30 Typography Terms All Designers Must Understand

Typography Terms All Designers Must Understand

Typography is a whole different language in design that is useful for better understanding and communication of text. If you are a beginner in design or some experienced graphic design professional, universal vocabulary of various design elements is essential to know. Typography has a direct correlation with design and objectives; therefore, it is known as … Read more

22 Glamourous Fonts for Fashion Industry Designers

Glamourous Fonts for Designers working in Fashion Industry

Fashion has developed its position from a mere necessity to an intrinsic part of our lifestyle. Every professional working in the fashion industry has to use style, art, trend, and glamour as foundational elements of their daily job. And specifically, designers working on logos, magazines, brand accessories, and other graphic design projects have to keep … Read more

22 Newest Monospace Fonts For Designers

Newest Monospace Fonts that all designers must have

Fonts play a vital role in projecting the right personality of the company and establishing the gravity of your topic. There are abundant fonts available in the market that can help you structure the perfect tonality you desire. 

But if you think you can’t get this range and versatility with monospace fonts, then you are mistaken. While they were mainly used for printed documents or coding until a while back, monospace fonts have gone through a drastic renovation. 

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24 Best Fonts to Use in 2021


Graphic designers and webmasters need to keep up with the latest design trends and developments when it comes to all design elements. It is fascinating, as there is always something to explore and experiment with. Suppose you don’t stay updated with the latest design trends. In that case, your designs run the risk of getting … Read more

14 Newest Signature Fonts for Designers

14 Newest Signature Fonts for Designers

Fonts are always an essential part of any project that graphic designers take up. There are so many fonts that a designer can choose from, and new fonts are always being created and distributed on the market. Fonts set the right kind of mood whenever any project is concerned, whether commercial, professional, or personal. Moreover, … Read more

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