10 Branding Mistakes Not to Make as a Designer

Branding Mistakes by Designers: Not Having a Branding Plan

One of the most important aspects of any business is its branding. Gone are the days when businesses could carry on their operations without giving much attention to their branding. The branding serves as the foundation for their marketing and sales efforts, and hence the stronger the branding foundation, the more fruitful will be the … Read more

30 Typography Terms All Designers Must Understand

Typography Terms All Designers Must Understand

Typography is a whole different language in design that is useful for better understanding and communication of text. If you are a beginner in design or some experienced graphic design professional, universal vocabulary of various design elements is essential to know. Typography has a direct correlation with design and objectives; therefore, it is known as … Read more

22 Glamourous Fonts for Fashion Industry Designers

Glamourous Fonts for Designers working in Fashion Industry

Fashion has developed its position from a mere necessity to an intrinsic part of our lifestyle. Every professional working in the fashion industry has to use style, art, trend, and glamour as foundational elements of their daily job. And specifically, designers working on logos, magazines, brand accessories, and other graphic design projects have to keep … Read more

How to become a better designer in 30 days

How to become a better designer in 30 days

Graphic designers face stiff competition, given the massive rise in the number of people choosing to follow this profession. A few years back, graphic designers were hard to find, especially the good ones. But today, with the advent of technology, any person with a decent internet connection, a few softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., claims … Read more

21 Line Design Icon Sets for Your Collection

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection

In today’s time, no designer wants to create typical or ordinary designs. The most significant trend we have seen in the last few years is minimalistic designs. In every sector, when it comes to designing, people are following and appreciating less is more concept with creative design elements. When we talk about designing elements like … Read more

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers

Free Church Backgrounds for Designers

It is pretty interesting to see how religion has also matched pace with technology. Over time, their way of communication to the larger audience has evolved with the various trends of mass communications.  Today, almost all significant churches will have their website and their own social media presence. They realize that the digital world is … Read more

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