8 WordPress Plugins for Better Responsive Websites

8 WordPress Plugins for Better Mobile-Responsive Websites - Header

Today everyone owns a smartphone and that is the reason more than half of U.S. traffic comes from mobile devices, so it is essential to make your website responsive. This mobile marketing strategy offers a smooth browsing experience to your visitors. If you want to create a mobile-optimized and responsive website, here are 8 WordPress … Read more

Top 8 Plugins for Optimizing Images in WordPress

Top 10 Tools for Optimizing Images in WordPress for Better Site Performance - Header

A slow-loading website can annoy your visitors and drive them away. With more than 30% of websites being accessed from mobile devices, you can safely assume that not all your website visitors will be using a high-speed Internet connection. As a result, a lightweight website that loads quickly and allows visitors to begin interacting with … Read more

10 Excellent WordPress Plugins to Use This Year

You’ll find yourself in situations where you want to add some functionality into a website. However, it isn’t readily available on WordPress or in the WordPress theme you’re using. You can assign the task to a developer or do it yourself if you have the time and the expertise. Plugins usually offer a better solution. … Read more

How to Improve WordPress Comments with Heyoya

Website developers constantly look for ways to improve the function of websites. Individual blogs and businesses, alike, often depend on the revenue their sites bring in. When your livelihood is on the line, new and innovative methods help you achieve your goals. Comments determine how websites generate traffic. People form opinions, share advice, and recommend … Read more

20 Best Premium WordPress Gallery Plugins

Looking for feature-rich WordPress gallery plugins for your WordPress website? Here are some of the best plugins for galleries you can use to add some extra functionalities to your site. These WordPress gallery plugins are easy to use, easy to set up and most importantly, highly customizable and work with various file formats. Use them … Read more

20 Best Addons for Visual Composer / WP Bakery

Do you want to enhance the functionality of your Visual Composer / WP Bakery page builder plugin? These are some of the best free and premium add-ons for Visual Composer (WP Bakery)! You will find amazing add-ons that add new features to your page builders, such as buttons, new animations, CSS effects for images, popups, … Read more

10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Wp Data Tables plug-in

You most likely faced a website requirement that was a great deal of extra work. However, even then, you couldn’t quite nail down a solution to your complete satisfaction – or that of a client’s. There are some website features that sometimes can be difficult to get just right. These include charts and tables, and … Read more

10 Awesome WordPress Lightbox Plugins

jQuery lightbox plugins are very popular for showcasing your photos in an elegant and appealing way. This technique is also used for pop-up email signup forms or login forms. There are many advantages of using jQuery lightboxes, the most important is that users are not required to leave the page to view the content presented … Read more

20 Best WordPress Payment Plugins for Additional Payment Getaways


WooCommerce is an awesome plugin for adding a quick and easy to customize eCommerce solution to your WordPress website. However, even though it has many functionalities, it also has certain limitations. If you need to create your own payment gateway system, integrate it with other popular, local or international, payment gateway solutions or create a … Read more

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