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Hello Everyone,
As our last giveaway came to a successful end, we have decided to run another free giveaway. This time one lucky winner will receive a whole small business startup package! This time the company is PrintPrintPrint. To see the winners from the last giveaway, scroll below.

More About PrintPrintPrint print more a less everything. From Business Cards to Posters, Door Hangers to Magnets, you’ll be sure PrintPrintPrint has it. Their website is easy to use, and they accept all major credit cards.

All their prices are laid out in a nice and easy to read table below each product category.


What Does The Lucky Winner Receive?

The one lucky winner will receive…

  • 500 Rounded Corner Business Cards
  • 500 Letterheads
  • 500 Envelopes
  • 500 Double Sided Postcards for Marketing

How Do I Enter?

To enter the giveaway, simply leave us a comment below, saying what you would do if you won this small business startup package. The giveaway will end in 2 weeks time, on July 24th.

On July 24th we will select one lucky winner, and contact them via email. Please leave 1 comment per person. If there is more than 1 comment from the same person, all other comments will be voided. 1 Comment counts!

** Please note that the winner will have to pay for shipping if he/she lives outside the U.S **

Winners From The Last Giveaway

The 2 winners from our last giveaway are Brad and T-Law. Congratulations!

141 thoughts on “Giveaway: Small Business Startup Package”

  1. I would love to win this small business and would market it towards schools and non profit organizations

  2. If I win I will use it to market my products in a very simple way so I can quickly make others understand what I do.

  3. If I won the Small Business Startup Package, this is exactly what I’ll do:

    Business Cards: I will trade cards with cool people I meet at various networking events and always keep 3-4 in my wallet, just in case. I will save two for later.

    Letterheads: I will print professional documents on my letterhead including letters, press releases, contracts and my business plan. I will save two for later.

    Envelopes: I will have to figure out how to print addresses directly on envelopes because I’ve never had cool envelopes before. Then I will put letters and other documents inside, seal it up, stamp it and send it in the mail. I will save two for later.

    Double Sided Postcards for Marketing: I will write various notes and self-address the postcards to public high schools and other educational organizations across the U.S. Then I will get the special 28 cent postcard stamps, send them in the mail and wait to see if direct mail really works. I will save two for later.

    Lastly: I will type thank you letters on the two letterheads, write thank you notes on two postcards, place the letters in two envelopes (w/ two business cards), and send one letter and one postcard to each Michael Dunlop and Chris Milas.

    Thank you for considering me,

  4. If I won I would use the cards, letterhead, envelopes and postcards to help market my recently created design collective: !

    I would be so thankful that I would place a 300×100 ad for on my blog ( ) FOREVER! (or the life of the blog, which will be a very very long time)

    Of course I would also blog about the experience, showcase the final products and make sure all my tweeps knew all about it as well.

  5. Hi, my two dads didn’t prepare me for life as one busy single mom. The frustration of getting help has brought my career full circle as a long time journalist. I just spent the last of my funds on the web domain which creates a portal for all resources available to single moms. We are under represented by giant corporations taking for granted that mothers make most of America’s budgeting decisions today. So as one, the portal gives us one huge voice. I’d be thrilled if I won. Your products would give ease some of this giant task. And if you’re game, I’d use your giveaway for cross promotions on my website, by hitting you up for more giveaways to help others.

  6. well if I won…

    Firstly I think I would come up with some snazzy design work to have printed on, 500 Rounded Corner Business Cards, 500 Letterheads, 500 Envelopes and 500 Double Sided Postcards for Marketing.

    then I would have a cup of tea… and be pretty happy!

  7. I’m making corporate identity for my small web design business for the first time and looking for a great print company. This giveaway will help me to look more professional, get some new clients, promote and grow my business. I also will have a proven print company that I can recommend to all my clients.

    And just one more thing:

    I want to hint that you need to use PrintPrintPrint!

    You can submit eps, pdf even jpg and tiff files,
    And your print will be more than nice!
    Best quality with best price,
    To choose us is very wise!

    Product will be glossy with full color,
    You’ll come back for more and more!

    Why don’t you visit us,
    Our product line is growing so fast!

  8. Fresh shoestring startup where every penny counts, and at a stage where our marketing lags our dev. This would be a godsend.

  9. This would be a great opportunity for those who are starting out in the freelance industry. I have a graphic designer for the past three years work in the corporate world. With this it would help me make that first step into the freelance word.

