50 Amazing Flash Website Designs

Over the last few years, flash has evolved a lot and what was once frowned upon when used in websites, has now been accepted and used in 1000’s of different ways across some of our most loved websites. Today we have created a list of our favorite 50 flash website designs for you flash lovers out there!

25 Clear And Beautiful Comparison Tables

Theres no point in having an awesome website and an awesome product if your product comparison table is crap. It will throw people right off, and believe me I have seen some bad tables. Anyway here is a collection of the best product comparison tables handpicked by WebdesignDev.

17 Dazzling Hand Drawn Website Designs

Web Design isn’t just about keeping up with the latest trends, but about setting new ones. Hand-Drawn websites can attract alot of attention, and if done correctly can look simply amazing! All 17 websites feature hand drawn elements such as backgrounds, sketches etc.

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