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***THIS WEB HOSTING GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Winners will be chosen and contacted shortly!***

Winners are:

Ari Arsyadi
Les F.
Karan S Kumar

Today we have yet another FANTASTIC giveaway for you guys! This time its a few hosting packages from the fairly new web hosting company Pixeno! The web host itself is run by a small team of web designers and developers, so they really understand what it means to be a good host.

* * *

About Pixeno Web Host

We are a small company. This means we can help and support each customer on a personal level. We don’t oversell / overcrowd our servers too. With each server having its own 100mbps fibre line, you will really recognize the speeds. We created Pixeno Web Host back in May 2010, because we were getting sick of big hosting companies having lots of downtime and feeding us garbage. At last, there’s a hosting company that understands. Our customers think so.


With personal level support, 100mbps fibre connection and unlimited sub-domains, email accounts and databases, you’ll be proud to say Pixeno hosts your website. You can manage everything in your Pixeno Control Panel, including billing / invoices, websites, support tickets and soon our new affiliate program.


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The Hosting Giveaway

We have 5 hosting accounts up for grabs! Each account will be absolutly FREE for 4 months in total. If then you wish to cancel your account, feel free to do so. But we can personally GUARANTEE you will love our service!

You can pick from any of our 4 hosting packages if your one of the 5 lucky winners! Here are the specs…


* * *

All you have to do is comment, saying what you would use our hosting for if you were one of the winners. The contest will close on Tuesday 22nd March AT 1:37 PM EST. Even if you don’t win, feel free to email us and we will swing you a deal. Just give us a try and we PROMISE you WONT be disappointed with the service you receive!

If you want to see our technology, check out – http://pixeno.com/technology/

44 thoughts on “Web Hosting Giveaway From 100Mbps UK Web Host Pixeno”

  1. It would be a huge step forward if I’m going to win this amazing hosting package. I have a lot of projects still waiting for their releases due to lack of money, and not having the possibility to store these websites on a good hosting company. I want to be completely sure that the websites are always online and stuff, and after browsing the website I really got convinced that this is the hosting company that suits my future plans.

  2. I would use this hosting package for a community non-profit with whom I am involved. I am currently designing our first website, and hosting is the next step!

  3. Fantastic offer!

    To know that this hosting company paying a great deal attention to the uptime is really comforting. So this is the perfect chance to test if this one really delivers.

    I will use this plan to host my digital file so I can start selling right away. This will be very highly useful for me, no doubt about it.

  4. I must say that i thank God for the introduction of these offers as they would really serve the common man like me who can’t help but struggle on his own in a world that is dominated by very costly hosting service providers.
    i have this academic writing agency that i have always wanted to put on the web. if i am blessed with this chance, finally i will have a place where clients and job-seekers can be put together under one roof. And why not host other seekers like me who have nowhere to turn at affordable rates, cost sharing?

  5. well I would put my idea on the net,which is a new real-life social game which will be the next gen Facebook-like website

  6. Hi, ive heard a lot of good things about your company and i would be very interested in hosting my own portfolio website on there. I am an up and coming web designer, with a few clients to my name. i would mainly use your hosting service for my clients websites.

    I have had previous bad experience with hosting services and lots of down time, which is not good for my clients.

    Providing all the good news i have heard about you was true i would really consider the Magneto package in the near future.

    Hope your busines does well

  7. I would us the hosting for my web design portfolio and my professional site. I currently am using my blog to point clients to my work and have not found hosting I like for my commercial web design site. I also am working on a site for a comedy-magician friend that I need hosting for as well.

    I have had bad experiences in the past with other hosting providers, so I am in the market for a group that I can trust. My top concerns are uptime and customer service and considering that you excel in both I would be happy to work with you.


  8. I really want to host my personal website with Pixeno. All these days we have been seeing people creating their webpages at free services like Blogspot and WordPress. People will think that that’s a way to save money and they won’t give much special attention to it, especially in the woeful issue of legitimacy.

    I want to build trust with people with a unique domain name. I believe that this hosting giveaway will annihilate the limitations I’m in.

    Thank you!

  9. Now, I must say …I’m convinced. Any company who is in their infancy stage and has product(s) that shows how lucrative it can be for a business looking for presence on the web gets my vote.

    The pricing and plans are remarkable. Especially the Magento package deal, which is something I can really use right now.

    Yo, shoot me a hosting account …I can use it for a new online store I’m working on.

  10. I would use this hosting service for my clients in the UK and their E-Commerce stores.
    I hope their customers will spend less time browsing and more time in shopping

  11. Hi’ya!

    I want to be a millionaire by 25. That would be in less than 4 years. I live in the Philippines so it should not scare you readers and fellow comment-ers. A million Philippines Pesos is equivalent to just about USD23K. I keep hearing and reading about how the first million is the hardest to earn and after that the next ones will be easier. I don’t have a solid game plan towards getting there yet but I’m starting to do what I can do now.

    I scared the heck out of my long-time friends when I told them about my goal and they’re alienating me now. I don’t have anyone I can discuss my goals with, except some friends I’ve just recently met, so I set up a blog in hopes of interacting with people who share the same goals as mine or can see the light in my vision.

    So yeah, your hosting will take me a step forward towards my goals. I would really appreciate it if ever. But if not, thanks anyway. At least I got the word out about me, my goal, and my blog (and what’s it about).

    If someone out there shares my vision, please let your presence be known. I am friendly. 🙂

  12. I have just been asked by a client to do a Magento store (never done one before). This would be a great help.

  13. i would use this to host my sister’s wedding website. she’s trying to go the cheapest route possible, so this would be a big win for her!

  14. I would love to move my rapidly growing film journal from its current shared hosting to a faster rig, and also find a home for my portfolio in-development.

  15. if I were one of the winners, I will use this hosting for my web design business. Will target more audience to visit my website for fast loading web hosting from Pixeno.

  16. this would be just perfect for a new web designer like me..check out my personal portfolio and pick me up for the hosting plan if u like it!!

  17. Will definitely use the hosting if I were one of the winners.. Right now I have about 3 different hosting account & am not happy with even one of them. A li’l bit of enthusiasm comes in because it is run by a team of designers &developers.

    Look forward to it..!

  18. If i win, I have plan for that, I will develop a website that contain information for my people for free, it will help my people to learn more and educate more. and i will recommend Pixeno to my clients and friends.

  19. I would love to test your server to deal with my free e-book giveaway with a target of 1 million downloads 🙂

  20. I would use this for my company to stage designs for my customers.

    This way they can test their site, usually this means they will be using that hosting company.

    I am constantly looking for good hosts, that meet my clients needs.
    If I am pleased with the company I join their reseller program.

    Im not a large company though, I only do about 30-50 designs a month.

    Thank You

  21. I could use some free hosting right now. Working on a research project testing the effect of font and typography on the user’s cost-value perception and trust level of a website.

  22. I definately us this hosting service to finally host some projects I have been longing to put up on the cloud. I will also be offering this to my prospective clients. Thanks for the opportunity.

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