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Today’s post is not like others that we publish. Today I want to discuss with you why WebDesignDev switched to the X theme. As some of you already know, X Theme is a very popular WordPress theme that is available for purchase through ThemeForest’s marketplace.

Let me be fully transparent: the X Theme costs $63 for a regular license (which is what we use) and to date there have been 53,500+ sales, which comes out to more than $3.37 MILLION (yes, crazy) in sales. I have never seen such an impressive number of sales for any other theme, and that’s for a reason. So let’s look at some of the reasons why we decided that X Theme was the perfect theme for WebDesignDev:


X Theme is the only WordPress theme that I am aware of that has stacks. What are stacks you may ask? Basically, stacks are like unique themes built into one theme. X has 4 stacks in total, essentially giving you 4 themes in 1. The four stacks in X theme are: Ethos, Icon (used on WebDesignDev), Integrity and Renew.

12+ Premium WP Plugins / Extensions Included

Anyone who uses WordPress knows that things don’t end at the theme you choose. There are also countless plugins available for WordPress, both free and premium, that can really do magic to your website. X Theme includes more than 12 premium plugins in the purchase price. They are also created exclusively by the X Theme dev team, so you won’t get them anywhere else. These include:

– Video Lock. Ability to lock your content with a custom video. Here, you are basically forcing the user to watch whatever video you have to show them, and they can not close it until after they’ve watched it. This is great for displaying your own product sale videos, or videos from a third party as advertising company.

– Content Dock. This is an awesome extension / plugin that gives you a slideout window where you can show relevant posts or any other content.

– Mailchimp. This extensions allows you to create custom opt-in forms for Mailchimp.

– Disqus Comments. Upgrade your default WordPress comments box to the more powerful Disqus commenting system.

– Custom 404 page. Nobody likes 404’s, but what’s even worse if when a visitor comes to a 404 page that results in them bouncing the page. With the X Theme, you can create a custom 404 page that will help you keep that visitor on your site.

– Google Analytics. Simply copy/paste your Google Analytics code and the X theme will automatically insert it for you.

– Facebook Comments. As an alternative to Disqus Comments, you can use Facebook Comments and gain social traffic from users commenting on your posts or pages.

– Soliloquy. This is a custom responsive WordPress slider that will show perfectly on Desktop and Mobile devices.

– Terms of Use. If you need to use terms of use on your site, you can do so easily with the X Theme’s extension.

– Under Construction. If you want to put a site up but aren’t ready yet to go live with the final version of the site, or simply want to take your website down for some time to do upgrades, the X theme allows you to put a custom Under Construction page.

– White Label WordPress login. This is a pretty cool extension that allows you to customize and white label the WordPress log in page. This is good for people who use WordPress registration for clients or customers.

Beautiful Design

Okay, I’ll be honest. The first thing that drew us to the X Theme was the design. We were looking for a beautifully designed, modern, and fully responsive WP theme that we can customize without creating a design from scratch. X Theme’s design was exactly what we were looking for.

Awesome Support System

There were a few questions/issues we had with the X Theme, and it’s during times like these that you really test the theme’s development team to see how strongly they stand behind their product. Well, X didn’t disappoint. They have a dedicated forum where you can post both public and private replies. We got answers to all of the questions we had promptly and from very knowledgeable staff.

100% Fluid Responsive Design

Now this was very important. Many theme makers claim that their theme is responsive, but in reality it may not look good on some devices. X is built on a 100% fluid percentage grid framework that ensure that it will look perfectly on any device, not just desktop or most popular mobile devices.

There are many more reasons why X Theme is the perfect theme for WebDesignDev and why it could be the same for you. Check the theme out, read the reviews, and dive in to create an amazing website using the X Theme.


John Culotta
John is the chief editor here at WebDesignDev. He is a creative who enjoys writing, research, and all things design related as well as (formerly) a full-time musician. As an entrepreneur, he has many years of experience in designing websites, packaging, logos, photo editing, and the development of his own top-selling products on Amazon and Shopify. You can see his motivational Instagram account or connect on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.

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