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We have made a deal with to giveaway for free, 2 sets of 500 business cards. These cards are 3β€³ x 2.5β€³ standard business cards. Read below on how to enter this free giveaway!

Congratulations to Brad and T-Law. You both are lucky winners!

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How To I Enter This Giveaway?

To enter the free giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below saying what you would use the cards for. We will select 2 lucky winners, which we will contact via email and also post their names on WebDesignDev. Each winner will receive a set of 500 business cards from

The 2 winners can select any business cards they want from You can choose from a predesigned template, or upload your own design!

The deadline is Wednesday 8th July. Also please leave 1 comment per person. If there is more than 1 comment from the same person, all other comments will be voided. 1 Comment counts!

** Please note that the winners will have to pay for shipping **


184 thoughts on “Giveaway: 2 Sets of 500 Business Cards”

  1. I’d hand them out so people realise who is in charge of world conquest… failing that, try and drum up some business… failing that, they’d make good coasters πŸ˜€

  2. I’d love to grab some Business Cards for Myself (And for my Mum too!) as to not only promote myself, but give me a professional look.

    They’d be great to use for my photography and design/dev work profiles πŸ™‚

  3. Just starting out on my own to do some local work for small businesses. Need to push networking to get my name out there. Cards would be a great help to pass out at networking events, leave with some of the partners i am working with and maybe even win a free lunch in one of those fishbowl contests! Thanks!

  4. I would use them for the web design home business I’ve started up recently! Still working out the kinks for my website (undergoing a rebranding), but this would really help me market myself! πŸ™‚

  5. I would use them to promote my website design business ( and enter all of those restaurant fishbowl drawings πŸ™‚

    Probably use them to write down client information when my iPhone is dead from too much use.

  6. I will use this to spread my new idea of project, a website about university parties!

  7. Would use them for the brand new video game company I’m working at. Would be an awesome gift, for we’re currently working on business cards design! πŸ™‚

  8. I would use the business cards to try and pick up local customers. Leave cards at restaurants and other places. Every once in a while I will talk with someone who will ask me for a business card and I don’t have any.

  9. I would use the cards to design a new card to match my new logo that I created. I have a heap of cheap cards from another online printer, but the colours are really bad and now that I have a new logo I don’t think I trust them to print properly. So if I got the free business cards I could confidently start networking and attracting new business. I have only been in business 18 months, so need all the help I can get and business cards are a must have.

  10. Hey guys, thanks for the initiative! I would (first of all) build a HOUSE OF CARDS, make a quick video and upload it to our YouTube channel.
    After that, of course the cards would be used in our BUSINESS NETWORKING efforts. Within those efforts I would also mention the complete history behind the cards together with the YouTube video so that it all rounds up.

  11. I would love to win this because I have been trying to find a decent place to print out my business cards for a while now and can’t seem to find anywhere local that is of quality or is cheap. That being said I can finally give out clients and people I have just met my business cards instead of saying go to my website or search my name on google. It sounds so unprofessional when I do that lol.

  12. I would use the cards to further spread my name and profession, mainly Flash Developing. Also it is always nice to have a professional business card to give to the ladies ;-). I originally was going to just pay for the cards, but free is always a better price in my book =D

  13. Simple I’d use them to promote my work (I’m a designer) AND spread the word on how your brilliant printing process just made my design come to life…!

  14. I could use this for promoting myself and my new business. Currently low on start up money so winning these would be a huge help right now!

  15. I am currently trying to get started in the freelance design biz and not having to pay for my business cards would be a big help.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  16. I would use them to promote my daughter’s new business site that makes handmade cards and albums for weddings, births and occasions.

  17. i am going to launch my site soon and i need to print for my freelancing work. as well as to market myself.

  18. I am leaving my day job to pursue my interest in web designing. This would be a great gift for me to go to my local businesses! Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. Of course, I would use them for shameless self-promotion of my freelance front-end engineering services.

  20. I would use them to give out to family and friends to make myself feel special and legit. It would also give me good reason to actually spend creative time for myself rather than doing work for others.

    Of course, I’d also use them to hand out to current and potential clients, but you already know that because, hey – they are business cards.