    Id use the business cards to of course market and brand myself to others. I would then use the letterhead to send out a warm “thank you”

    Then of course use the postcards as reminders down the line.

    I am very new to the freelancing world, i am very excited to jump on the bandwagon. I think it is amazing what you are doing for those that are just starting out.

    I appreciate your time.

    Justin Davis (nothing is there yet, just the name. Still learning 🙂 )

  10. I am re-starting my freelance commercial writing business because I am determined to be a work-at-home-mom. Funds are tight (I’m also a single mother), so I’d put the free products to great use.

    I’m starting a “pull out all the stops” marketing campaign, via cold-calls and cold emails. From there I’ll be following furiously with my new warm market. That’s where the business cards and postcards will come into play.

    Once I get new clients, I’ll use the letterhead and envelopes to correspond with them professionally.

    Thanks so much for considering my home-based business!

  11. I would surprise my parents! My dad is a teacher, and together with my mom, has been working hard to start an small auction and appraisal business. Dad has been training and acquiring licenses on a teacher’s salary and hours, and a small gesture like this would really put a smile on his face. =)

  12. Well, the first thing to do with the package will be certainly send a postcard to some forgotten clients that i need to reactivate, and some letterheads to the future ones, im just starting a new alliance with some people and this package could be a great first step in our way, so, what are we waiting?

  13. I am starting university this year. I will be studying an engineering major. However I want to study design or photography, I know in these tough times, when you are in a country like mine(turkey) you don’t have many chances, and when you are to choose between a hungry&happy designer and a bored&satiate engineer, you make your “choice”. These gifts could enable me to at least try to be a designer.

  14. After retiring from the military, and obtaining my degree in graphic/web design while on active duty, I am pursuing my goal to start my own business. I am currently taking online classes in developing small business plans, financing, corporations and all that starting a small business comprises. To get noticed with professional materials once things are up and running would be an enormous and invaluable plus to enter into the design field.

  15. I’m currently in the process of rebranding myself as a freelance designer, and I would love the opportunity to be awarded this gift. Being two years out of school and with little money, I can say that I would certainly take advantage of this.

  16. I recently decided to move ahead with starting my own web design / development company here in Southern Arizona. To say that my current funds are minimal would be an obscene understatement — as such, this package would be a brilliant gift.

  17. I’m a web design major and would like to having a set of branded business cards, letterheads and envelopes would help much! Would be nice to save a few dollars.

  18. I’d love to have professional-looking cards–and especially the postcards! And just in time for a holiday mailing, too!

  19. We are a small business in the computer sales and service industry. We haven’t had the need to advertise other than word of mouth in 15 years. I do believe that magnets would be a great asset to our company. Mind you our company consists of 3 people and will never go above that.

  20. I’ve been working in web/interface design for about a decade and a little over a year ago started marketing my own art work. I paint abstract trees and although a have a nice site for them which has got them out there, my profits so far have had to go right back to more art supplies and gallery expenses which hasn’t allowed me to invest in marketing materials aside from business cards yet. The postcards especially would be super sweet…I have wanted some for awhile to show off a painting and promote my site. Business cards are always running out so I would love to see how theirs look. Also the letterhead and envelopes would make my communications with galleries and collectors look more professional which would help get my foot in the door as I am still fairly new to this…thanks for the opportunity!

    You can check out my paintings on my site

  21. I need to work on marketing for next years’ business. This will give me the great opportunity to.

  22. My wife just took a bold decision leaving her full time job to pursue her dreams as a freelance web developer. She is just doing stuff on the Internet at the moment but is looking to expand locally. A package such as this would be the best gift I can get her in helping her achieving her dream! Thanks for giving me a chance to enter to win!

  23. Having gone from a freelance designer to a business owner a few years ago – the chance to create marketing materials would give me an opportunity to develop our brand further yet specifically tailor it to our latest service offerings with some bespoke printed material.

    In those immortal words – You only get one chance to make your first impression.


  24. To be able to have a full branding on the web is one thing, but to be able to have full branding in in the real world would be the ultimate freelancers dream. Love this new and different contest. Thanks!

  25. I am strongly considering starting up my freelance career although as with everything money is an issue. If I won this it would be a huge help allowing me to get myself out there! and start following my dreams!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. We would be able to start our new Bath & Body website because so much of the burden of cost would be lifted if we won this package. We could put that money into additional start up costs. Alex is an IT Mgr by trade and I am a Digital Scrapbook Designer but with the job Market the way it is we are only making maybe 1/3 of what we were before and with kids it’s not easy. We moved to TN for a better life but the jobs just aren’t here.

