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Today we have an amazing giveaway from Webydo, an online platform that allows you to design a website without knowing any code. As you all know, being a great designer doesn’t go hand in hand with being a great coder. In fact, most of you likely don’t really know how to code. I personally think a designer should stay a designer, and anyone who says they are an awesome programmer and designer are likely not great at either.

So this brings me to Webydo. Webydo is a design management system created specifically for graphic designers. It’s for people who know how to design but don’t know (or want to) code. Let’s look at all of the major benefits of Webydo and why it should be one of your top choices when creating a website for a client:

Update*** We have written a recent and detailed Webydo review that outlines all of the new features they’ve come up with – check it out.

1. Professional Studio

Webydo gives you absolute control over all design components, such as fonts, typography, backgrounds, images, location of elements and more. You can either start with a blank canvas or use predesigned layouts to save time. Whichever you choose, Webydo gives you pixel to pixel accuracy.

2. Drag and Drop

Webydo’s Drag and Drop functionality allows you to add content such as images, videos, forms and more without much efforts.

3. No programming!

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t need to know how to code. Concentrate on what you do best – design, and Webydo will let you do the rest. A huge plus is that your design will be converted into a W3C valid code.

4. Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility

Webydo automatically creates a cross-browser and cross-platform code as per the latest web standards that will look just the way you want it to on all browsers and devices.

5. Your website is live immediately

No need to wait, set up, install, get frustrated. Webydo’s production can be done from start to finish in just a few hours.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Webydo’s design management system.

Check Out Webydo

Now on to the giveaway.


What you get: 5 Lifetime Plans to 5 of our lucky readers.

How to get it: In order to be eligible you must create a Webydo account (http://dashboard.webydo.com/start.aspx), which will take no more than 4 seconds. Once you’ve created your account, leave a comment telling us why you deserve to win one of the Lifetime plans, followed by “I’m a Webydoer now!”

How quickly you should act: Giveaway will end in 1 week on 6/17/2013 at 12 Noon EST.


Congratulations to Luisa, Pascuale, Søren, Nicko and Matt! Webydo team will get in touch with you shortly with instructions on how to redeem the prize.

8 thoughts on “Webydo Review & Giveaway – Online Website Design Software, 5 LIFETIME PLANS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. I just found out about Webydo a couple of hours ago(in Graphic Design Junction’s Facebook), and i was so surprised that finally there’s a tool really made from designers to designers. I’ve been struggling for months with web design, because it’s a HUGE world, and you have to learn so much besides design…code and more than one software to make a real, working site. Why do i deserve the giveaway? I’m a Graphic Designer, but over that, im a person who really loves design, that’s my passion and i’m really greatful that there’s other people like me, who loves this world and can make possible this kind of tools that let me take my vision and my way to comunicate my clients needs, in an easy and practical way, letting me focus all my atention in the design and usability…that’s a real evolution in the field. Jajajaja, it might sound too much, but really, im so greatful i found you!
    Oh, and i was checking Webyno’s twitter, and i loved how they interact with the users. How when someone show exciment, they get excited too, and show it. They are not a big (ego) company, they are designers and they show just that…they are just like us 😀

    I’m a Webydoer now!


  2. Great Giveaway.. Reasons why I deserve to win this giveaway.. well, I have been struggling during 18 months trying to get my website the look and feel of a professional website,… using joomla and others., but no way, if you don’t get into the coding, or buy a full fetched extension/template, you won’t make it.. !.. I have seen how easy you can set up your website , and the great look and feel it posses using Webydo.. definitively, I am a Webydoer fron now and on… !

  3. It’s so quick and easy to get a website up and running and being built by designers for designers ticks all the boxes I need. The customer service is awesome too!
    I’m a webydoer now!


  4. It’s the best thing for us designers! No need for coding! And online! I will be able to show how the process goes to my clients without carrying my laptop all over town!

    I’m a Webydoer now!

  5. Nice giveaway, but i’m not sure where to put the comment, so I put it here and I hope you will direct me if its wrong. I deserve to win because i’m playing around in wordpress, but without coding skills it is difficult to make those tweaks that make the website not good but great… I need a great website, as a new entrepreneur working with great experiences on the web.

    /Søren – ForSorenDa

    • Hi @ForSorenDa! Great comment! That’s exactly why we created Webydo – so you won’t have to fuss with the coding. All you need to do is focus on the design aspect. Have you created a Webydo account?


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