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Hey guys. Today we have an awesome giveaway from the folks over at eleven2 web hosting. Eleven2 launched its brand new website on January 3rd, and to celebrate, eleven2 have teamed up with us to giveaway 15 free reseller hosting accounts to give you the chance at starting up your very own web hosting company!

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The Brand New Eleven2

This is the brand new, state of the art eleven2 website. Every week we are still adding improvements to it. Its the mothership to our business, along with our brand new state of the art client control panel! The new eleven2 website has been 6 months in the works, and roughly taken 5,400 hours of work between a few of the staff here, including planning, countless concept designs, coding, adjustments, ajax implementation, and finalization.

All of that, along with many cups of coffee and many late nights working until 3am. Eleven2 offers many different types of hosting, such as shared web hostingreseller hosting, and also our brand new cloud web hosting on the new eleven2 cloud. So here is the final output (the homepage) of our brand new website.


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What do 15 lucky winners get with this giveaway?

With this giveaway, 15 lucky people will be able to pick any of our reseller web hosting packages, and have that package absolutely free (no strings attached) for 4 months. Thats like 120 days. So if you picked the R-400 reseller package, thats a saving of more a less $320! Basically, we think 4 months time is enough time for anyone to setup their web host, and get a few customers in, before you start paying for the space.

This is a FREE chance to setup a web hosting company! And, at the end of the 4 months you don’t think its working out, you can cancel. So its practically risk free!


* * * * *

You can even pick your server location!

Yes that’s right, you can even pick where you want your reseller server to be. Options are London in the United Kingdom, Dallas in Texas U.S, and Singapore in Asia.


* * * * *

Plus, a FREE iPhone app!

We also have an iPhone app so you can manage your reseller account, and all your clients on the go when your not in the office or at your workstation. This app is available to ALL customers absolutely FREE from the iTunes app store.


* * * * *

So how do I enter this draw?

Basically, all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, stating if you were one of the 15 lucky winners to recive this free reseller hosting, what would you do with it? Would you use it to build a web hosting company, for personal use? Or even to rent out to friends and family. We really don’t mind!

The draw will close on Wednesday 2nd Feb 2011. We will then review all the comments, and pick 15 lucky winners and contact you via email. So what are you waiting for, get commenting! Please only leave 1 comment, as multiple comments will still count towards one entry.


Hey all, thanks for commenting, but we can only select 15 people. So here are the lucky 15. We will be contacting you via email shortly…

1) Vidyesh

2) Abhishek Jain

3) David

4) radiotic

5) Bryan Reed

6) Hyper

7) Wiltabone

8) Elliot

9) Mike Grace

10) thinkdj

11) Claudio

12) Dungol

13) Yovko Lambrev

14) Cyrus

15) Steven

63 thoughts on “Web Hosting Giveaway, 15 Free Reseller Hosting Accounts Up For Grabs With Eleven2!”

  1. If I was to win, I would start my own post to host website. Giving members a choice of free and paid hosting. It’s something I always wanted to do, so thank you for the opportunity of maybe winning this contest.

  2. Like some of the comments above, if i win i will give it to church, non profit organization , my friends, family, helping poor people from non developed coutries, and try to make the world a better place. No kidding. I’ll try to make some money with it 🙂

  3. A friend and me are running a webdesign company and atm we are hosting our customers websites at a webhosting company. We were planning for the future to offer in the first place our own hosting too our customers and further also for others.

    This would be a great start to help us get bigger and better and having the possibility to offer our customers one package that includes everything.


  4. If I win I will be hosting around 10 websites, mostly personal, a couple commercial and a few charity websites. There will be a collection of ecommerce, blogs, static sites. Might spread some love to friends if I feel warm and nice on the day 🙂

  5. IF I win I would be the happiest chick in Ohio. I would try to resell the hosting to my clients. The resell hosting is new to me so I would have to watch some tutorials on how it all works. Winning is always nice 😉

  6. This is a sign to me, I don’t know what I can say to help my chances of being one of the lucky 15. I’m an aspiring web developer with a few projects under my belt and I’ve been in contact with quite a number of local organizations, churches, etc. They all want quality, reliable web hosting for their websites but a majority of them can’t afford it. If I got this, I would certainly help them out as much as possible. I also have a lot of friends that require hosting whom of which I would sell for a small fee.