  27. No Begging, No Excuses, No Complaining…
    I’m only here to support the site and because it models everything I plan to be in the future.

  28. I’m a recent university graduate – winnipeg a small business package will help launch my freelance career. It’s about time I stopped freelancing on the site – it should be my full time position!!

  29. Hi.
    You’ve heard of the state everyone gets into when there are far too many choices around. I’ve been trying to do my own web site, to brand my company. I keep checking around for examples, …go to one website for something and end up at some obscure site with no relevance for what I started my search on….and now its 8 months later, and Im no closer to getting a single ‘set” idea.
    Too many ideas!! Perhaps an outsiders perspective would help. I know your startup package would help loads.

  30. If I won…..I would take the opportunity to get more involved with my own site (marketing wise) and really push to change from a little black speck on the web, to a well-known resource for information. Thanks for the chance guys and gals,


  31. Good Day,

    I was recently laid off. The job had nothing to do with design, but it did provide an income for myself and my family. I have always wanted to start my own business (I have been freelancing part-time because of my day job), but never had the time or the know how to get into it full time.

    This is the perfect opportunity for me to finally follow my dreams and passion, and the startup package would be a blessing in disguise.

    Thanks for the space,
    Bryan Zimmerman

  32. I am a senior graphic design major and when I graduate in May I plan on only doing freelance work. With the economy being the way it is right now it means that I have to work extra hard to get my name out there as a designer and to pick up clients. I plan on trying to expand my client list now so when I graduate and have freelance work as my only income it isn’t such a shock to me. I am in the process now of marketing myself in my community and this giveaway would greatly help with that!

    Elle Woodward

  33. Hi there!

    Our company recently started in Hungary. As the managing director I’d use these for marketing purposes to make our appearance more professional.

    Gyorgy Nemeth

  34. This would be great ! Currently in the middle of rebranding myself as a freelance web designer and this would definitely help me get a jump start on promotion items!

    Hope I win 🙂

  35. Our business has only just started, any help for marketing would be fantastic. Having professional business cards, letterheads, postcards and envelopes which are coordinated especially for our business would be a great start and opportunity for us.
    We would use this opportunity to get our name out there for all to see, make use of any and all promotional advantages.
    We sell a product that we really believe in, from personal (our pets) experience. The name of our product is B.A.R.F (not to be confused with throwing up, ha ha) it’s a healthy raw dog and cat food. ‘Biologically Appropriate Raw Food’ check out our facebook site BARF – Albury Wodonga – Australia.
    So thanks for the chance to have a go and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.


  36. Would love to win this one! It would really help my start-up business, for which I just recently finished creating the combination website and blog.

    Thanks for yet another great offer!

  37. I’d redesign my business cards to have rounded corners… 😉

    Oh, and mass-mail all the local small businesses who need their table-based sites redesigned for this decade.

  38. I am currently disabled and crocheting the most unique things that I can think of that you cannot find anywhere else. This business will help supplement my income as disability is difficult to live on to say the least although I am grateful for it! I have been working on learning this whole internet business opportunities and what they have to offer and it is overwhelming to me. My disability is with my hands, fibromyalgia and arthritis so it is wierd that I am choosing a business that uses my hands but it is what I have a passion for. I would love to have a stand alone business web site that isn’t in a huge mall of other competitors selling similar items! The competition is ridiculous! I do have an edge in my courage to dare to be different and I would love to get this business off the ground! I have been trying since February of this year. I have been trying to get my footprint all over the place to draw people to my website and this is very time consuming but I believe it is worth it! No shoppers no sales! I have 2 grandchildren that I adore and I want so much to be able to buy them some things that light up their faces ( 6 years and 4 years old). I don’t believe in spoiling them but they are happy with very little so I am blessed in this way as I believe it is my time that they enjoy and will remember the most!! I hope that I haven’t gone on too long in this comment and you don’t delete it do to it’s lengthy, wordy life story? I am a grateful, blessed and positive person and I believe that I can be successful with a little help, well a lot of help LOL and would be eternally grateful for this prize!!!! I do believe in the paying it forward principle and I salute you for your contests to basically pay it forward! Thank so much!
    Joni 🙂

  39. Such a great promotion, and from what looks to be an amazing company.
    I’m actually entering this giveaway on behalf of one of my clients. Kathryn Shanley and I are working on her new blog, My Saggy Butt ( Don’t let the obscure name dissuade you. Kathryn is a creative and professional writer and has been for a few years, but is really only getting off the ground now.
    Her blog is a way to connect with other woman that are 40+, as well as a way to promote her writing.
    A giveaway like this would surely help get her name out there – along with my name. So why not kill two birds with one stone, or in other words, give us two aspiring freelancers a push!