  21. I would use them for my freelance work. The work I currently get is by word of mouth recommendations, but I have nothing to hand out to those eager new prospective clients.

    Along with the re-design of my portfolio, and the launch of my blog coming soon, business cards would be the final piece of the puzzle before that possible last push to becoming a full time freelancer!

  22. Option #1 – For the last couple of years, I have wanted to change up our 720MEDIA business cards…but I haven’t yet. So this would be the ideal opportunity to do so! Plus, I’d be able to refer our print design clients to, since we design biz cards and outsource the printing.

    Option #2 – If a great nonprofit is in need of new cards, I might also donate the free printing to them.

  23. I’m working on a brand new website for my design agency and all the promotional materials we never had – leaflets, brochures etc. I definitely need new business cards too. I’m going to work twice harder as I did before to show myself that I can do it. That I can make something of all my ideas. So I would use business cards to promote myself the way it should be promoted.

  24. I would use the business cards to promote myself and my freelance gigs, network, get more potential clients. A stepping stone to hopefully launching my side gig into a full time job, thereby quitting my day job. (Also give it to existing clients who would like recommend me to friends and business associates). If i could have a portion of those cards printed with something else, i’d have it done up for my niece who is a fledging freelance writer to help her launch herself as well. That’s what i’d do! thank you for this opportunity.

  25. I have been wanting to get business cards for a long time, but never pulled the trigger. I will use them to hand out at conferences and everywhere else to promote my new blog.

  26. Knowing me, I would probably end up dropping them into those fishbowls at sandwich shops trying to win a free sandwich, or the briefcase at the office supply store trying to win free stuff. Of course I would also keep some on hand to hand out when I go to PhotoShop World, and try to drum up some business and/or contacts that way as well.

  27. i would use it to make some cash πŸ˜€
    for real.. i really would try to impress my friends and promote myself and you of course ;0

  28. I would use the websites for my website which is a Mac application and apple accessories reviewing site. It really would be awesome for us to have our own business cards!

  29. I would use these cards to help promote some of my freelance projects. It would also help me not to feel awkward when people ask for one, and I say “I’m sorry, I don’t have one!”

  30. I would use the cards to promote myself doing web design for small business and personal endeavours in my local area.

  31. I would use it to promote my freelance web design business which I am starting up to earn some money while going through college.

  32. I would ask for a twitter alike care, I have some here, am running out of stock- what will I use the business cards for? To play hide and seek? πŸ˜›

  33. Hi, this contest would really help me out. I’m a freelance webdesigner, and a single mommy and sometimes I have a really hard time keeping my head above water. I’m trying to break into a different client base don’t have business cards at the moment and really need to get some but just don’t have the means to at the moment.


  34. Hi there,

    That is an interesting offer. I might use them to promote my new online business I’m thinking of setting up sometime soon.

    Eddie Gear

  35. I would use them to promote my new website design, allow me to get more clients.
    I would distribute them when I talk to people who are looking to expand their business.
    I would also give them to my lecturers giving them an easy way to look at my work and contact me.

  36. I have set up a new online gems and crystal store. I will give my cards as a ‘little’ nice to have token to those who purchased online with me. This will inturn make my customers happy with something to take away and to spread your business card opportunities as well!

  37. I’m an artist and would like to have nicer cards to hand out to prospective buyers.

    Thank you!

  38. I would use them to promote myself as a teaching artist to continue to work with youth and foster a love of art because many schools have cut that form of expression.

  39. This would be a fantastic gift for me and my two colleagues. We educated from the university recently, and started our own company, working with web development, interaction design etc. We need business cards, and this would be cool if we got it! πŸ™‚

  40. I’d use them to promote my website and a new activity of webdesigner for bed and breakfast.

    good luck at all

  41. I would donate them to my robotics team so we can hand them out for sponorships and such.

    Looks like a great giveaway. πŸ™‚

  42. I would help design some cards for my husband’s online media critic persona that he is starting to develop and wishes to turn into a business.

  43. I would use the business cards to help high school students get prepared for college readiness by implementing strategies that can help them in the classroom in tutorials.

    the business card would be beneficial for me in the education field and to network more to help the students.

