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Mays Digital Review – Your One Stop For All Web Design & Marketing Needs

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Today, we are reviewing Mays Digital (https://www.maysdigital.co.uk/), a UK-based company that provides a wide range of website services to individuals and businesses from around the world.  In total, Mays Digital provides 21 website-related services and will take care of any and all of your website-related needs, from creating the website, to choosing the right content management system, to promotion, advertising, marketing and search engine optimization – Mays Digital can do it all for you.

Reviewing all of Mays Digital’s services would take far too long, so today I am going to concentrate on the 3 most popular things people look for when it comes to web design.

E-Commerce Website Design:

Being experts in designing e-commerce websites, Mays Digital not only designs beautiful e-commerce sites, but they also design sites that work. As you know, a visually impressive e-commerce site is not enough if users can’t find the product or service they are looking for. For Mays Digital, users always come first. Mays Digital follows industry’s best practices when designing your e-commerce sites, ensuring that your website has a beautiful design, is user friendly and is easy to navigate. Moreover, Mays Digital provides a consultancy service where they will create a comprehensive plan for your website, including SEO, security, user friendly shopping carts / baskets and much more.

WordPress Website Design:

I love WordPress. In fact, I love WordPress so much that my own design blog (Web Design Dev, the one that you are reading right now) runs on WordPress and has been doing so from its inception. WordPress has come so much along from its initial release that currently it is one of your best solutions for any website. Mays Digital not only provides affordable WordPress website design, but it also takes advantage of WordPress’ Woo-commerce plugin (one of the most popular WordPress plugins) to create beautiful, functional WordPress e-commerce websites.

Joomla Website Design:

Personally, I have not used Joomla much because I use WordPress, however Joomla is really the only other alternative you have if you want to use an existing CMS and don’t want to use WordPress. Joomla has most of the features that WordPress has and is a terrific choice for anyone looking to create a website. Joomla is a very versatile CMS that allows you to build any type of website, including e-commerce. Mays Digital provides extremely affordable Joomla website design, creating beautiful and user-friendly websites for you using Joomla in the back-end. And if that was not enough, Mays Digital even offers Joomla training courses, ensuring that you will get the most out of Joomla and run your website with perfection.

To sum up this review, Mays Digital is an excellent choice for any website-related needs you may have. Check out their website and see what Mays Digital can do for you.

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