    Carson Shold

  40. Count me in for the competition! I’d love a package like this for an blog I’m founding.

  41. Not just a kick start to my business, but a kick to my ass to really drive my freelance contracting and development.

  42. If I were to win this package, me and my business partner would be really greatful because:

    1. We are in the process of developing our logo
    2. After logo development, we’re going onto to build our branding and style guide
    3. Then into building our online presence with website/blog….

    This package would help with all the costs that we’ve encountered…supplies, biz licenses, startup overhead……

    We’re just 2 kids trying to make it, and this would be of great help.

    Regardless…..Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. wow ! interesting one … i am going to startup soon and it will be really helpful to get all startup kit. I will market with your kit as much as i can (if i win this 🙂 )

  44. OMG… I need nice quality materials for advertising. It’s the best time for me to win this kind of prize… I’ll launch my personal brand website soon…

    I really hope I can win! Congratz for the iniciative!

  45. i would donate my winnings to B.A.D.D. – beauties against drunk driving. a new non-profit organization in las vegas dedicated to keeping drunks off the roads by offering to take men and women home.

  46. I would use this for my new site AppYourMac. We are based on reviewing products and mac applications. Would be very helpful to get a start up package like this for my site!

    Good luck to everyone in this giveaway!

  47. What an awesome giveaway, very useful in this time of need for many small businesses. I would love to be the lucky winner.

    Billy Noble
    24Guns Director

  48. Hey thr..

    Cool giveaway and something that I have been thinking about for quite sometime. I am new in the freelancing world and have designed a few websites. The work and job is picking up but I need to give it a push and let the name be known better.

    So if I win the giveaway, I will print cards for my freelance webdesign brand, and help my work reach a broader segment of people…

  49. I use the prize to promote my business. Its still start up, but running.
    This would be super cool to have.

  50. I would definitely use this to get my name further into the community and promote my business and services.

  51. Great competition!

    If I were to win this, it would help me to further my freelance side business and give me the kick start I need to improve my work and expand my portfolio!

    Thanks 🙂

  52. If I won this contest, I would be able to advertise more for my new business. That would be gnarly!

  53. THANKS for offering this giveaway! Would help get my design business going by offering some nice collaterals, etc.

  54. If I won this package, I would take over the world… the design world that is, one site at a time!

  55. My aunt and uncle have always been there for me, and I think giving them a chance to really kick-start their own company would be sweet!

    They’ve been helping people in schools and universities who have dyslexia and things like that, and they have recently moved to a private sector where they can get hired instead of working in a 9-5 kinda job.

    If I won this give away, I would invite my aunt and uncle to my house and show them some logos I made, and hope they pick one. Then I would upload that design to PrintPrintPrint and the magic starts to happen.

    I think this would be a great opportunity for me to show my appreciation for my aunt and uncle who have always been there for me and have always supported me. Hopefully with the business cards they will start to get some work and they can help people with their dyslexia and that kind of thing.

    Thanks for taking time to read this comment, and best of luck to all the entrants 🙂


  56. Well, my aunt and uncle have just become private physcologists and I am going to make a logo and website for them, I thought this might be a really cool gift for them!

  57. I would use this new found bounty to promote my venture of creating web sites for neighborhoods, subdivisions and communities around the SouthEastern United States. Professional looking collateral gives you legitimacy that is invaluable nowadays. This would be more work for me (in addition to my day job) but – if successful, would allow my wife to stay home with my beautiful 9-month old baby daughter.. and not have to go back to work herself.

  58. If I were to win I would mail out some letters and postcards to some select businesses around me. I’d also send some to a couple businesses in the next closest cities 45 minutes away. Living in a small town is good and bad. But this contest would allow me to extend my reach beyond just my city.

  59. Firstly, I would go crraaaaazy! But seriously…I’ve just completed my design course and as a now ex-student, the lack of funds is annoyingly low. Winning this package would mean the world to me, as it would mean that I could really push forward in creating my freelance and brand identity. helping to personalise all the normal literature you would expect to send to a client. And with such a package, it would help me in trying to visually show myself as a professional. Thanks for such a brilliant giveaway 🙂

  60. I would certainly be closer to obtaining my business goals by having a more professional and well established presence.