  44. I work with many non-profits so cash doesn’t come in that often. I would love to hand these out rather than my name on scratchpaper or Avery cards.

  45. I would you the business cards to give to potentail clients at a local web dev convention in the next month or so. This could lead to good well payin clients in the surrounding area.

  46. If I were to win these business cards I would use them for my website. It would make me look a lot more professional for one thing!

  47. I’d use them to promote my new freelance business. Cash is tight until I get some more work so business cards aren’t as high on the list as they need to be.

  48. I would use the business cards to promote my freelance web design and to help me potentially get interviews.

  49. I would love to have these business cards to show my parents and get them off my back. So that they know I have a legitimate business/work =) Just too broke to buy any right now.

  50. I can provide proof for my previous statement. With current dates and photographs if necessary. The story is true.

  51. I would use them for advertising my graphic design company. I am a student designer in need of non-taxable income, to maintain my state assistance. I need to be able to make money and fly under the radar… so that I can continue to get assistance with my childcare expenses and food expenses. At least until I am able to snag a decent job after college.

  52. I would love these business cards and it would help me greatly, as I am just about to go freelance so having business cards would help me attract business locally in the tough starts of starting your own business.

  53. I work as a party photographer for a website little over a year now. This summer I’ve been asked to go to Spain (I’m from The Netherlands) to take pictures there for a tour operator.

    However, I’ve never come around to fixing myself up with some descent business cards for potential clients, and to be honest, to hook up with some chicks cause they do love business cards πŸ˜‰

    So please MTV, uh WebDesignDev, PIMP MY BUSINESS CARDS!

  54. I’d be using them for my business.. I’m one of the founders of a small web dev company here in Porto, Portugal..

  55. Oh please–YES! I have a virtual office services business (editing, computer-based research, administrative services) and I would love something snazzy and fresh to promote the company’s image. The business is just getting off the ground and the business cards would be immensely helpful in marketing and introducing myself to prospective clients and also giving to current clients to pass out to their friends and associates. Thanks so much! JJ

  56. I would like to use these cards to promote my website and blogs using some kind of online + offline campaign

  57. I’d hand them out while networking, am building my personal brand – leveraging my social media addiction and expertise.

  58. I am a Freelance designer just trying to break out in the freelance design world. with a tough economy work and money is harder to come by. If I could win, this would be one less thing that I would have to pay for and would step me in the right direction to my dream job of being a successful designer.

  59. I’m just starting up a consulting business and this could really help me out since I’m a student.

    Would definitely be better than printing them on my home printer like I was thinking about!

  60. I own a very small, used book store and would love to win these business cards to better promote the store. I’ve been asked many times for a business card, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

    • I would use it to tell people about my home based business that is making me over $2000 a month and cost $10 monthly. It is helping me remain calm through this recession

  61. I would use them to create world harmony & peace for all mankind,

    and to promote my photography studio.

  62. I would really appreciate this !

    We are starting our studio photography business and we are in the process of getting these done.

    I’m gonna go right now and check the site to make a list of templates I like πŸ˜‰

    Pick me ! Pick me ! Pick me ! Pick me ! ( jumping up and down ) heheh.


  63. i’m almost out of business cards (again) and I’ve changed my logo. wouldn’t it be nice to have some spiffy new cards featuring my new logo? πŸ˜‰

  64. I will use some of them to start the fireplace at my Country house the weekend after I receive them. This leads to spending less time in search for smth else, which leads to more relaxation time for myself. On the other hand, this leads to a little bit less uncontrolled stress & nervous moments while I am working. This leads to less glitches of my personality, which will definitely affect the the happiness factor of the whole team I am working with. Following that, this leads to better outcomes and this undoubtedly leads to a little bit better results.
    In other words, my business depends of these business cards πŸ™‚

  65. My wife just started her own business. I’d use it to promote her awesomeness!! (yes I said AWESOMENESS)

  66. To help me get my foot in the freelance design door. It would be a useful tool and help showcase my mad skillz! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the consideration!

  67. Ever year I make a review of all my client’s details, and make sure since my last project with them to see if they are okay.

    I believe customer service and care is good, even after I’ve completed a project with them, I send them a friendly email or letter to catch up and see how the business is going.

