9 Common UX Problems and Solutions

People are hard-wired to recognize patterns. From the shapes in clouds to predictable stock market fluctuations, people see things that sometimes don’t exist. UX designers can use this to their advantage. By studying users behavioral patterns, designers are able to see how users navigate pages, use a menu option and how they use your site.  If you use the internet on a regular basis, you are bound to notice a lot of UX patterns and problems associated with it. Some solutions to these patterns worked well and those are the ones we see repeatedly.

In this article, we will discuss the various design patterns that are prevalent today and how users use them. Using various examples, we will cover how these design patterns are used by some of the best websites and web applications to solve some existing user problems.

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20 Free UX eBooks You Must Read

The Futureproof Responsive Web Design Bundle

There is always something new that you can learn about UX, whether we’re talking about best UX practices, new trends, prototyping techniques, or strategies and info about wireframing. In this article, we’ve piled up a very useful collection of 20 free UX eBooks you must read. These are both for beginners and more experienced UX designers. … Read more

20 Free UX Tools For Designers

Diigo -Annotation, Highlighter, Sticky Notes

This article gathers 20 free UX tools for both beginner and experienced UX designers. These free UX tools include various tool for facilitating UX tasks such as prototyping, annotating, design, usability testing, analytics, accessibility, screen grabbing, and more. Each UX tool has its use and will definitely come in handy at some point. Moreover, these are available … Read more

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