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Today, we will be reviewing Uscreen – a video membership platform that allows you to set up your own video subscription website. When you start looking at Uscreen you will quickly notice that the type of video subscription website you can create with it is very much similar to Netflix. So if you have been thinking about or are actively trying to create a Netflix-like video membership portal,then Uscreen is a must-have tool for you. Let’s look at some of the features of Uscreen and see how it can help you with your video site:

Custom white label Mobile apps for iOS and Android

The team at Uscreen understand that when you launch your own video site, you need more than just a website. In this day and age, everyone is using apps, and Uscreen already includes custom apps for you to use, both in iOS and Android. The best part? They are completely white label, so you can mark them as your own without anyone ever knowing they are by Uscreen.

Fully white label platform

It’s not just the apps that you can white label. Uscreen allows you to white label the entire video platform – which means that you can quickly be on your way at launching the next Netflix.

Security & DRM Protected

Because Uscreen allows your customers to stream the videos and actually download them and watch them locally, Uscreen provides terrific security features to prevent unauthorized distribution and piracy of your videos. All of your videos will be DRM protected to ensure that only those who purchase the videos or membership to your website will have access to them.

Full hosting of videos

Creating videos is just part of the story. If your website becomes popular and many people are watching your videos simultaneously, you will have to start worrying about hosting your videos. Uscreen takes care of this problem before it becomes a problem, as they provide full hosting of all of your videos.

Built-in Features

Uscreen includes a plehtoy of built-in LMS Features such as Testing & Certifications, Scheduling, Courses, Progress Reports and much more. Creators of Uscreen have put together every feature you will ever need to have a successful video subscription website.

Chapter Menu Setup

If you are creating videos that have more than 1 part, or chapter, Uscreen allows you to break them down into chapters. This is much like a book, only in video format – where user can move within the video by watching specific chapters. These chapters can include not only videos, but also audio (podcasts), PDFs, links to websites and more.


You can see some of Uscreen’s screenshots below:
photo-2 Pin photo-1 Pin netflix61 Pin netflix51 Pin

Success Stories:

Let’s look at 2 of Uscreen’s customers and see how they have taken their video subscription business to the next level by using Uscreen.


Hoopnotica is a website that sells various hoola hoops and also specializes in teaching people how to properly train using a hoola hoop. By using Uscreen’s video subscription platform, Hoopnotica is able to sell “how to” videos about hoola hoop training on their website.


FLX specializes in selling ballet inspiring flexiblity and strength training products. By using Uscreen, FLX is able to have their own video library of videos that can be played online or purchased.


If you are thinking about or actively working on your own video subscription or membership website, or simply have something you’d like to teach (and make money from) people via videos, then Uscreen is terrific solution for you.

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