  7. Hey all! 🙂

    If I were to win this giveaway, I would start up a company with my buddies, so that I can offer unlimited hosting to students in my country at a very low price!

    I found it very tough to pay the hosting charges because as a student in India we do not get much pocket money to spend for hosting!

    But I was lucky 🙂

    I began my journey to the internet with a blog on blogspot, later on shifted to WordPress. I was lucky to get Dreamhost’s hosting for 2 years for free (this happened when geocities shut down and I was lucky enough to get one)

    So, if I win I would provide the best packages offered by companies like Hostgator, Dreamhost etc to all interested students at a very low price and I think this would help many entrepreneurs in my country to succeed online.

    Hoping to win! 🙂

  8. If i win this free hosting, i would firstly port all my websites to this amazing webhost, give a few accouts to my friends who wanted to start off with their websites and start selling customized plans to blogger who wants the best out of their buck.

  9. If I were to win this i would set up the account to help finance my family and if it goes well i will employ them and run the reseller account as the family business. Thanks Louie

  10. if i were one of the 15 person i would first of all dedicate a portion of the webhosting services to non profit organisation who would want to set up a website but dont have the money to do so. Apart from that i would provide resonable hosting for anyone else who needs it.

  11. If I win this I will help every blogger who wants to start blogging. basically my current hosting is to expire this Feb 3rd

    Please help me

  12. If I will be chosen as one of 15 lucky winners, I will optimize my site for online marketing. I will also cater my friends marketing sites and venture for a small scale market where social networking will also serves as our advertisement.

  13. If I were to be one of the blessed 15 winners, then I’d be delighted to use it for my personal use to show how beautiful it is to be alive. I would showcase how great it is to be living and to be able to share it to the whole world with my very own site. I’d blog about my daily’s, people I admire and who could inspire, about my experiences and/or about the positivties in life. I am really hopeful for a slot! 😉 Continue giving hope & joy to the web enthusiasts! 😉

  14. If I were one of the 15 lucky winners, I would jump with joy first… and then start thinking about how to market the reseller account to make it pay for itself after the 4 months free period!

  15. If I were to win this account. It would be more than enough for me. I would start a little hosting company and gain alittle experience running such a business. (ps. im only 15 years old). If not that, I would continue building websites.

  16. Looks like a great hosting company. Found on css mania!

    Wonder if I could get a job with them? 🙂

  17. If I were one of the 15 lucky winners, I’d finally have an excuse to switch to Eleven2 and migrate my current and future sites.

  18. I would try to setup a webhost with unique positioning.
    BTW do we require to start utilizing the account immediately or we can have some time to activate it?

  19. Well,
    This is really a great opportunity,
    I have been looking for setting up one, but because of some financial probs I couldn’t.
    I have got a good circle with whom I can really Handle the webhosting business can give out for free/sell to friends,contacts etc.
    Many more things…
    Would be really appriciable to get one.

  20. I knew e2 when I searched a reseller plan on internet .when I came to eleven2.com,I was immediately attracted by this new site.
    and more ,I found the reseller plan is really good .
    So if I’m lucky enough to win,
    first I’ll start my hosting company.I hope that beginning my business with eleven2 will be perfect.
    Second,after months’ try ,if eleven2’hosts are really perfect ,i will tell me friends about eleven2 .Now in my area ,eleven2 is knew by few people ,I think i can do something to promote eleven2.

  21. I would first move all my sites there and then offer hosting for a few pet projects I have. Right now I host these projects on my account so would love to clear that up. Then I would offer hosting locally and actually develop a hosting business.

  22. Great! Now I can’t stop thinking about this and I’m probably going to have to buy it even if I don’t win it. ; )

  23. If I were lucky enough to win; it would help me and my business partner further our small but budding website and graphics design and development company – MaMu Designs here in Uganda

  24. I need to move my site to a better server. My site load 35 mb db mysql and the actual hosting load very slow.I would try eleven2 hosting and then if i will satisfied i’ll move all my site to Eleven2.

  25. If I’ll be one of the lucky winners, I’ll use the server for my side projects along with starting up a small hosting business so I can have extra money for college! 🙂

  26. If I won, I would use the hosting to start my business of converting college newpaper sites to WordPress from CollegePublisher. Many schools don’t have the resources to maintain their own newspaper sites so that’s where my business comes in

  27. If I was a winner I would use the reseller privileges to rent out space to some friends, clients, but most importantly the NPO I work with! I love eleven2, best hosting I have ever had!

