Best Password Manager App for Families & Individuals In 2022

Managing passwords in this modern digital age can be overwhelming becoming a major chore, to say the least. With the threat of becoming a cybercrime victim increasing, taking extra security measures is, unfortunately, a task we all need on our to-do lists. Not properly creating, storing, and managing passwords can increase the risk of theft … Read more

Top 15 Free HTML Landing Page Templates For 2022

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022

Landing pages have still not lost their charm. On the contrary, they have become more relevant as digital marketers are finding multiple uses to enhance brand reach and sales. Initially, landing pages were considered to be quick alternatives to the main website. They were quick and easy to setup. Generally, HTML landing pages were used … Read more

9 Best Beautiful Apparel WordPress Themes For 2022

Apparel Brands WordPress Themes

Establishing an online store and a retail store has become mandatory for all Apparel Brands. The good news is that there are many good eCommerce website templates readily available today. However, if you’re building your site one of the popular content management systems called WordPress, having a great selection of apparel WordPress themes that can … Read more

20 Free Web Safe Fonts For Designers To Use in 2022

Free Safest & Good-Looking Fonts To Use in 2022 

The use of new and creative fonts for digital media is increasing multifold. But to make the fonts highly creative, designers tend to miss the mark on the legibility and readability part which may cause them to not be visible to everyone. When you use fonts in the online digital world, they must be universally … Read more

10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers To Compare in 2022

WordPress hosting provider list

By choosing a reputable, well-seasoned WordPress hosting provider for your WordPress websites, you can enjoy multiple advantages that include high security, enhanced speed, guaranteed uptime, superior WordPress support, and much more. Out of all the specific WordPress hosting companies out there on the web, many of them claim that they are the “best” with the best … Read more

Top 12 School Website Design Ideas & Features For 2022

Tips to Enhance School Websites

If you’re wondering, what should a school website contain this year, with regard to its structure, functionality, appearance, design, and content, then we have your questions covered. Here at WebDesignDev, we will cover the top 12 important school website design elements that every web developer should consider. Websites, in general, have now transcended from being … Read more

Combining Technical SEO Optimization & Off-site Activity

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing a website to increase online visibility and traffic from search results. It positively influences the visibility of a website in search engines, however, it requires time and appropriate actions and tools. In this article, we will point out what comprehensive SEO consists of and what is … Read more

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