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Website developers constantly look for ways to improve the function of websites. Individual blogs and businesses, alike, often depend on the revenue their sites bring in. When your livelihood is on the line, new and innovative methods help you achieve your goals. Comments determine how websites generate traffic. People form opinions, share advice, and recommend sites to friends. When the comment section falls quiet, many sites dwindle away. Plugins for comments add improvement to the WordPress experience. Heyoya offers an entire new option when it comes to comments. Voice comments present with a fun atmosphere and more human element. Improve WordPress comments with Heyoya by installing the plugin.


The novelty of having something new on a site can be a big part of bringing in more traffic. Existing followers also appreciate the new feature. The voice feature is brings a new dimensions to commenting on posts. Your voice echoes to millions. Those that speak their comment are also more likely to pay attention to tone, emotion, and content. This option brings about more humanity in the people online. This with more social backgrounds tend to enjoy a more interactive setup that voice comments provide.

  • More humanity
  • Interactive
  • Better understanding of tone


Heyoya aims to do more than offer a fun feature to play with. Developers of Heyoya remain determined to bring a safer environment to the world of comments. Heyoya improves websites by filtering out spam. It can take a lot of work to locate spam manually when searching through analytical reports. The Heyoya plugin places spam control at your fingertips. Identification and isolation of questionable comments ensues. Your comments section remains free and clear.

  • Finds spam
  • Isolates spam
  • Keeps working while you relax

Malware and Spyware

Malware and spyware not only slow down your computer, they also take up a lot of space. Some of these programs exist to steal information. Others wreak havoc on how your computer runs and executes necessary functions you need to save room for your guests and posts. Refrain from continuing with a cluttered website. Heyoya can easily help you remedy the problem. The comments section is a common hiding spot for clickable links that lead to malware or spyware. These severely harm your computer or data when they open. Heyoya helps to identify these when you can’t monitor manually. The option to flag comments greatly reduces the chance that your audience may fall prey to these false advertisements. The widget in Heyoya allows for different settings when it comes to flagging comments.

  • Manual or automatic censoring
  • Identification of false advertisements
  • Saves the site and those interacting on it

Authentication of the Commenter

Voice comments automatically offer a better distinction of guests than typed commentary. Everyone’s voice is unique, making this option a safety mechanism, while also adding some fun. Heyoya takes the authentication process a step further by not allowing comment until after validation of an email. This ensures that comments from bots are nearly impossible. This authentication remains a simple process, implemented with the Heyoya comment plugin. Once safety prevails, it leaves more room for fun. Visitors to the site can relax and enjoy their tour. Comments happen with confidence in the security of a site enhanced with Heyoya.

  • Email verification for all commenters
  • Bots unlikely
  • More time for fun

Fun for All

Voice comments enhance the commenting process. Those that have trouble writing the right words or phrases, can express themselves more naturally. Guests place the face they see on a profile picture with a voice they didn’t know before. This mimics meeting in person much better than a typed comment section. The excitement of a new friend follows this informational debut. New technology abounds on a daily basis. Heyoya brings some of this to you in their plugin.

  • Helps get acquainted
  • More natural
  • New and exciting

The Human Behind the Comment

The Heyoya program for Word press brings the humanity back to computer correspondence. Complaints often prevail about the lack of personal interaction in today’s world. This option gives people the chance to show their humanity. When you speak, a part of your personality shows through. This can also help others to better understand your comments. People also tend to hide behind text comments, believing that it doesn’t really matter what they say. When people talk for commenting, they hear themselves saying the words. This brings realization when an unkind remark escapes. When people listen to the comments, they may also have a better understanding of the person’s intentions. Heyoya improves the human element of comments, not just the computer experience.

  • Kinder comments
  • Shows human behind the words
  • Increases social interaction

Other Benefits

The Heyoya comment plugin has a myriad of benefits that go beyond these main elements. There is a competent support team available 24/7, in case you have issues with any technical parts of the plugin. The entire site sets up with checkpoints for authentication. Your users enjoy a safe place to interact. Less worries leads to more time on your site. Dashboard organization is a key part of maintaining your site. Heyoya makes this easy with optimal placement of everything you need. The plugin is also available for use on mobile devices. This makes checking the site convenient from any location.

  • Optimal support
  • Dashboard organization
  • Authentication of users
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Leads to safety of the site

Heyoya comment plugin for WordPress offers users a convenient, safe, and entertaining site to enjoy their social interaction. Do not settle for less when it comes to internet safety. The voice comment option is the most popular part of the plugin. It allows comments to come to life. Humanity spreads across the globe when people choose to try out voice comments. Heyoya also has significant experience fighting spam, malware, and spyware. These are common ailments that slow down successful websites. Heyoya identifies the issues and red flags them so you can rest easy.

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