  61. I would use these wonderful print materials to showcase our new product at the International Symposium fir Electronic Arts in Belfast at the end of August.

  62. I would use the small business package to promote my online media publishing company for comic book, video game, related news.


  63. Would give the wonderful gift to the company I’m working for. It’s a new video game company and we’re currently working on business cards design! 🙂

  64. I am illustrator/graphic designer/craft artist who is in the process of launching a ‘craft as art’ inspirational blog called ‘Katie Eats Cake.’ This blog will be the main attraction on my soon to be launched portfolio/store website for my illustration, design and craft work under the brand ‘Cake Eaters.’

    This package would be great to have when I finally launch my new website. I have not yet had the resources to do a large amount of promotion and this package would definitely get me going!

  65. Oh, these would be great to promote the new musical review events my husband and I want to start having early next year. It will be a series of events showcasing all the amazing local (and not so local) talent we have in our community.

  66. I messed up my web address so I’m resending … Oops!

    I would send postcards to my list and promote my own DVD giveaway…and “pay it forward”. I would really enjoy using printed letterhead and envelopes instead of printing directly from my computer…

  67. Daaaamn ! I’d definitely use it to promote my freelance activities as a web designer I started a month ago ! It would totally boost my small business ! just perfect.

  68. You always have the greatest give aways!

    If I won I would most likely use the start up package to help with my re-branding effort and to help establish my brand.

  69. HI, I’d like to win this!
    i want to start my own business and freelance career, this might be great!
    anyway thanks for this contest!

  70. This contest is an answer to all my problems… well that’s a bit of a stretch but it will be a huge help!

    I am in the process of launching a new website that will be a graphic design inspiration blog, a store front for my silk screen posters, t-shirts and other stuff, and my personal portfolio. I recently redesigned my logo to be launched with my new site and would love to have a new Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, and Postcards to promote the launch and keep everything looking the same.

    Check out and come back in a month or so to see all my new stuff!!!

    Hopefully I win!!!

  71. This would help me establish my new media company that will be making websites, music videos and computer games.

  72. After a 20 year business building venture, our now extremely wealthy owners dismissed all of us for younger, cheaper workers. Past the anger and disappointment of being almost 50 and let go, we began a fundraising business that is now the love of mine and my wife’s life. Now in our 3rd year and could really use the shot in the arm a package like this could offer, but I’m sure whom ever you choose will benefit greatly.

    Best regards,

  73. As a winner I would use the package to advertise and market my upcoming film animation and illustration business. If there was any materials I couldn’t use I’d gladly pass it off to another fellow freelancer.

  74. I’ve been needing a way to recession-proof my income and this would help me further market what has been a steady, but light-weight pipeline.

    Thanks for the chance – @manattweb

  75. Hi,

    I would definitely use these to marketing my business as I have not really marketed my business offline as much. In times like these, its difficult to have an elaborate offline marketing campaign. This will give me a head start.

    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  76. Hi,

    I would definitely use these to marketing my business as I have not really marketed my business offline as much. In times like these, its difficult to have an elaborate offline marketing campaign. This will give me a head start.


  77. Hallo , My Husband and I are a retired couple , attemting to have a little more income than what we get from our Government Pensions
    We have a small cottage that is a Bed and Breakfast in a Heritage Tourist town
    I also am a Painter and have my website.
    As a retired business woman (a successfulone )I am and always have been aware the ltimate importance of advertising promotion
    I would use the gifted advertising material to send out advertising us, our business with a link to my website
    I also have an added incentive in my website It is for People to have a lovely few days away from city life in our lovely little cottage and I would Tutor them in Art of their choice.
    Right now I am getting my advertising programs together.

    Thank you for your offer to a winner of your choice
    It is always heartwarming when we see someone offering help to a fellow man

  78. I would LOVE to win!!!! I would use my business cards & post cards to round up new business, and the letterhead and envelopes to give my transactions a MUCH MORE professional look! I am a freelance web designer. =)

  79. I would use this to kick start my freelance career as a web developer that I have been planning to do..

    It is a steadily growing business here, but only the financially secured firms control the market, of which I aim to tap into.

    the business cards plus other print material will be of great assistance to get the message out.

    thanks again

  80. I have been printing cards on my inkjet and don’t have any letterhead, envelopes or cards for my new business.

    Winning these sure would save money and give my business a more professional appearance.