  28. If I were one of the 15 lucky winners, I’d use the server for variety for things. First, I’d move my blog as well as some of my side projects to the server. Then, I’d offer my friends who needed hosting, some hosting for free to share the prize. Lastly, I would make an attempt at opening my own mini hosting business to help me pay off the server cost after the 4 months. I’ve never been able to make an initial investment in it and winning this prize would give me that chance.

    On a side note. I’ve been with Eleven2 before, you guys are awesome. Your servers are quick, I experienced no downtime and your support is fantastic. If I had the capital before, I would’ve definitely used Eleven2’s reseller service to jumpstart a small hosting business.

  29. Thanks for the opportunity, Eleven2! I would definitely use some FREE monthage to build upon my recent start-up, MikeDeGroat.com! =)

  30. If I were one of the lucky winners, I would use the space to attract hosting customers. I need this to supplement my income. My job is getting ready to implement furlough days and that will reduce my salary significantly.

  31. I could package free photo album sites to all my photography clients. Yes, that’d make their day! “Make me win!”

  32. If I won, I think I would do a little of all-of-the-above! I would definitely start using eleven2 as my host instead of the extremely crappy one I have now! I’ll use it to host my family’s and close friends websites, but I would get a hosting business going! I’m a photographer, and I know there’s a huge market that I can tap into with photographers if I can cater my web hosting toward them! Thanks eleven2 for the chance at this! Yall are awesome. (I’m in Dallas as well)

  33. It will be the perfect way to try gaining extra money from my clients by offering them a new reliable service. Plus, I have an idea for a little network so this could be a chance to have all the sites in one single place…
    I really hope to win this. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  34. If I win
    1) I’ll transfer some of my personal sites to Eleven2
    2) I’ll give it to my pals who needs websites/blogs
    3) I’ll TRY finding some ‘clients’ who’ll give me some moolah 😉

  35. I have been thinking of setting up a web hosting service that comes with free web design for the first few customers as promotion… this is my chance of realizing this plan if I get to be one of the 15 winners!

  36. Uau!!
    I cant believe!! It is a perfect Giveaway for me. I was just looking for a Hosting Company to start a new business.
    I hope to be the Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. It’s a best opportunity to do the hosting business by myself.
    If I was one of the these 15 winers, I think I also will start a web develop service to my customers.

  38. If I won, I’ll scrap my current hosting provider (who are rubbish!) and build a brand new site and make my first steps as a web agency.

  39. Nice give away!
    Well if i were one of the 15 winners, i would love use it for personal use. Hope for the best.

  40. If I was one of these 15 winners, I would finally start hosting all the websites I build for friends and myself, plus finally I could start my own webdesign service to other customers, since I’ll have a reliable host ! Thanks Eleven2 and WebDesignDev for the opportunity. I have never requested income from these websites, but this is a huge opportunity to start doing so, since people always look for professional hosting !

  41. If I’m one of the 15 winner, I would host all my family documents online and sell some part to my neighboor hood to pay for the reseller program after the 4 months.

  42. Hi there,
    if I were one of the winners, I’d use the account with friends and pet projects mostly. I like web development and web design, and I’d use it to learn and investigate new techniques.

    Cheers !

  43. If I were to win a reseller, I would be able to afford to continue having hosting for my web design friends and I would be able to continue the hosting by selling hosting accounts. I have a domain, unfortunately I recently have had short term financial issues.

  44. If I were one of the 15 winners, I would like to offer top notch hosting solutions and develop a good reseller hosting business.

  45. If I were one of the lucky 15, I could continue to build my freelance/small business and continue to provide websites/designs to clients. I have several sites within my current account and winning this would allow me to keep them as well as gain more sites! This would be a great financial weight lifted! I try to keep my pricing as low as I can and this would help.

    You all had an amazing deal 2 years ago, when I started. Your deal allowed me to get the ball rolling so that the dream I have could begin. I pass along the deal to my clients so that their dreams can begin! Thank you for an amazing 2 years – either way, I am sticking with eleven2!

  46. I’ve been looking for the opportunity to move my webdesign clients to a European hosted reseller solution, so this would be perfect 🙂

  47. If I were one of the 15 winners, I would like to host my friend’s sites and also if possible, to earn some money so that I can continue to pay for it after 4 months. I was always into the hosting business but does not have capital for it and thanks for Eleven2, chances will be given.

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