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Graphic designers are among the most important knowledge workers in the economy. Their greatest aim is to attract consumers and to help to promote ideas through the use of creative art and visual concepts, though I have got a graphic designer to write my research paper once and he did an excellent job.. The industry is among the oldest, with art as a means of expression and advertising going back hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

The good news is that you can get a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. You can use these programs to start building up your portfolio for the future, where you will showcase it to potential employers. We went through the trouble of going through the many universities in the U.S. where you can learn graphic design. We came up with a list of the top such schools for you to choose from.

  1. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is over a century old, having been founded in 1900. The university currently has over 6,000 students enrolled. The average class has fewer than 20 students and each teacher is matched to 13 students at most.

The Program

Carnegie Mellon University likes to treat graphic design and design principles as separate subjects from the fine arts. They have three main areas of focus for their design students: Communication Design, which is graphic design, Product Design, which is industrial design, and The Design of Physical and Digital Environments.

  1. Maryland Institute College of Art

The Maryland Institute College of Art is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and was founded in the year 1826. The college has 725 students enrolled. Each class has less than 20 students and every teacher is matched with 13 students.

The Program

The name of the program is Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Students who succeed in completing the program will have mastered the art of visual composition that is crucial to print and digital design and will work with real clients as part of their education, taking projects and carrying through the entire process from conception to service delivery.

  1. Virginia Commonwealth University

The Virginia Commonwealth University is located in Richmond, Virginia and was founded in 1838. It is a fairly large school with over 31,000 students enrolled. Understandably, each class has somewhere between 20 and 49 students and each teacher is matched to 17 students.

The Program

The universities aim with its graphic design program is to ensure that students are fully capable of communication and form in the visual medium. The program is dedicated to exploring many different methods of problem solving in order to cultivate professionalism in its students.

  1. Otis College of Art and Design

The Otis College of Art and Design is located in Los Angeles, California, and was founded in 1918. It currently enrolls about 1100 students. Each class has fewer than 20 students and every teacher is matched to 8 students.

The Program

This college is heavily focused on research and encourages students to continually refine their projects in order to make them more meaningful. The research paper is a common feature. A significant part of the program is dedicated to fostering presentation skills and refining the graphic design skills of the students to the point where they have an unmatched level of excellence.

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  1. Boston University

The Boston University is located in Boston, Massachusetts. It has been around for nearly 2 centuries now, having been founded in 1839. It is also a fairly large organization, currently enrolling over 18,000 students. Remarkably, however, even with the large size, each class still has fewer than 20 students and every teacher is matched to 13 students.

The Program

The Boston University offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design degree. The program is designed to cultivate and strengthen the technical abilities of students through open-ended projects. These projects also serve to give the students extensive experience in doing professional work in preparation for their careers. Students are also encouraged to join various professional organizations in order to engage themselves in design communities.

If you’re not a native speaker of English who is planning to join any of these universities, you might feel daunted at first. How will you write your research paper topics and communicate effectively in English? You might also want to take your time to appreciate everything that the US has to offer.


These are the 5 top American universities that offer excellent graphic design programs. You can hardly go wrong with any one of them. Going through any of these programs should turn you into a consummate graphic designer by the time you graduate.

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