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Recently, I’ve had a chance to use SohoOS and thought I’d share my SohoOS review with all of my loyal readers. SohoOS is the ultimate all-in-one solution for small business owners, such as all of you web designers. Best of all, it is absolutely free.

SohoOS offers very attractive features such as:

  • Unified Contacts

    SohoOS allows you to manage all of your clients, contacts and leads from one location. You can perform every action (such as send an invoice, etc.) directly from your SohoOS contact list.


  • Invoices and Billing

    You can request a payment directly by sending out the invoice and attach a link for direct payment. You can receive payments for the invoices via multiple payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards, and you don’t even need a merchant account.


  • Communication

    The SohoOS premium features include local & international calls, SMS (single and multi destinations), fax, mass email campaigns and video and audio conference calls.

  • Inventory Management

    If you running out of your products, the SohoOS Inventory feature sends an alert and allows you to order new products on the fly directly from your vendor by using a purchase order.

  • Freelance Arena

    As I always point out, getting clients from freelancing websites is a great way for extra income as a web designer. SohoOS has a freelance arena that allows you to post projects to the board, search for projects by skills or interest and bid on projects.

Freelance Arena

  • Embed Leads Widget

This widget allows you to easily embed a lead form into any website. Whenever this form is filled out, the information is saved as a lead inside your SohoOS system.


  • Document Management

    You will have the ability to manage all documents from one filing system. You can also create folders and then link them to clients, vendors, or ongoing projects by uploading documents or linking to them externally.


  • Document Templates

    Whether you need a business plan or a new employee agreement, a letter of intent template or a marketing document – all of them are readily available with a simple click.


  • Project Management

    Create new projects with start and end dates, allocate a budget, assign milestone and responsibilities, and grant access to each task on a hierarchical basis. In addition, tracking your projects with a customized project indicator.


  • SohoOS Mobile App

    Now you can have full control over your business from wherever you are, whenever you want. The SohoOS mobile app uses all of the functionality provided by the SohoOS web application, directly from your iPhone.


The above is just a small sample of all of the free features you get with SohoOS. 300,000 people have already registered for their free account, so what are you waiting for?

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