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Considering how many TV shows and movies are made these days, the actors need to have their unique spotlight among their competitors. Though the film actors and actresses or dancers or comedians give the best performance on stage, it is hard for them to showcase it to a wider audience without a website.

It is the most common belief among various actors that a site is not essential to publish their work as they expect their managers or agents to carry out this task. But, these individuals are missing out on the huge advantages they can get through the site.

Most people have the common assumption that the purpose of building a website is to boost sales, but the vital part of designing a website is exposure to the digital world. The digitized media reaches a wider audience range compared to traditional marketing methods and serves as a great tool for promoting individuals or products or services.

Some tips to assist in creating websites for film media and the actors include:


The crucial information that has to be included in the websites designed for actors are the portfolios, skilled shots, contact information, and expertise. Design the website simply and clearly and use appropriate background colors and fonts as they leave an impression regarding the actor’s personality. Depending on how flamboyant or rather modest an actor is, use a certain color scheme.

Use blue shades or green for actors that are more down to earth, and vivid colors for the more exuberant actors. Or use black if you want to play it safe.

Do not complicate your website by including unnecessary pictures and make your site user friendly and interactive.


During the website design phase, make sure that you make it easier for the users to navigate through the pages and ensure that certain continuity exists between page to page. Including a button links on every site for directing the user to the home page or final page would help provide a good browsing experience to the users. Ensure the layout of your website pages is the same though they contain different kinds of information.

The website must look great

Creating a professional website can convey the actor’s expertise and standards in a very particular way. For a website to look professional the essential data has to be included with high clarity and efficiency.

One of the most common beliefs among various individuals or critics is that “A pro website implies that there’s a professional actor”. Hence, make sure your website appears professional enough to the viewers. Maybe you can use parallax scrolling effects or some other trendy effects that will make it look good.


You need to have a specific collection of headshot pictures taken by professional photographers to include them on your website to increase its value. Also, ensure that all the headshot pictures consist of appropriate titles, info, and even picture credits to the photographer.


The profile page of the website, which consists of the skills and experience of the actor have to be filled with utmost diligence and exciting manner by including certain good satirical, humorous lines to entertain your viewers, and at the same time, you keep it professional.

Social media

It is important to mention the profile links of your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to increase your followers and help your viewers get familiar with you.

Include reels

The bio of your page contains all your skills and qualities, but the best way to make the viewers or fans believe in those is to include a reel on the website at the very center and make sure that the reel you included has high clarity and visible on the site.

Acting Clips

Include your best acting clips on your websites as these can serve as samples for producers or directors who view your site and get impressed with your work. You can also include audio clips if you are a voice actor. The implementation is extremely easy if your site is on WordPress. You just use a Soundcloud WordPress plugin and the job is done in minutes.

The website should be responsive

It is observed that most of the individuals like to browse the websites using their mobiles as they find it much more convenient and access it at any point of the day. Hence, make sure that your website has a mobile application that works perfectly without any issues.

Show photos of the actor

Although posting headshots attracts the viewers, it is just not enough to convince them as it just gives them a one side view. You can include some promotional pictures or press pictures or any past work pictures or on the set pictures as they bring out more interest among the fans regarding the actor’s personality.

Outdated Content

It is essential to update your website regularly with new pictures and your recent works and your current activity. In case you feel you won’t be able to update your site for few months, then do not include the date or time in your previous posts as it can help the user to think they are recent.

Loading time

If you need a good number of audiences to your actor website, then make sure your website is highly efficient and does not take much time to load. Make sure the loading time of your site does not exceed five seconds. Also, add a limited number of videos to your site as it can sometimes slow your website speed.

White space

You must have some space on your website for including white spaces between texts or images as it can provide a better view for the reader. If the information in your site appears clustered, then there is a good amount of chance that the reader can get confused regarding the content. Having negative spaces that is empty spaces is also suitable for your website as it helps in pointing out the critical part of the website, which has the information.

Video backgrounds

Some website owners like to install musical backgrounds to their sites, which is not a bad thing, but make sure the audio is played only if the user requests it, or else it may irritate your viewers and make them leave your site.


The website’s contact page has to be clear and well presented with a good number of agent details and contact information. It is also advisable to have different fields categorized out with the respective agent allotted for that work.

Add reviews

Selling the actor expertise is crucial to increase your followers. For achieving this, you need to include any popular videos and positive press reviews to your website in such a way that they are placed, and the visitors do not miss them. 

Why not SEO?

Build the website with excellent SEO skills which concern the search keywords the audience browse you with and thus help to make you stand out from the crowd and get easily noticed by many viewers.

To steer clear from competitors, create a unique brand or an icon that leaves a great impression to the audience and make sure your website is professional as that is known for achieving excellent results for the actor.

If, however, you don’t build the website yourself and choose a web development company, you might want to talk to an SEO agency as well, as web dev companies usually handle just the development part.

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