Tips For Creating Successful Web Designs

As graphic designers, web designers, and artists in general, we all want to know what will be the most compelling design that will get the attention of readers and potential clients and customers in terms of web design. We all know that along with hard work, a good set of tools, and skill all are important factors when considering the best options for creating a successful web design, but do we know the proper steps in order to achieve that goal? Today, we will review tips for creating successful web designs.

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We aint plastic

Why Less Is More – 15 Minimalist Web Designs

You might think that when it comes to web design, more intricate illustrations, brighter colors, and a lot of moving pictures equals more clicks and visitors spend more time on your website. This can sometimes be true, but is not always the case. Sometimes, less is more. Minimalist style is considered modern, and is necessary in a world that contains millions of cluttered and loud designs. Today, we will take a look at 15 minimalist web designs explaining why.

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