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And the winner of this giveaway is…John Pilieci! John, congratulations. Wix will get in touch with you very soon! Thank you all for participating, we have many more exciting giveaways to come so please don’t despair if you didn’t win!

Wix.com is giving away a full year’s worth of website upgrade features ($120 value!) to the lucky WDD reader who deserves it the most! This giveaway is held exclusively for webdesigndev.com readers – do NOT miss your chance to enter below! The terms of the giveaway are simple:

1. Post a comment and say why you deserve to get the upgrade! (note: you must have a free Wix.com account to enter)

2. That’s it! You must enter this giveaway through Wix.com, please do not post your entry to the giveaway here on WDD!

3. You have only until July 10th, so hurry up and enter the giveaway today!


7 thoughts on “WIX.COM GIVEAWAY: Free Website Upgrade! ($120 value!)”

  1. Hi its John Pilieci and I was wondering if I need to use a credit card in order to use this free giveaway? I am still waiting for a response so I was hoping you can answer this for me. I am trying everything but I am not getting the page that the tutorial says I should be seeing. Thanks

  2. Thank you for the giveaway. You guys are awesome and I appreciate it and I will be using it too its fullest potential because Im looking for the wix webite of the week next.LOL This service will allow me to create an awesome website and it meets all my needs and works with all my unique ideas I have in mind. Thanks again.


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