    Also if the client has collaborated with me on larger projects, I sent them a complementary gift on their birthday. (Like a box of chocolates or something)

    Along with this I put in 2 business cards, to help spread the word. :).

    I would love these so I can continue my freelance work.



  68. I was just thinking to do a restyle of my own business cards together with looking for a new printign service to test, so this would be a great double hit πŸ™‚

    Thank you anyway for setting up such giveaway πŸ™‚

  69. I am currently networking for job opportunities and trying to get a small consulting services business started. I am working these efforts in parallel and networking heavily online and in person for both. As a father of 4 trying to start something from the ground up, expenses are very tight. Business cards to support my networking efforts would be a tremendous help.

  70. i would like to do my own startup as well as new site so i need to print cards … it will be helpful for my publicity fro others through cards …. hope to win one….

  71. I’d like to do more freelance work on the side of my current job. I’d like them to help look a bit more professional. Simple as that.

  72. Although I make great use of my Mac, email, and the Internet for both my small business and personal life, I’d like to get back to using calling cards that say a little something about who I am and what I do.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  73. I would use them for my mother’s business. I’ve been thinking to create the new business card design for her. If I would be a lucky person, that would be great. Thanks a lot for this opportunity.

  74. I’m a budding web designer and developer looking to spread my work. I hope provide high-quality web design services to charities and other non-profit organizations with a cause who may not otherwise be able to afford a web presence.

    I just want to use what I’ve learned from these blogs and from my classes to make a difference in the world with something I love. These business cards will help me spread the word.

  75. I would use this opportunity to “Pay It Forward.” Each local business that received one of these business cards would be entitled to discounted services. Each business in turn would be encouraged to pass along the cost savings to their clients and customers; who would then pass the discounts on to their customers and clients. Eventually this small step will help businesses recover, mortgages to be paid, and begin to have a significant impact on moving the world out of a recession.

  76. as a freelance graphic designer and part time nightclub photographer i use them to promote my business

  77. I’d use them as calling cards, and try to make 6 different versions with 6 different titles πŸ™‚

  78. I’d use the business cards to promote a website I’ve been working on for the past month with my partner… it’s a site dedicated to getting people in the community to know each other and its local businesses, events and locations… along with a discussions forum, and allowing people to search for available real estate to buy and allowing them to sell their real estate (we’re affiliated with a real estate agency in the area). Pretty much a one-stop shop for the Dublin, California area πŸ™‚

  79. this offer is wonderful i m romi from Rockstar Design i am running my own business in my business i do marketing mostly and meet clients regarding about there work and design so this opportunity is great for Marking people and Designer like me i am multi task guy πŸ™‚ have a wonderful day

  80. I am a freelance graphic and web designer, run 2 of my own websites and blogs, and in this tough economy, this would be perfect for me to not only FINALLY save some money, but get new clients and a better promotional product as well.

  81. I’m trying not to charge families too much in the tough economy, but i need to advertise with business cards as well.

  82. Going back to my country soon and I’ll definitely going to need some business card to promot myselft.


  83. I would use them to start out my new freelancing business πŸ˜€ it would be really helpful

  84. I’ll get inspiration from 500 cards and further, i’ll use them for my teaching purpose to get my students to see some really professional stuff.

  85. I’d put a catchy inspirational and whimsical/fun saying or maybe even a joke on one side (a maximum of 5 total, one per each card), followed by my web development and design company information on the other. The design would be simple, clean and inviting. But I’m not sure if this is possible to have a variety of cards within one order with your company.

  86. I would use the cards to help promote a not-for-profit event that is promoting the growth of small business tech startups in Sydney.

  87. Nice website, uprinting, and nice contest.
    I need the bussines cards and i will recomend it on my blog.

  88. I would promote my business, Mikelangelo Design, so I don’t have to print them on my own at home. Manually cutting my own cards, even though they look good, is time consuming.

    Oh… and I would also use them to win free burrito bols at Chipotle for my coworkers and friends!

  89. I woudl use them for our new church we are starting in September. Giving peopel some good news!

  90. I would promote my web design Studio called CtrlAltShift my website is sitll under construction. I’d use those business cards for what they are meant to old school markiting and Spread my name/work among other businessout there.