    It would be great to win, but if not congrats to the winner.

  81. I would use it to step up my new design business and take it to a new level. Great giveaway!

  82. This would finally make my life-time dream come true 🙂 . My web design and development hobby might actually become a business at last, and therefore earn something at last.

  83. Oh. If I won I’d use it to get the word out to various art Galleries, Craft Fairs, and local businesses about the work I do as a site designer. I’ve needed an update to my marketing material (since the last time I did them was in college! ha!) and this would look loverly! I so love the rounded corner idea for the business cards!

  84. I would give them to people at the bar in hopes they might realize that a “web developer” is an actual job.

  85. I recently graduated from uni and intend to start my own design company, this would certainly get me off to a good start.

  86. I’d use the materials to launch my baby photograpy business.. It’s a gift that i’m really cannot pay for..

  87. I’d rocket launch my business locally and look professional and damn sexy at the same time. My competitors wouldn’t stand a chance and I’d have local companies beating down my virtual doors!

  88. if i won i’d use the materials to really get my freelance work in gear. since i just relocated i could take everything to begin advertising my brand in a new market while professionally handling the client-base that i manage to keep abroad.

  89. I would use the materials from PrintPrintPrint to market my freelance gig. I don’t even have business cards!

  90. So far I have only been able to afford to print business cards to market my services. It would be great if I could extend my brand identity into letterheads, envelopes, and postcards 🙂

  91. I would utilize this opportunity to launch my consulting business across multiple industries to broaden my brand marketing to increase the awareness of my company and the services we offer. Direct marketing is an excellent way of adding personal comittment and dedication to a customer.

  92. I would use them to advance my business. It would help the company look more professional than we do now. It would also help us (postcards) generate new business.

    It would be nice to have these materials on hand and not have to print or use generic letterhead or envelopes.

  93. This is perfect for my fiancée’s startup business as she will do wedding (and other events) invitations that are unheard of in North America. She will customize them to the clients’ vision and taste. The guests to our wedding are all amazed by her invitation she has created.

  94. This will certainly help with my business. We are in the process of designing a website and expanding the business.

  95. I run a reviewing site for mac applications and apple accessories. If I were to win this pack I would put it towards marketing my site and I am sure it would help a lot. I really would be so happy to win this and I would indeed make the most out of it towards my future business and my career.

    Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone!

  96. This Is Really Cool… I Am Trying To Start A Small Designing Service Myself… I Would Really Like To Prove To My Friends Designing Is Worth Fun And Worth It…

  97. I would use this package as a way to generate professional leads around my current town in hopes to build my business to a higher level!

  98. I’d use the package to improve provided to the users of my community. Plus, you never know when a package like this can come in handy, so having one on the ready sounds really good 🙂

  99. This package is just what I’ve been looking for to begin promoting my freelance web design/development business. Business is slow this year, so I don’t have the capital to develop this kind of collateral material.

    My family (and expenses) are growing, so I have to be extra frugal these days.

    Oh… and I’d look to get more free lunches at Chipotle Mexican restaurant by leaving my card in the fishbowl at the register once in a while. (You’d be surprised what my percentage of winning has been!)

  100. Working on redesigning my freelance web development logotype. It would be great to have the whole professionally printed set, versus the hokey ink jet printed business cards and letterhead that is currently the norm…

  101. I’d love to win this!

    I’d use it to help spread the word that I’m launching a studio in my home town to hopefully lead to complete domination over the competition! 🙂

    Come on, Pick me!!

  102. If I won, it would give our fledgling business a kick in the pants. The materials would help us get some new clients and new work with targeted marketing: some letters to potential clients and a nice postcard campaign to promote our LaunchPad™ CMS.

  103. Nice Give-away!

    Business cards are a good way to network and that what I would use them for.

  104. Nice giveaway! Thanks for the fun!

    I do quite a bit for non-profits so I would be using the items for communication and contacts with them.

  105. Nice giveaway. This would help to boost my startup of freelance web designing I am getting into. This will help with costs of getting the word out about myself offline since at the moment I have a relatively small budget. It would help out a lot if I won, hope I win! 🙂

  106. This is awesome.. I would use this to support my spouses massage therapy practice. I am currently in the process of redesigning our website and print materials. This would be truly awesome to win.

    Hope I am lucky… If not, congrats to the lucky winner. 🙂

  107. I would advertise my freelance work with the materials. Trying to turn my hobby of invitation work into an actual business so I don’t have to do the “day-job” anymore.

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