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This review is a follow up to the Webydo Review we posted a little while ago.

What’s in the Price?

The community-led, web design platform Webydo has already reshaped the way we create our websites and has recently started shaking things up again. This time the minds behind codeless web creation are looking to revolutionize the platform’s pricing. Webydo has taken the suggestions of their burgeoning community of over 83K professional web designers to heart and hand-crafted unique pricing plans to better suit their growing needs. In order to more easily explain these new plans, we’ve asked the most pertinent questions and included all the answers below.


Q: So let’s get right to it, what are the new plans?

A: The folks at Webydo have divided the original paid plan into two basic plan categories: “One-site plans” and “Professional Plans”. The “One-site” plan rings in at $9 a month and comes with the most basic web design options including one website, 3GB of storage, Built-in CMS and advanced, cloud-based hosting. This plan constitutes the most basic package and provides an excellent entry-point into the Webydo universe.

In listening to their ever-expanding community of designers, Webydo discovered a large population of professionals with more demanding needs than the average DIYer. In staying true to their “community-led” moniker, they created new “Professional” plans to address these desires. This new plan category is broken down into three plans labeled “Pro”, “Team”, and “Agency” starting at $17, $35, and $85 a month respectively. By offering more websites, unlimited storage, site export options and even custom training, the “Professional” plans provide interesting opportunities for increased value compared to the competition.


Q: What features do these new plans offer professional designers?

While this list is by no means comprehensive, here are a few especially helpful features for designers looking to grow their own business:

  • Full White Label
  • Your Own Branded Domain
  • Client Billing
  • Client DIY Wizard

The client billing feature can be extremely helpful when managing multiple customers and allows all client billing to be accomplished from a single web portal. The client DIY wizard is a feature that helps designers generate leads from clients by enabling the designer to send the client a template of their work from Webydo. The designer is then able to see what changes the client has made and includes contact information to get in touch. A wonderful way to expand your client base.

Q: Will there still be a free plan available?

A: Absolutely! When you’ve created a platform as innovative and useful as Webydo, you’d be crazy not to let the product speak for itself. The brilliant minds over at Webydo certainly aren’t crazy. The option to create a pixel-perfect website within Webydo’s creative canvas is still there and continues to be a wonderful way to dip your toes in the Webydo water.

That’s not all though! With each new paid plan comes a free, unrestricted, thirty day trial. We’re not talking about those “Hey, this is free but just in case we’d like your payment info” trials. All you need to do is create an account with a username, password and email. No credit card required. At the end of the thirty days your account will be automatically transitioned to a free plan where you’re free to upgrade when the mood strikes you and not a moment sooner.

Best Webydo Plan

Q: What’s the most economical plan?

A: Great question and one that depends entirely on the needs of the user. It should be noted here that regardless of plan, the more websites you create with Webydo, the more cost-effective your subscription will be. Only plan on creating a handful of websites? You’d likely be better suited to the “Pro” plan. Have a design firm pushing out new sights on a weekly basis? The “Agency” plan was created just for you! With a fifty website cap and a lion’s share of available plan features, the “Team” plan is the most popular option, though it’s worth perusing each plan’s full feature list to be sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Q: Is it possible to switch plans as my needs grow?

A: Webydo strives to meet designers exactly where they are and provide a platform that enables them to achieve more and grow their business. As such, users can upgrade their current plans at any time without missing a beat. The goal of Webydo is, after all, to let professional web designers focus on innovative design and where there’s innovative design, there’s expansive growth.

Well, there you have it. New pricing plans for a community-led web design platform that actually listens to its community. With this new structure everyone from the design-from-home startup to the seasoned studio, can find a plan that meets their needs while still allowing room for the inevitable growth. Haven’t tried web design with the cloud-based platform yet? Head on over to Webydo and see what the codeless web design revolution is all about!

This article is presented by Webydo’s community of professional designers.

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  1. Don’t let Webydo’s priceplan mislead you. Prices are gone skyhigh in 2016 with an increase of approx 450-500%!!
    Free is gone, Pro is $75,-, Team $150,- and Agency $400,- … per month!

    Hosting and CMS included but thats not worth the steap priceplans.


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