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This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Ros Share and Reiko for winning this giveaway. To everyone else – good luck next time!

Today, I am proud to present to you an awesome giveaway from Wibiya. What is Wibiya? It’s a company that has created a super innovate web bar. It’s the same bar you see at the very bottom of this page. It’s the same bar used by entities like NBA, Playboy, Samsung and many others. It requires absolutely zero coding skills – I didn’t have to code a thing to get it up and running. Do you want your own bar just like that to use on your website? If so, listen carefully as to how you can enter into this giveaway.


Step 1: you must register for a free account on Wibiya.com

Step 2: please leave a comment here explaining how you plan to use the bar.

There will be TWO (2) lucky winners, each of whom will get a free upgrade to the PRO Wibiya account for 1 full year.

This giveaway will end in 1 week on Tuesday, January 3rd 2012 at 1 PM EST.

10 thoughts on “Wibiya Bar Giveaway – 2 PRO Accounts for 1 FULL YEAR! $239 value!”

  1. I have been using the free version. Would love to increase traffic with added features. Have a number of sites, I-network.biz is newest .

  2. I already use the free version at my arcade site and after 2 weeks my social engage is incremented over 33%. I would try the premium features to get more social engage.
    Social is the Way!

  3. The Wibiya bar is a great way to connect social media sites together in one place. I hope to join my various places on this bar to promote all I have to offer.

  4. I am a young boy (16). I am the owner of my own gaming website, and always wanted a “GOOD” status bar, but I don’t have the money to spend that much money on that. I need to give my members more features to attract more members, and the Wibar would be perfect for that. I have already spent too much money on my site and just can’t afford anything more. I would really appreciate if you would consider giving the wibar to me 🙂 I promise to not disappoint you! And I would just like to thank you for the tips you emailed me 🙂 I will be adding those things very soon! 😀

  5. The target of my new travelling concept is it be marketed only on internet. Publicity is the key. Therefore, the Wibiya bar seems to be perfect. It incorporates other fields where the concept is to be promoted. The Wibiya bar likely won’t completely replace other ways to tie all the internet presence together but it unifies it.

  6. Hoping to show my clients how to get the upper edge on creating a social media marketing campaign with wibiya services and gain more visitors to their sites, thus increasing profits.

  7. The Wibiya bar is great! I discovered it a couple of months ago and placed one – free version – on my site. There are, however, some really great features in the full paid version that really are worth it. Winning would be great as I can then also show potential customers what is on my site and get them to buy in as well.

    Could be a Win, Win, Win!

  8. Going full-time with my freelancing so rebuilding my site with some more ways to engage with my clients and drive more business. I could really use wibiya!

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    As we do not charge any subscription and Membership is free, we cannot afford Wibya Pro services. Our services are provided pro bono and therefore, any donations are welcomed.

    Thanking you in advance.



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