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***Congratulations to Kate for winning this giveaway. will get in touch with you shortly! To all who didn’t win, don’t worry we will have many more giveaways this year!***

You probably already know how much we care and love our loyal readers and that we love to give them something in return for all the time they spent on our site, for sharing our content and for their overall trust. This week we are running yet another cool giveaway along with our friends at CodeMyConcept. This giveaway should really come in handy for all of you web designers and developers that could use a little help with your PSD to HTML conversions.

CodeMyConcept is a very well established code conversion company that has been providing awesome PSD to HTML conversion services as well as CMS implementations for a couple of years now, quickly becoming one of the web designers best friends.

CodeMyConcept has been kind enough to offer to give away one of their awesome $150 gift cards to one lucky winner. These are the details of this giveaway:

One lucky winner will receive a $150 CodeMyConcept Gift Card that they can use in ANY of the great PSD to HTML services provided by these guys.
The winner will have 90 days to use the Gift Card.
Anyone can participate no matter his or her location or age.

TO ENTER: Post a comment stating why =you think this Giveaway can be useful for you and why you think you should win. Please use a real email address; otherwise we won’t be able to contact you.

Contest starts today August 30th, 2010 and will end in 1 week on September 6th, 2010 at noon EST.

We will notify the winner via email.

26 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: CodeMyConcept $150 Gift Card – PSD TO HTML, ends Sept. 6 2010”

  1. Because I’m having terrible experiences with people who claim to be the best psd converters… In the end I always lose my money and I have to do it myself.. To be honest I am a bit scared to try it out one more time.

  2. It will be useful for me to know the concept they involving for the psd to html conversion. so that it will improvise me to know more about the html conversion…

  3. Any freelance designer knows how much money you don’t make.

    I have been freelancing a while now and despite the super cool image freelancing may have, it’s seriously not glamorous and I am not exactly well paid all of the time and most of my jobs are coding psd’s into html sites, sometimes it can take a while.

    Something like $150 for CMC would be money that could ease the everyday frustrations of hand coding psd files into html websites and mean for a few faster projects to help get the money in faster so I can stay afloat a while longer.

    Also Code My Concept are wicked, used them a few times before and I would love to use them again.



  4. This giveaway would be useful because I’m in the middle of setting myself up as a freelance web designer and need to form a partnership with a PSD to HTML company for upcoming projects. This would give me a chance to try out Code My Concept and will hopefully be the start of an ongoing relationship. I’m 22 years old, have completed 3 years of design study and 2 years fulltime agency experience, and about to move from Australia to Canada. As a travelling freelancer this discount would be excellent motivation!

  5. I study media science in Germany and just started designing my own blog. I think I can handle Photoshop, but doesn’t look like I’m tough with Dreamweaver. As a poor student would this be the great chance for me to get my blog ready and finally be able to put my journalisic work online.

    Thank you for this chance. Hopefully I’ll be the lucky one 🙂

  6. After 10 years of bartending I’m finally about to graduate from the Art Institute of California – San Francisco. I’ve been studying web design and user experience based interface design for almost five years now. This gift would be the gift that keeps on giving. As I get more clients to start my business, it would save a ton of time! And we all know time is money… Good luck everyone!

  7. Pour plus de simplicité et de rapidité d’actions, ce cadeau est le vrai cadeau des concepteurs et développeurs …et même j’irais plus loin, des autodidactes (jeunes pouces ou arbres centenaires). Afin qu’un concept prenne vie jusqu’à sa réalisation!!!! Just CodeMyConcept!!!

    For more simplicity and speed of actions(shares), this present is the real present of the designers and the developers and even I would go farther, self-taughts (young thumbs(inches) or hundred-years-old trees). So that a concept takes life until its realization!!!! Just CodeMyConcept!!!

  8. This is my first ever participation in a web design giveaway. I finished my mock up PSD for a “test” website. I tried converting it to HTML (my first time ever) and I haven’t gotten far with it so it will be great to get some help (inspiration). It looks pretty good and I don’t want it to go ‘wasted’.

    CodeMyConcept’s giveaway will inspire and motivate me to design more websites in Photoshop.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. This would be very useful to me as I am expanding my service to include more custom design options and need a reliable company to convert the photoshop designs. It would be great to be able to try with this giveaway.

  10. This giveaway would be useful because In my country PSD to HTML conversion service are less I want this giveaway to learn about structure and process of build website with div because In my country “Thailand” they still used table rest of site use div.

    If I lucky on this giveaway. I’ll build a new generation of website for improve and show knowhow how did they done on psd to html in Europe.Build website for school charity for Free.

    Thanks you

  11. This would be more than useful for me — I have websites designed in Photoshop that I would love to make live, but I don’t know how to code and I don’t have any money.

  12. It will be useful for me to know the concept they involving for the psd to html conversion. so that it will improvise me to know more about the html conversion…

  13. I would love to win for a few reasons: 1) I’ve used CMC a few times and have always been impressed by their turnaround time and quality of html. 2) I need a whole lot more of their help in the coming months! 3) I’ve fanned them on Facebook so I see their shared photos and posts and they have an adorable and friendly team — so I’d love to see them continue to succeed.

  14. CodeMyConcept sounds really good. It would be very handy as i need to convert a PSD to HTML and I havent had the time to do so.

    thank you for the opportunity.

  15. This would be useful as a give away as I sometimes do not have the time to convert PSD’s at the moment.

    Infact, I’m currently waiting for a job to be completed right now by code my concept… 😀

    – Basic template. Marina Del Rey.

  16. I’m just about done designing a website for my church, and I’d love to have you do the PSD to HTML conversion! I was currently in the process of looking for a company to do that as it is.

  17. This is the giveaway that I am looking for since I have a design that was done in Photoshop and until now its never been converted in HTML due to time constrain


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