the Year

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

A backup plugin isn’t something you just look at and purchase. There are overwhelming numbers of WordPress Backup Plugins available for your WordPress website. You need to consider many factors before choosing the ideal WordPress plugin to back up your business or personal website. However, investing in the right backup plan is always an investment. … Read more

8 WordPress Plugins for Better Responsive Websites

8 WordPress Plugins for Better Mobile-Responsive Websites - Header

Today everyone owns a smartphone and that is the reason more than half of U.S. traffic comes from mobile devices, so it is essential to make your website responsive. This mobile marketing strategy offers a smooth browsing experience to your visitors. If you want to create a mobile-optimized and responsive website, here are 8 WordPress … Read more

Top 8 Plugins for Optimizing Images in WordPress

Top 10 Tools for Optimizing Images in WordPress for Better Site Performance - Header

A slow-loading website can annoy your visitors and drive them away. With more than 30% of websites being accessed from mobile devices, you can safely assume that not all your website visitors will be using a high-speed Internet connection. As a result, a lightweight website that loads quickly and allows visitors to begin interacting with … Read more

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