  91. My fiancΓ©e and I are starting a business soon (a web/graphic design company) and we would love to take this opportunity to win some business cards!

  92. I’d use them to start promoting my business. I’m still in the beginning phase and these would be a great asset to launching KissyFace Artistry

  93. I would love to upload my own design to and to have my own business cards to help with my freelance web career. In challenging times I would be forever indebted to WebDesignDev & for considering making this possible. I’m off to RT this giveaway on Twitter – it’s good to share… πŸ™‚

  94. I’ll use it to print my company cards (one side) and the other side with phrases concerning with: world, stop animal killing, etc.

  95. I’d use those business cards for what they are meant to πŸ™‚ Spread my name/work among my contacts so that I can be socially more active and have in touch with potential clients. Fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  96. I am the vicepresident of an nonprofit organisation for people with disabilities in Romania. I would use them to promote our activity. Thank you.

  97. gonna use them to promote my own web design agency in my city where people are not aware of the power of web as much as in big cities.

  98. I never had any type of business cards before, and I would hope to get my freelancing going! πŸ™‚

  99. before starting any design, I like to collect different ideas and finally inspire my own idea.
    I think these business cards have great ideas’ collection.

  100. I will use them to promote my freelance business which I began in the middle of this lovely recession everyone is raving about.

    They will be black and white and super sexy. I can then pimp myself out properly.

    Muchlove to you and your website.

  101. I would use them not on myself, but on a good friend of mine. She is an EXTREMELY talented photographer and is trying her hardest to build a client base and get herself out there. I’m currently building a website for her, but she needs more help. These business cards would be a HUGE help to her.

  102. I would use them to promote my first and only brand new site. I would also disolve my oyster card and place the chip inside one of the new business cards. hehe

  103. I’m looking in the direction of doing freelance work and this would assist to get the message out to build a customer base as I venture into freelancing

  104. I am working to start a freelance web development career, the problem is I don’t have a customer base. I am currently developing for a historical society and a daycare center for free in order to build a foundation for my portfolio. Having professional business cards would be a great assest to advertise myself!

  105. I am converting my portfolio site After The One to a new blog/community site. It’s a non-profit site that will provide specific information for a niche audience. I would use these cards as a way to promote the site at events where my audience would meet.

    I would hope that a slick design on a card would prompt people to not only visit the site but sign up as a member.

    On a side note: will the printing include in special printing options like part gloss/matte printing or embossing?

  106. I need business cards to drop in the buckets at local restaurants so I can win giveaways and drawings.

  107. I would run a special for my best clients to receive free business cards when they request a complete identity package πŸ˜‰

  108. I’ve just set up my biz and it’d be great to have some cards to give away at Conferences do so some shameless self promotion.

    They may also come in handy for leveling my dining table!

  109. Do you know that in China you can spoil any business if you receive a biz card without attentively examining it as though you were trying to memorize it before dropping it into your briefcase or pocket?

    As they do exactly that, do your best to assure yourself that you are carrying biz cards worth a careful look.

  110. I am actually looking to get some business cards right now. I’ll be attending Affiliate Summit East this August, so I could really use some cards to begin my affiliate marketing networking.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  111. I would love to receive 500 business cards because I go through them fast. I am just starting out my own business and I know how important it is to have business cards.

  112. If I won these business cards, I would use for my business, I sell toners for printers, fax, inkjet and copiers, and also copy paper. My business has been very slow these past few months, so this would save me money to purchase them and then I can go out and give them out to potential customers.

  113. I’d really like some, I’m an 19 year old designer that’s at the beginning of starting a design studio, I’m soon to launch a online portfolio and have some good experience. As most student I don’t have much money to spare and I really need all the freebies I can get πŸ™‚

    Good luck everyone!

  114. Business cards would certainly come in handy! I’m moving forward with my freelance career. Business cards were next on my list to purchase.

  115. I will use them for my bussiness. I am starting out here in Greece and I haven’t print my own yet and I am using my old ones that I had when i was out in the states.

  116. I could really use the business cards for promoting my blog when contacting people!!!

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